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"We waited nearly 45 minutes for a bus to turn up from the Airport to the parking - it's supposed to be 15 mins"

July 20, 2018

"Will never use this car park again or Manchester airport. Long delay getting back to car via transfer bus and arrived back to find passenger window smashed and glove compartment ransacked nothing taken as I do not leave valuables in car but battery flat after alarm going off. I had to call AA out to jump start us. Obviously Jet Parks are aware of this problem: several cars broken into by the looks of things and they come round and seal car windows with large cling film tape. Car park advertised with 24 hour security, obviously not the case. A very sad end to a lovely holiday."

July 17, 2018

"Never use. Returned to car window smashed and inside ransacked luckily left nothing in car of value. Car parks and airport want nothing to do. Cars parked at owners risk 50-60 broken into over two week period. Definitely not secure"

July 14, 2018

"I'm ANOTHER customer who had their car broken into. Jetparks not interested. Buses advertised to be every 15 minutes. That is not so. Avoid at all cost."

July 12, 2018

"This is NOT secure as advertised !! Car broken into via window sat nav stolen. The police and the owners have no interest in assisting or reimbursement. False advertising , read terms and conditions “ vehicles left at owners risk”. May as well of parked on a side street for free."

June 27, 2018

"got back to my car at Jetparks Ringway to find it had been broken into - they accept no responsibility for the damage or items stolen from my vehicle. PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK."

June 20, 2018

"I would never use again. Forty minute wait for bus and then two turn up. I am travelling from Manchester again soon have changed parking arrangments"

June 12, 2018

Gravel all around .Took about half an hour to hunt for the parking place.
On the way back car was covered with dust and I could not recognise it.Sheer waste of money.STAY AWAY"

June 10, 2018

"The jetparks are getting worse, the last two times we've struggled to get a space and waited at least 25 mins for the bus both times! The second time it was so full too. Getting back we waited 11 mins so that was ok, but it took 25 mins to get to the car park and it was very very full on the bus. They really need to lay on more buses it getting too stressfull,"

June 4, 2018

"The advertised 5 minute transfer time and 10 minute frequency of buses is extremely optimistic. We experienced a 20 minute wait and when the bus finally arrived the driver stopped to say he had no room for any further passengers and to wait for the next one - a further 10 minute wait. We did manage to get on that one, however.
Also, on our return from holiday, because our flight was delayed and our luggage then took 40 minutes to arrive on the carousel, the length of our stay in the car park was extended into the next day by just 2 hours for which we were charged £15. They are just interested in extracting more money and not interested in any protest as you you have no alternative whatsoever.
We will never use them again, for certain."

May 28, 2018

"I travel quite extensively on business and have the misfortune to tolerate Manchester airport rather too much. In terms of parking, I tended to avoid Jetparks as they have almost never achieved their stated 15 minute shuttle service interval. I recently gave them another chance after years of using alternative providers. It appears that they are no better. I waited 20 minutes for a transfer from the car park, but I joined a couple of travellers who had already been there 15 minutes. The return wait also exceeded 15 minutes, and there's no evidence to suggest that I had just missed the previous bus, so who knows how long I might have waited. Anyway, I will be pursuing this...."

April 30, 2018

"We used jet parks ringway recently this Easter travelling to Benidorm for a 4 day break. The booking was straightforward but there wasn’t much availability . Some people had parked up in areas that weren’t designated spaces due to none being available.
We managed to get into a parking bay. We didn’t have to wait long for the shuttle bus to arrive. We proceed to get on the bus along with a few other passages. The bus driver was very abrupt. Shouting down the bus ,telling people to put there luggage in the appropriate luggage holding areas. I know he has a job to do but he was very abrupt and off hand. No patience what so ever.
However I thought to myself he put be having a bad day. However on the return journey was no different. This was at night after a long day travelling. There was a young women with a baby and elderly gentlemen and she was struggling to find her car. He has no patience. I can’t speak for the whole company but those 2 need going on a customer service course or need to get different job.20310"

April 7, 2018

"Just back from weeks holiday to find car broken into. JetParks Ringway.
It was definitely locked and built in alarm.
They’ve had some way to defeat the alarm, had a right good look around the car, all my papers etc and glove box contents strewn everywhere I think looking for my SAT NAV. Car was unlocked on my return.
Manager who came just said no camera security at all. Other vehicles have had windows smashed.
I have a crime number from the police . Thing is, this company claims it’s a secure car park. Stay well clear!!
It's great for a thief, Arrive airport by public transport with a suitcase, get driven by Jetparks to the car park, breakin cars etc. and carry your booty back in the case by Jetparks back to the local bus."

March 30, 2018

"This parking is not secure!! Returned from a holiday to find the back windscreen missing. We have had to replace and pay for the windscreen as the after services from Jet parks has been non existent. We have tried several times to speak with them and been through holiday extras but to no avail. This happened 3 months ago and was reported to the police by Manchester Airport and we have been informed it was Manchester Airport who arranged for the car to be sealed up as Jet Parks left it to the elements. Appalling service by a disgrace of a company."

January 21, 2018

"Easily booked, great price, shuttle bus arrived in minutes to and from airport. Excellent service will use again."

