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Waiting over an hour and counting. Staff nice but organisation appaling
May 27, 2019

Steven Hamilton

Left my taxi van here for ten nights. Came back to find that my partition, which separates customers from the driver had been smashed and ripped out, although the vehicle hadn't been broken into. The only way this could happen is if someone hadn't locked it up,(they had the keys) nobody there seemed to care although they gladly took my £75 for ten days parking. Going to cost me around £400 to have the damage repaired. So if you are reading this I would strongly advise you to use one of the other carparks as you could end up like me, totally out of pocket through no fault of your own.
May 15, 2019

Donna Fairhurst

We have used this carpark a few times now and have never had a problem ...... However last month we left our car and handed in the keys and as we got on the bus my husband saw a member of staff driving another customer's car like a maniac. He actually said I hope they don't drive ours like that! So we came back a week later, collected the car and drove off and 5 minutes into the journey we noticed a problem with the engine. We managed to get it to a garage and they asked us if we had been using it to jump start other cars because the wiring was shot at? We look after our car and it has never been used to jump start any other vehicle. I can't say for certain it was careparks fault but if they would like to get in touch with me to discuss this then I would be more than happy to show them them the £315 bill we are now in receipt of. We will not book with them ever again.
April 28, 2019


Absolutely horrible. Shambles.
April 6, 2019

Serena Snape

Absolute bargain for money. Collected my car a little past midnight to find a flat battery, the staff were very friendly and helped give me a jump start and get me on my way. Will definitely use this service again.
March 8, 2019

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Ian Cleary

Damaged my car, parked it in dark section of returns... fobbed me off. £800 damage to bumper of car less than a year old. Shockingly bad. Should be closed down.
March 3, 2019

Joyce Dippnall

Took airport bus - mistakenly - wet and dark night. Ticket not checked. No help with baggage. Had this been done - our mistake would not have happened. Extremely unhelpful and intransigent staff. Bad tempered and difficult driver. We sorted out the problem but this was no thanks to Care Park staff. Certainly wouldn't recommend using them.
February 20, 2019

Ryan Simpson

Worst car park ever. Left my car for 3 days. Came back and they have crashed it and when I ring, they keep palming me off. Do not park there as they don’t want to help after they damaged my stuff.
January 10, 2019