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Paul Brook

Made our journey easy
September 29, 2019

Dave Fiddler

No problem with the arrival process but on return yesterday it was in meltdown. No idea of the cause but the queue for the bus to return to the Long Stay Carpark was upwards to 80 yards long. It was chaos. People were trying to the jump the queue and if it wasn’t for an individual lady fellow long stay user who chose to police the queue it would quickly have descended into anarchy. No sign of any airport or long stay staff who should have been there to manage a chaotic situation. Given when you book the car park you provide an indication of the return time, the volume of users would have been know. I was in the queue for 45 minutes. Disgraceful
May 26, 2019

Sotiria Tsochataridou

It was the worst experience I ever had!!! I planned my trip to arrive at the car park at least 2.5 hours before my flight but due to many incidents on M25 I arrived at the car park 1.5 hours before my flight. When I entered the car park there was a sign on the roundabout saying 'for spaces follow' with an arrow, which was not clear whether it was pointing towards the 3rd or the 4th exit. I took the 3rd exit along with the cars in front of me (around 2 mores cars). I found a parking space at the L car park, I left my car and went to the nearest bus stop. The bus stop was closed but I could see buses going around so I assumed that this stop was closed and that I could walk to the next one. I went to the next stop and it was closed again and carried on walking to find an open bus stop. I walked for more than 35 min looking for an 'open' bus stop. During this time I tried to stop a few buses, to ask for at least some information/help. There was a family with 3 kids and some more people who started following me as they were also lost. We were basically running around (like headless chickens) to catch the buses as we were all very worried that we will loose our flights. There is no pavement to walk and as you can imagine, it was extremely difficult to walk all this distance with our suitcases. We were actually running and we were in panic. I've also had a twisted ankle and I believe I've damaged it even more. It is the first time I've experienced so much stress. I believe that we run at least 1.5 miles at the car park, just to find the stop. I went to the front barriers where I saw someone who works for the car park. He told me that I should have know where to go as there is a sign on the roundabout and also told me that only bus stop C is working. There was NO sign that bus stop C was the only stop working, and the ONLY sign was the sign with the 'for spaces follow' and arrow which was misleading as it was pointing to the wrong direction. It felt like the person who was working at the entrance was implying that I was stupid to not understand the signs because according to him, it was clear! This is unacceptable! When I went to the bus stop C, I've missed my bus for a few seconds and the next bus was only for drop-off. The lady on this bus was very rude to me when I asked her why there are not enough signs. She also said that it was clear and I should have known where to go. I can't believe how rude the staff is at this car park and that nobody apologised for the inconvenience. We were more than 10 people lost at this car park and the only answer we would get was that the one and only one sign with the misleading arrow was clear!!! I would like my money back and I am definitely never coming back to this car park. I've had great experience with many other car parks and this is the first time I was so lost. There should be more bus stops open but also plenty and clear indication on every exit!
April 24, 2019

Carol Neen

No problems, just remember to write all your parking details down and give yourself plenty of time for bus transfers.
October 30, 2018

Russell Godward

Perfectly simple and effective beginning to end!
October 22, 2018

Find prices for Stansted Official Long Stay
Simon Oxley

Easy and efficient
October 16, 2018

Carolyn Baird

Very good service will use again
October 14, 2018

Barbara Kindrick

Terrible service. Arrived at 5am with plenty of time for our flight however the 15 minute transfer time is a complete farce!!! We did see buses every 15 mins but they were full and did not stop. We had 4 pass by. We waited 45 mins and I even tried to call the office to get help with no answer. In desperation we ran across the parking lot to board the bus at an earlier stop. It was freezing cold and windy. We got a bus at the earlier stop and still had the 15 min ride to the terminal. We just made our flight as the whole thing took an hour. It is misleading to say 15 mins. I would never use this service again unless absolutely necessary or if I have time to waste an hour!! Their website should be changed to reflect the actual time it takes so travelers can plan accordingly or have more busses to accommodate the amount of travelers. Give it a miss.
September 24, 2018

Charlotte Berry

Very upset and disappointed. Arrived at Stansted long stay car park at No obvious fees displayed on entrance to the car park or did I miss it? Customer services would not send a photo of the charges at the entrance so I am going back to check these are actually displayed. Discovered as a non internet user that I am discriminated against. Telephone calls have uncovered that a 9 day stay which should have cost £55 has cost me £211.50. I am submitting a complaint to the airport as this is unfair discrimination against non internet users and hope that they will see sense and refund the difference. I am shocked and horrified at the unexpected costs -beware. But if you don't have access to the internet you won't see this!!!
September 10, 2018

Racheal Higgins

So arrived into Stansted at 2am, Got through to passport control & luggage collection no problem, therefore out of airport at 02.40. We Then got out to a massive queue we waited until 03.35 to get on a bus to the long stay car park. With two children and after traveling all night we were really appreciative to getting back to our car by 0400, 0412 we left the car park. After all the other stops-H was one of the last, including jet parks first. Another issue was the driver, II understand the driver had a job to do, I understand that, but keeping on at us when we’ve just got on the bus to clamber over people to put our 22Kg suitcases on the high racks Is ridiculous, when the people who were on the bus first should have Dine thah. The comment was ‘Men are strong’ to my husband, they can lift. We had no room Too move let alone put the suitcase onto high racks over a lot of existing people Who were on the bus before us. Cramped unsafe and very rude. Worse thing no busses. Every 15 minutes-no! Every 30. Not Impressed!
August 5, 2018