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Carol Neen

No problems, just remember to write all your parking details down and give yourself plenty of time for bus transfers.
October 30, 2018

Russell Godward

Perfectly simple and effective beginning to end!
October 22, 2018

Simon Oxley

Easy and efficient
October 16, 2018

Carolyn Baird

Very good service will use again
October 14, 2018

Barbara Kindrick

Terrible service. Arrived at 5am with plenty of time for our flight however the 15 minute transfer time is a complete farce!!! We did see buses every 15 mins but they were full and did not stop. We had 4 pass by. We waited 45 mins and I even tried to call the office to get help with no answer. In desperation we ran across the parking lot to board the bus at an earlier stop. It was freezing cold and windy. We got a bus at the earlier stop and still had the 15 min ride to the terminal. We just made our flight as the whole thing took an hour. It is misleading to say 15 mins. I would never use this service again unless absolutely necessary or if I have time to waste an hour!! Their website should be changed to reflect the actual time it takes so travelers can plan accordingly or have more busses to accommodate the amount of travelers. Give it a miss.
September 24, 2018

Charlotte Berry

Very upset and disappointed. Arrived at Stansted long stay car park at No obvious fees displayed on entrance to the car park or did I miss it? Customer services would not send a photo of the charges at the entrance so I am going back to check these are actually displayed. Discovered as a non internet user that I am discriminated against. Telephone calls have uncovered that a 9 day stay which should have cost £55 has cost me £211.50. I am submitting a complaint to the airport as this is unfair discrimination against non internet users and hope that they will see sense and refund the difference. I am shocked and horrified at the unexpected costs -beware. But if you don't have access to the internet you won't see this!!!
September 10, 2018

Racheal Higgins

So arrived into Stansted at 2am, Got through to passport control & luggage collection no problem, therefore out of airport at 02.40. We Then got out to a massive queue we waited until 03.35 to get on a bus to the long stay car park. With two children and after traveling all night we were really appreciative to getting back to our car by 0400, 0412 we left the car park. After all the other stops-H was one of the last, including jet parks first. Another issue was the driver, II understand the driver had a job to do, I understand that, but keeping on at us when we’ve just got on the bus to clamber over people to put our 22Kg suitcases on the high racks Is ridiculous, when the people who were on the bus first should have Dine thah. The comment was ‘Men are strong’ to my husband, they can lift. We had no room Too move let alone put the suitcase onto high racks over a lot of existing people Who were on the bus before us. Cramped unsafe and very rude. Worse thing no busses. Every 15 minutes-no! Every 30. Not Impressed!
August 5, 2018

keith astley

All ok until we returned. drop off bus stop in blue areas were for hjk and mn. we had parked on L which upon leaving bus did not seem to exist! tried 3 intercoms that didnt work, forth on rang but nobody answered, eventually found a map plan in another stop showing car park L on a lower level behind trees and behind car park M. (must be an Essex alphabet). from bus stops you can clearly see car parks HJK, MN which have clear signage but there is nothing for car park L.
July 21, 2018

L Pearce

Very easy and quick to get to and from the airport will defiantly use again
June 15, 2018

Grenville Child

Usand plenty of other cars trying to exit,the cameras or computer would not recognise the number plates so what should be a drive up and drive of was not, and we all had to use the assist button which delayed the leaving process.not what is required after the flights home.
May 24, 2018

K Kurra

They charge twice and it’s a rip off poor facilities no one answers phone and there no real people it’s a Mickey Mouse land for cars
May 23, 2018

G Giles

Total carnage. Bus far too packed. Most people wanted to get off at the last few stops which meant the others had to fight their way through everyone else when they tried getting off. This eventually resulted in lots of passengers keep getting off to make way for the others then re-boarding. Would have been better if people were told (for example) Blue carpark at the front, Jet park at the middle and the others at the rear.... The driver was very good and safe.
May 21, 2018

P Olejnik

Nice, good organizate, friendly. I back 3h late because fly delay and they didnt charge me at all, so my stress gone down and that was positive on return day :). Thank u
May 16, 2018

J Watkins

The lane indications for exiting the car park are very confusing. The pre-paid lanes are on the right but the the markings on the road before the final lanes seem to wander from one side to the other. I went to the wrong side at first. It's rather a long wait between buses. John
May 15, 2018