December 31, 2017

"It was so easy! Have never left a car in airport parking before. The booking was quick and straight forward. Car park easy to find, no trouble parking ( it was 4 am though) and we were straight on the free bus literally waited 1 minute! Waited 5 minutes when returned, both drivers friendly and polite, would definitely recommend and would use again."

December 12, 2017

"I used car park 1 in October and upon arrival it appeared my booking(made by Holiday Extras) was wrong. I was allowed entry and went on holiday. Upon my return I was refused exit from car park as it said I had overstayed. I spoke to an attendant who didn't care about the paperwork I had showing my booking and told I had to pay the£15 late charge. Reluctantly I paid the charge and still couldn't get out. Spoke to the attendant again to be told my payment hadn't gone through. I saw that my payment went through when entering my PIN but again I was told I had to pay. So I used a different card just in case I was mistaken. Payment made,receipt taken so I could claim my £15 back from Holiday extras for their mistake. Checked my bank account the next day and low and behold the payment had been taken from both my accounts. Contacted Jet Parks and advised to send proof of this which I did. Here we are 7 weeks later and still no response. Shocking treatment. I work in airport parking and this never happens with our car parks."

December 6, 2017

"We have used Jetparks Ringway on 3 occasions and have had no problems at all. I use it because I do not like leaving my car keys behind, having heard horror stories about cars being moved about and even left on roads by other parks. However I felt the need to write this review as on my last visit to Jetpark Ringway I left my car windows open (must have pressed the lock button for too long in my haste to get to he bus stop). On my return to the car, someone had kindly put polythene covers over my windows. I would not have expected this from an unmanned facility. Thank you so much. Will definitely use this car park again."

December 2, 2017

"We used you some years ago and forgot to write but again with out fail it was so simple keep up the good work we will definitely use again."

October 10, 2017

"After finally finding a place to park up against a border fence along with many others, I left my pride and joy for 1 month to find on return that some kind person had RIPPED OFF my rear wiper arm and blade and tossed it. On exiting the car park I asked the person at the other end of the phone button if cameras were in operation on this site to be told NO ! I am now getting in touch with Holiday Extras who I booked with for there comments. This is the first and last time I will use this particular site as in all my years of parking at Manchester Airport nothing has happened before at the other Jet parks."

October 10, 2017

"To start

Most of car park is small limestone gravel, not good for heavy cases
Car was broken into and ransacked
Buses don't run every 15 minutes"

October 1, 2017

"Avoid this car park. The online booking system is not accurate. Books car park schedule according to flight times. It calculated my stay short of my arrival at car park time. Charged me extra as a result. Called the contact centre, I was informed I should have called them to let them know of the error in my online park booking. Why bother with an online system that is too basic with no customer support on line. Bus driver was not friendly. The car par has sharp gravel that damages the tyres. Signage is poor to locate the car park! I shall not be using this car park."

August 29, 2017

"Easy to find. Works on ANPR registration plate recognition, just drive up and the barrier opens. Very competitive price and you get to park your own car and keep the keys!
Our car had flat battery when we returned after two week holiday. Major panic!
Contacted staff via the speaker at the entrance gate and staff were onsite assisting us within 20mins.
They jump started our car and got us on our way with no fuss and a were very helpfull.
We can't thank them enough.
Crisis averted we drove home.
I'd have no hesitation in recommending this carpark.
Just remember to photo graph the number next to your cars position before leaving making finding your car on return a breeze."

July 20, 2017

"We flew in from Tenerife arriving at the terminal one bus stop at 3.50am. We had to wait 35 minutes for a bus as there appeared to be only one service. Don't know if this is normal for a night flight but we were not impressed. In total it took us 45 minutes to get back to our car. A terrible service."

July 12, 2017

"Fast and efficient. ANPR made the check in and out really quick and bus drivers were friendly. Will definitely use again."

July 9, 2017

"I travel 3 times a year and almost always use Jetparks. However my return flight was delayed by around 2.5 hours on this trip, and I had to pay £15 to exit the car park. I can only assume that this charge was because I was late, but is excessive and unfair. I will think twice about using jetparks in the future."

July 3, 2017

"On entering Jet Parks Ringway we searched for a parking space for over half an hour, literally no spaces whatsoever. Finally we found some cars parked on a sloping grass border, and with great difficulty, managed to jam our small car in between two other cars parked in a similarly precarious position. We will never use this parking facility again. An absolute joke."

June 30, 2017

"Waited for 20 min for bus
Walked 300 mtrs bumpy stones so had to carry my bag would not wheel!!! Coming home 3 am didn't know what bus to catch it was no.9 just missed one. Waited 25 mins. Another 300 mtrs walk.
Horrendous!!!! Won't do it again.
Oh started off wouldn't read my number plate as it is square. Phone calls no answer !!!!!!"

June 24, 2017

"My review is mixed. Finding the car park was easy. Finding a parking space was just as easy. Finding a bus! Not easy! They are supposed to be quite regular, every 15 mins I think, but we waiting 45 minutes!.
On our return journey we waited 25 minutes for the number 9 bus and when it got to the first stop off, T 2, the driver also got off for a cigarette! It was also the worst rollercoaster ride ever!
The car park itself, is gravel. We came back to the car covered in dust, so much so we couldn't see out of the windows.
Never again."

May 5, 2017

"Great service and pleasant staff

October 13, 2016