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Vincent Hughes

Do not park on this car park! I only wish I had read the other reviews because the same thing happened upon our return from holiday; cling film on the window and a letter with an incident number on the windscreen. Now that I have read the reviews I am even angrier at the total disregard the airport have for their Customers. It is advertised as safe and secure parking, which is against trade descriptions because it is anything but. They just want your money and if your car gets trashed then you get a refund on your parking, which is an insult. It's hardly an incentive to improve security because people just carry on parking there and when you look at the amount of cars on the car park you can see its a cash cow, so why bother increasing security. I was told that my vandalised car was just one of 5 on that particular night and that they haven't had an incident for a while. After reading the previous reviews, this is rubbish unless you call a month a while. Please, please do not park there!
February 27, 2019

Niall Saynor

Actually had my car stolen from JetPark Ringways in October while on holiday. Returned to find it gone - after 2 hours looking staff agreed it wasn't there and police called. It was actually recovered several days later on false license plates in Chorlton. Over £2000 spent on repairs by insurers. No apology from JetParks, no explanation from JetParks as to how it got out through a controlled barrier and while the keys were still in my possession. Only refunded my car parking fee when I asked for it. And somehow they said that was a gesture of goodwill - what goodwill. Parking there has cost me my excess, my no claims bonus and cost of replacing personal items. Their webpage says it is manned 24 hours - IT IS NOT - patrol car comes around once in a while but most of the time there is no staff there. I will take the train in future
February 13, 2019

Ashley Holt

Got back to the car eventually and the rear seat belts had been cut, so my four year old son had to travel home on his mums knees... Who would do such a thing?.. Never again... In fact Manchester Airport is a shambles as well... Won't be going again.
January 7, 2019

Alan Pilkington

Still having issues with customer service after £2,500 damage to my car. The CCTV is what they describe as live feed and therefore there is no recordings available. I have asked for a copy of the written log as 15 cars being extensively damaged in one night should not have gone unnoticed. I was told I could not have this due to confidentiality issues. The car park was apparently assessed by Park Mark who provide a kite mark in July this year the same month 60 cars were vandalised. At the moment Park Mark have refused to help me further and Jet Parks have referred me to their solicitor.
December 3, 2018

David Dodd

I have parked at Jet Parks Ringway before and find it very easy to park. The only issue is that my sat nav didn't recognise the new road layout although as we knew where we were heading it was easy to find the car-park. There access was great, the camera recognised my registration straight away when entering and again on leaving. Parking was easy and there was plenty of space available.
December 1, 2018

Mark Coulding

Great place to park your car. Only tip I can give is if you're returning at night, don't park at section 111 which has no lighting. I think this is down to the car park lighting interfering with the runway lights, 'so they turn them off', other than that a great service, which we will always use from now on.
November 28, 2018

Alan Pilkington

I returned from holiday on Monday 5th November to find my passenger window broken along with 15th other vehicles. The car was parked on Jet Parks Ringway. The opening was covered in cellophane but there was no note or other indication about who to contact. In examining the damage I cut my hand. Eventually we made ourselves known only by the intercom on the entrance barrier somebody turned up to clear the glass. I reported the incident to the police and airport authorities. I then proceeded to enter into an exchange of e-mails to get reparations for the damage to the car. It was then that the airport made reference to terms and conditions and that cars are parked at owners risk even though their advertisements state clearly "safe and secure". I then made reference to their own terms and conditions stating that if they were negligent then they were liable for the damage. In researching this car park there have been numerous breeches of security over a number of years and therefore I consider the airport negligent in not providing the necessary warnings or proper level of security.
November 14, 2018

G Utley

I have used Jet Parks before and never had an issue but no more after the last episode at Ringways. Came back to find drivers side window smashed and cling filmed over by jet parks staff. In the old days there used to be staff on site and patrols but now nothing no one to contact total downer in the dark and having to drive home freezing. More interested in building more of the same type of inadequate insecure parking and making millions from Joe Public. Not from me ever again, though. Of course, there is no chance of recompense or apology; it is our fault for parking there. I noticed there were half a dozen cars exactly the same state in a 20yds radius, near the start of the parking area in vicinity of 107 bus stop. I drive a bog standard Mondeo so the targets are random. They ought to make all Jet parks staff park their cars for the week in the ”CCTV and patrolled” wasteland, they might wake up and smell the coffee then.
November 8, 2018

Tina Walmsley

Returned from holiday to find that our window was smashed, as were 14 other cars around us. Plastic had been put over the window but no info on what we should do. We informed a bus driver who radioed through to the office. After a one hour wait we were taken to a garage to hover out the glass but we're told that JetParks would take no responsibility. The staff also informed us that this has been happening all Summer and that this is what you get in this area of Manchester- that's not in their website!
November 4, 2018

Simon Willis

My car had window smashed along with around 20 others. They said the police had found a hole in the fence. Well that’s useful. I’m waiting to hear back from them about damage costs incurred.
November 3, 2018

Frazer Applegarth

No signage on arrival at Manchester to leave. Long wait for bus back to car park on arriving back. All in all a completely rubbish service. We would never park with jet park ever again
October 31, 2018

Andy Brook

What a joke!!! Going was ok. But getting a bus back was the worse thing. We were waiting over 30 mins. In the end a driver from jet parks 3 bus offered to take over 30 people to Ringway. Will never use them ever again. You have been warned stay away.
October 21, 2018

William Ashworth

I went on a cruise around the med September 2017, when I got back to jet parks Ringway my Mercedes had been vandalised. My ins company informed me that jet parks was not liable as their is a disclaimer on there website so I had to pay the excess for my car to be repaired. The police informed me that 40 cars got vandalised along with mine. I'll never park my car in jet parks again. Jet parks make millions of pounds every year.
October 17, 2018

