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Martin Rogers

Excellent service, from going online to book to picking up my keys after returning. No real negative comments. Just busy and a full car park.
May 19, 2019

John Culligan

Location is easy, drop off is simple, but when I got back home and checked the car out there was muddy footprints everywhere including on the back of the front seats (I know because 2days earlier I had valeted the car myself) I also had about�7 in change in the front console (hidden by papers and other stuff) for when I needed change for a parking meter but when I remembered a few days later the money was gone. Wouldn't trust this place again. Someone had been using it and stole the money.
May 2, 2019

Niranjan Paudyal

WARNING - AVOID AT ALL COST. I left my key - they stole the key blade to my car and damaged by key fob. Initially agreed to sort out the key, but suddenly stopped all communication over the last 2 weeks after 3 weeks of messages back and forth. I am having to report this incident to the police as stolen and damaged property. The have provided no phone number to speak to management nor highlighted their complaints policy. I will probably have to peruse the case legally after advise from the Citizens Advice Bureau if they can not help. Luckily I have evidence on my dash cam footage and email trails before they stopped communication.
April 19, 2019

Peter Bacon

Avoid Toad parking (I think part of CarE Parks). It is very poorly signposted and I needed to stop to ask despite Tom Tom and google maps pinpointing the place. The reception is down a bumpy uneven track around an industrial building that does not inspire confidence. Lastly, I had to wait over 25 minutes on a very cold night for the return pickup bus (phoning not permitted). To add to this, the argumentative female driver stated very loudly that she was on time and continued to do so several times to the embarrassment of other passengers. Concern and sympathy were in very short supply. I will never use them again.
April 14, 2019

Kenneth Watson

Used this carpark with my parents we had a wheel chair for my father in law and the welsh bus driver Chris had us singing arrived at T3 at 03.05 he carried our luggage to the main doors for us and helped with the wheelchair 10out 10 care park and fabulous job done by your bus driver definitely be booking with you ourselves
April 13, 2019

Julie Broad

Used this company a few times. Find it very reliable , reasonable and friendly. Just returned from weekend away, I realized I had left my holiday money in the car and phoned them. They did their utmost to get the money to me as soon as possible, very honest!!! Thank you so much Toad Parking for a cracking service. Wouldn�t use anyone else!!!
March 25, 2019

Julie Chesters

Excellent service from start to finish
March 16, 2019

Debbie Banks

Had a 30 minute wait in the freezing cold at 2am despite calling twice. Car park is pitch black with no lighting and gravel surface with muddy puddles you can't see. Car radio had been changed from dab to fm, heater turned off from my settings and car mat and sills full of dry mud. Won't use again
March 12, 2019

Sue Butler

Incorrect phone number put on all communication with me. Had to wait over 15 mins for transfer to airport with no communication. Then on return at 7am contact number not in use, even airport couldn't contact them. Had to get myself from airport to carpark. Poor service.
March 9, 2019

Cayla Burnside

Quickly dealt with at the desk both on departure and arrival. Had to wait a little while for pick up from airport
March 4, 2019

Andrew Jenkins

First time using this carpark definitely use it again friendly staff the shuttle bus driver Chris was more than helpful carried out luggage and Even put it in our car top top man
March 4, 2019

Paul and Meg Wraight

Brilliant! Fantastic value for money. No long waits for shuttle. Car in perfect condition. Why pay more? Would definitely park here again.
February 6, 2019

Joe Wheeler

We�ve been using FSS for years but this is the first time since it has changed to Toad. The process was different but very efficient. Nearly missed the bus back to ten car park as the signage wasn�t what we were expecting and the logo for Toad/FSS was very small. Otherwise we were extremely happy with our experience and will continue to use this car park when our flight times are at civilised hours. Otherwise we are fans of the Meet and Greet.
January 25, 2019

Gillian Girling

I have been using this car park for sometime I was surprised on this visit with their new office and excellent toilet facilities; the toilet were spotlessly clean. And the guys are so friendly and helpful. Well done guys.
January 18, 2019

Chris Fallon

Excellent value for money offering a friendly efficient service.
January 15, 2019

Paul Weaver

Terrible. My key was given back to myself damaged. So much so I cannot use it now, I have had to get a taxi to work. I got offered 5 pounds. Apparently that�s how much one cost offline!! I was lucky to start the van it worked on last attempt then once home it has totally broke. Also turned up 40 minutes late to pick me up. They make out a private driver will be waiting for you after the flight. It�s just a bus that comes every 45 mins. Never use again.
December 4, 2018

Edward Spence

Excellent. Easy to book. Easy to find (because directions were good). No long waits for transfer buses.
December 4, 2018

Valerie Hayward

Rather a long wait for the bus and car not easy to find on our return. Also car left in gear!!!! Not up to usual standards
December 4, 2018

Liza Kitchen

This is the first time we have used this particular service and we thought it was a great service that we received. The staff were chatty and very helpful and even offered to help with baggage. I would definitely recommend this car park.
December 3, 2018

Shahzad Tabassum

Excellent service. Exactly as advertised. Staff at the car park office provided a very good and quick service. The transfer vehicle drivers very polite and prompt.
November 27, 2018

Stephen Gray

Parked my car here Tuesday to Saturday. Place was very easy to find, staff very helpful and friendly, bus transport to airport very frequent. Car moved to reception ready for me to drive away on my arrival. Would definitely use again.
November 25, 2018

Anthony Sergent

Every thing on time no problems good service thanks
November 19, 2018

Gary Davies

When we got there the guy asked for nearly as much money we paid online a extra 20quid so it made the parking 45 for 4 days ! He said it was in the terms and conditions
November 17, 2018

Andrew Young

Use this car park at your peril. Left car for 2-weeks, came back to find the cars sat nav had been stolen. Think about this for a minute, if thieves are employed it would be very easy for them to access your home whilst you're on holiday, you have been warned!
October 30, 2018

Sadaf Manzoor

No problems at all, very easy to use and you don't wait long for the buses. I will definitely use them in the future because they were the cheapest too.
October 28, 2018

Abelard Tornedo

Worst carpark I've ever seen. Bus is never every 20 min. My family wait for the bus almost 1 hour. Fat Driver never help with heavy bags, just seating in her seat. People much better pay 10 even 20 quid more and get much better car park. This one is definitely sh*t!!!
October 27, 2018

Andrew Graveson

Easy to find, quick response and return . Bus was efficient so will use again
October 27, 2018


DO NOT USE THIS CAR PARK. The car was returned damaged and the dash cam recorded the car being abused. They took no responsibility for the damage they caused. THEY ARE CROOKS. STAY WELL CLEAR!!!!!
October 10, 2018

Rebecca Kay

Please do not use this. Waste of space carpark; disgusting staff and disgusting customer services ruined my car and has cost me more money to get a new battery as they had drained it by leaving lights on for 2 weeks, which they have done nothing about. The carpark is a tip unorganised and gone down hill. Do not use!
October 8, 2018


Having used this car park twice and had both times and okay service it seems to have gone down hill a lot. The car park is all over the place now there isn�t any organisation. Got back to my car to it been a mess. Dirty all over and it wasn�t left like that. All the seats had been put down. They couldn�t even find the keys when I arrived at reception. I saw staff moving the cars round and they really don�t look after your car so I wouldn�t use them again.
September 17, 2018