Geoffrey Miller

Left vehicle parked in long stay facility 16 -28th April 2018. Returned to discover spare alloy wheel, new tyre and cover stolen and underbody winch storage system cut. Over £1300 of loss and damage in a ‘secure’ parking provision allegedly camera monitored, patrolled, well lit and fenced. Not safe or secure for parking. Do not recommend, avoid and find alternative. Police informed, crime number issued.
May 8, 2018

C Ciger

Absolutely smashing. n I'll definately use again 5*
May 8, 2018

D Dempster

Poor direction
April 25, 2018

K Yildiz

It was very easy no proplem perfect service
April 24, 2018

K Hughes

Great service, so easy to park and navigate your way around and transport to the airport is so easy and frequent. Would definitely use you again.
April 22, 2018


I booked the airport car park a week before travel and paid up front. When I arrived for my flight the ANPR system failed to let me in so I had to buzz and explain that I had pre booked etc. The signage directed me a a spacious empty part of the park and I parked my car. I had a 10 minute wait and then a 10 minute transfer to the terminal on the shuttle bus. When I returned from my trip, the plane landed at 8.55pm, I cleared immigration 10 mins later and was out at the bus stop 5 minutes after that. I waited with others for 10 minutes for the bus to show. Once on board it took the longest route around the airport site just to even enter the car park, At one point I had to look at maps on my phone just to confirm that we were still near the airport. Once in the park we went to every stop but mine, including Jet Parks before I was finally reunited with my car some 45 mins after arriving at the bus stop. When I got to the exit barrier I inserted my ticket only to be told by the machine that I had to pay again. I had to use the intercom with an unhelpful bored male staff member before I was finally let out of the car park. Its a good job that they aren't flying the planes otherwise we would all be dead. I will not be using this car park again.
April 19, 2018

K Chesterman

No problems very efficient
April 17, 2018

John Roberts

When we arrived on 1st April there was a queue of cars as the automatic gates weren't working properly. We had to press the help button and give our registration number. The worst part was that the bus service was simply inadequate. There was a long queue and the bus was jam packed, leaving some people to wait. The same thing happened when we returned.
April 9, 2018

Mr Ribbins

The transfer in was fine but the return was more difficult mainly because the driver was not able to speak coherently - not. British national. As a consequence people missed their drop off point. Need to invest in automatic display and announcements to improve service to your customers.
March 6, 2018

Mr Whetton

February 25, 2018

Miss Allen

Easy to get to - satnav took me right to the barriers, easy directions to the open zone and plenty of spaces (spaces bit on the small side even though I only have a small car) bus ride quick and frequent, not left waiting more than 5mins, after reading other reviews was worried about attempting to leave but put the ticket in the machine and it let us out with no quibbles.
December 22, 2017

Mr Escalada Galian

Easy to arrive to the parking area. Buses services always on time, quick transfers and easy to find.
November 24, 2017

Ms Christine Julian

No problems Self explanatory and efficient
November 21, 2017

donald lynch

arrived back from gran canaria 08/09/17 at 0025 am ,got our baggage,went outside to get a bus to car park at 0105,when we got outside there was q so long it would have taken 3or 4 buses to move it , manage to get on a bus to car park at 01.40, the driver said he was really sorry for the delay,the next day i email stanstead airport to complain about the lack of buses and waiting time ,two and half weeks later got a standard reply back saying that late plane arrivals and traffic delays can cause delays,to buses ,no the plane was on time, and there was no traffic just a lack of buses, stanstead airport as all plane arrivals detail of passengers so why was there, no buses, if you complane you will get back a stardard email reply , why isyou dont get delays like this at gatwick,live and learn i wont fly from stanstead again, as for customer service waste of time d.lynch
October 30, 2017

Mr St John

Nice and straightforward. Would use again. Many thanks
October 27, 2017

Mr Heathcote

When we arrived the system did not recognise my registration and when I spoke to operator via intercom they couldn't locate booking ref either so I had to take a ticket. Had to repeat process on way out. In the end we got out, but it wasn't ideal
October 24, 2017