Ian Dickinson

Transfer from Jet Park Ringway was as expected and normal. The problem is when you return; not enough buses are available for jprr. Arrived at terminal 1 from Alicante at approx 23.20 hours on 12/10/18. After collecting our luggage we had to wait over 30 minutes for a bus to turn up. Eventually we got to our car but because of not enough buses we were 50 minutes over due from the original exit time and the barrier would not raise. Spoke on the intercom and by the looks of it I was expected to pay extra. Having pointed out that the problem was their fault I was let out of jprr. Would I use them again? I doubt it. Not very good.
October 13, 2018

Nicola Hallinan

I don’t even know where to start, rude grumpy driver on our outward journey. It look over an hour from parking to get to the terminal. The bus took 38 minutes to pick us up not the 12 minutes advertised. The driver dropped people off and left us in the cold and then went round the car park again picking everyone up? Not very efficient! The bus was then full by the time he got round to us for the second time. He was not sure he could fit us in... meanwhile frustration growing, it was a shambles to say the least. Everyone in the bus was moaning about the rude attitude of the driver. Not a great start to the holiday.
October 10, 2018

Martin Hill

Don’t use this service I flew back from AMS of which the flight time is 50 mins, then had to wait longer than that nearly an hour for the Jetparks shuttle bus to arrive. Car park 10 mins drive away no problem on departure flight, bus drivers changed over half way back and heard them complaining about the other bus driver parked at the car park.
September 26, 2018

Neil Webster

Confused about entry gate not exactly clear where to enter but otherwise it was a good experience
September 19, 2018

Caroline Batty

Just want to right a review to warn people that when we parked our car there was quite a few cars with broken windows. They were mainly Audi, BMW and Mercedes. There is no cameras. never saw any security. We never had any issues but did worry me leaving my car here.
August 5, 2018

L Andrew

Superb service from start to finish will recommend easy to use frequent buses and helpful driver.
August 5, 2018

heather tipple

AVOID AT ALL COSTS - I was just one of a large number of customers whose cars have been attacked by thieves at this car park and Jetparks (Manchester Airport Group) did nothing but try to fob me off - in the same sentence saying that I was one of many, but the car park is secure! Their responses to my complaint were nothing less than insulting. This all came after them causing a stressful start to the holiday when we had to walk with luggage to the airport as all buses that came were full and did not stop at the designated bus stops. To make matters worse, the customer services line was not available - I spent an hour trying to get through to them, but nothing but a voice message saying they are open 7 days. Their response - I should write to the council about the traffic. I saw the traffic (on the mile walk) and know it was not the issue - there just weren't enough buses for passengers. Absolutely shocking customer service and attitude.
August 3, 2018


got back on the 16th july after a brilliant holiday to Benidorm to find our car passenger window had been smashed what a mess everything and glass all over, which had been covered over. police was involved as there was another car with the same thing. no one from jet parks had made the police or us aware about the damage, as we were leaving we saw a blue BMW with the alarm and hazards flashing as we stopped we saw 3 youths breaking into a merc they then ran off into the housing estate across the road, police was informed who went after them at speed. we have been in touch with the airport and jet parks and still not heard anything back from them. DO NOT USE PLEASE AVOID,.
August 1, 2018

Steve Stearman

DO NOT USE THIS CAR PARK!!! Returned from holiday to find our car, along with a number of others, had been broken into in this supposedly secure car park by breaking a side window. In addition the surface of the car park is limestone gravel and as it had recently rained the suitcase wheels quickly became clogged up and the resulting mess meant I had to have the car interior cleaned on my return home.
July 25, 2018

Gavin Robb

Avoid at all costs. Car broken into, window smashed, glass everywhere, nothing stolen as not daft enough to leave anything in the car but CCTV useless (not recorded, only 'live monitoring', carpark not secure. Real shame to return from a holiday of a lifetime to find that mess and have to drive home to Edinburgh after a long nightime flight. Jetparks had my details, they could have phoned me to tell me and I could have arranged to have it sorted so it was fixed by the time I was home. Have notified both the booking company and jetparks to allow them to comment but I await their replies........
July 23, 2018

Caroline Baillie

We waited nearly 45 minutes for a bus to turn up from the Airport to the parking - it's supposed to be 15 mins
July 20, 2018

Karen Brown

Will never use this car park again or Manchester airport. Long delay getting back to car via transfer bus and arrived back to find passenger window smashed and glove compartment ransacked nothing taken as I do not leave valuables in car but battery flat after alarm going off. I had to call AA out to jump start us. Obviously Jet Parks are aware of this problem: several cars broken into by the looks of things and they come round and seal car windows with large cling film tape. Car park advertised with 24 hour security, obviously not the case. A very sad end to a lovely holiday.
July 17, 2018

J jenks

Never use. Returned to car window smashed and inside ransacked luckily left nothing in car of value. Car parks and airport want nothing to do. Cars parked at owners risk 50-60 broken into over two week period. Definitely not secure
July 14, 2018

David Hopkins

I'm ANOTHER customer who had their car broken into. Jetparks not interested. Buses advertised to be every 15 minutes. That is not so. Avoid at all cost.
July 12, 2018

Daz Pendlebury

This is NOT secure as advertised !! Car broken into via window sat nav stolen. The police and the owners have no interest in assisting or reimbursement. False advertising , read terms and conditions “ vehicles left at owners risk”. May as well of parked on a side street for free.
June 27, 2018

Kira Mortelmans

got back to my car at Jetparks Ringway to find it had been broken into - they accept no responsibility for the damage or items stolen from my vehicle. PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK.
June 20, 2018


I would never use again. Forty minute wait for bus and then two turn up. I am travelling from Manchester again soon have changed parking arrangments
June 12, 2018