Stansted I Love Meet and Greet reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Stansted I Love Meet and Greet

John Chappell

Excellent service, prompt, car in perfect condition and even 4 x£1 coins provided to get through car park barrier ! Will definitely use again
July 20, 2019


After picking up my car I had found it had been driven dangerously/fast. I average 30mpg but when I got the car back and looked at the trip it was all the way down to 10mpg. Totally unacceptable and disrespectful. DO NOT USE if you value your car.
October 5, 2018

Rob Banks

I have used this company on about six occasions now, and every time it has been nothing but efficient, and a pleasure to use. Would highly recommend this company.
October 4, 2018

Dr R Newby

some delay when waiting to drop car off which was frustrating ...collection went well
August 6, 2018

Mr P Brown

Driver arrived as I pulled into the Express set-down area - and quickly departed with my car. Unfortunately, we had to return to the UK several days earlier than expected. A call to the service centre was courteously handled and the car was made available for me to collect at a time convenient to me. If/when I leave my car at Stansted again, I will look to your company to provide Meet and Greet facility
January 4, 2018

Carla Pereira

Very poor service. We had to wait for over 40 minutes for our car at Stansted Airport today. Everyone has left the forecourt. We called office driver given wrong car keys but no call from Eric who was manning the telephone to apologize slept mistake. A very distressing end to our holiday.
October 29, 2017

Guy Gampell

Staff friendly and helpful, but absolutely shocked at customer service afterwards. When I collected the vehicle, immediately on being handed the key, I said "you've broken it" the key panel cover for lock/unlock had come off. I actually thought they had given me the wrong key! The staff on site were friendly and helpful telling me to contact customer services. Customer services are having none of it, no apology, no offer to help organise a new key, they say they are not liable for a fault, and point me to their terms and conditions. BUT...., the key/key fob had no "Fault" it has been damaged by ilovemeetandgreet. After a 2nd email they stand firm saying it must have been faulty when we dropped the car off. ABSOLUTELY NOT! there has been no sign of a fault on that key whatsoever, basically I am being called a liar which is not acceptable. Nice service on site completely ruined by appalling customer service.
August 15, 2017

Sonya Bobby

AVOID!!! Left my car immaculate car with a supposedly safe and secure service at Stansted airport. When returning from holiday called and waited a long time for car to be returned, the airport was very busy so we were rushed off by their driver. When I arrived home I noticed my car had been damaged all the way down the passenger side. Company not accepting any responsibility!!
August 14, 2017

david webb

Promised a short wait for the car to be picked up but we waited 25 minutes to drop off and 30 to pick up. It was a joke. Not helped at all by the terrible system the airport has for dropping people off. But the lady on the phone didn't care one bit. The drivers were pleasant but after having to wait for such a long time, frankly we didn't care. I can't recommend them at all and would not use them again.
August 2, 2017

Miss Lisa O'donovan

Awesome service, don't know why you would do it any other way.
July 28, 2017

Samantha Howell

Had a excellent service at stansted airport with both drop off and collection. When arriving back into stansted we called once we had our luggage and by the time we had walked out of the terminal our car was ready and waiting. Drivers very professional. Defiantly use again.
July 26, 2017

Evelin A.

Excellent service. Friendly member staff they been greet with us. Easy to book, really good price and drivers arrived on time. Easy place to find and the transference is so quick very near from the airport only few minutes. will definitely use again. Many thanks for this great service. Happy happy :-) Evelin Xxx
June 6, 2017

Steven porter

Slow service for me, waiting at airport for 25 minutes!
April 11, 2017

Mr Tom Gardner

Great Friendly Service, Easy to Follow Instructions and Very Efficent :)
October 28, 2016

Gillian Monsell

Excellent - all went like clockwork- helpful friendly uniformed drivers- no waiting, couldn't be better
October 24, 2016

Graham Brighty

I've been complaining about this cowboy outfit. They've replied to my one star review, saying... "We take our reputation very seriously We cannot however be held responsible for a 17 year old, 165,000 mile vehicle continuing to work, when the client had driven it from the airport and out of our care and then reported it as having broken down a full six days later." They know this is a lie. It was them who told me it had broken down. I'd dropped it off with them in perfect condition and watched them start it and drive it away while I flew to France for 3 days. Instead of picking me and my companion up in the car, they sent a minibus, explaining that my car had developed a fault while I was away. They delivered me to my car which was running. They told me the AA had just been and had got it going but had left instructions to not switch it off until it was in a garage for repairs. On arrival at my friend's house, I did switch it off, while unloading luggage (a legal requirement). When it failed to restart I called the RAC. They condemned it, saying it looked like it had been 'ragged' (raced, thrashed, abused). The previously perfect car was in a terrible state under the bonnet and was beyond economical repair. It even locked itself with the key in the ignition, due to the computer going crazy. All this happened on 1st September, the day I returned from France. I work shifts and wasn't able to complain for a few days. They were delighted, telling me I'd missed my opportunity to provide any evidence against them. Unfortunately for them, my 28 year career has centred around gathering and handling evidence. The AA and RAC can provide the said evidence. Be warned, this was a relatively low claim - £600 but they will fight tooth and claw to avoid giving decent customer service.
October 19, 2016

Mr P Harper

Very good given the context at Stansted. There is a £3 ten minute parking charge window before it goes to £50 so both parties need to cooperate and I expected to have to be waiting on the kerb before they arrived, which they did in 20 minutes. As winter approaches maybe a text alert would allow clients to wait in the terminal!
October 13, 2016

Mrs A Page

Excellent service. Clear instructions and speedy, efficient collection and delivery. Thank you
August 30, 2016

Daniel Jones

I left my car with ILoveMeetandGreet for two weeks at Gatwick airport, i booked this service via my Natwest bank account. On our return the car had a large dent and scratch to the rear passenger side wheel arch. The parking attendant who greeted us at the airport suggested the damage was pre-existing which is completely false and in fact fraudulent. The company would not provide any evidence the damage was pre-existing and they would not give me their insurance details. I called the police and waited for two hours at Gatwick airport with my two children and wife to report this incident. When the police arrived it turns out there is a long list of complaints and problems with this company. After the police insisted the owner of the company provided me with his contact details but no insurance information and we are now taking up a formal complaint with the company. Avoid this company as at all costs...
March 28, 2016


Absolutely dreadful service - collected my car at midnight and drove out of carpark without being told that whilst being parked a tyre had been punctured and therefore damaged the wheel. Upon contacting customer services, a rude representative did not attempt to resolve the situation and refused to escalate to anyone else. Avoid at all costs!
March 14, 2016