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Jeanette roberts

This company crashed our car the covered it up so we wouldn't notice! Given we were stood out in the car park for 40 mins waiting after coming in on a flight from Australia we were so furious we just got in the car and went as the damage was underneath we didn't notice until my husband gave it a clean last weekend all they will do is email they know nothing about it I will not stop until everyone else does the whole front end of a 3 year old Mercedes has to be replaced it was screwed together then resprayed so it didn't show do not go to these people. Accidents happen if they had to,d us it would have been fine but this is so vile we can't sleep for the anger
April 17, 2019

Mr Roberts

We used this service 8th Feb -9th March the driver was late greeting us despite keep calling they were also late returning, even better 4 days ago while cleaning the car which is a 3 year old Mercedes we found a crack in the front bumper so the on closer inspection found it was held together with screws underneath and had been resprayed someone has had an accident in our absence and tried to cover it up we have tried to speak to someone about it there not interested we have now got the met police involved if you're thinking of using these people don't!!! They are rude they don't care they had the cheek to tell me I had to email them and wait for them to get back to us we were to follow their terms and conditions.
April 16, 2019

Jeffrey Charles Roy

Thoroughly valuable as a convenient a means as possible to transition from the airport to home.
April 9, 2019

Emma Barquilla

We waited over half an hour to drop off the car when we arrived at Heathrow as they used the excuse it was a busy time. This meant we had to wait in the busy arrivals area and I hope to not have received a ticket for this. Then when we returned I followed the instructions to call when we'd cleared customs and was told it would be a 20 minute wait. A bit frustrating as I had only called 5 minutes before the time I'd booked to pick up the car, however this would have been bearable. We actually waited 50 minutes with the same excuse that it was a busy time. This did not seem to be the case as the airport was practically empty as was the drop off area. I had to call a number of times for information and to remind them I had a young infant with me. Very unprofessional.
January 1, 2019

Saurabh Arora

While on the way to the airport I called the number provided on many occasions as directed in the instructions to call 20-30 min prior to arrival. There was no answer for one attempt and other attempts just went into phone coming engaged! Its only a mobile number provided and nothing else. After 20 min when we reached Heathrow got a call from the same number asking if we are coming or not, I am already here so was told that we will have to wait for 30 min and that because we didn't call in advance I will have to pay for the parking ticket! and all of this was said very rudely. I explained that why should I have to pay for the parking when I have been trying to call since so long!? to which I was told they got no such calls and when asked to check his phone he said yes he only got 1 missed call??? I was told that they cant serve me and to look for other arrangements! that was a shock to the start of our holiday.Anyway, decided that I will pay the parking I enquired that hope the car will remain OK when we come back (a genuine concern after the treatment and unprofessional) to which I was straight away told that they cant serve me and to go look for another option somewhere else! and hung up the phone! I finally got to Heathrow meet and greet and managed to book with them at the airport for a higher price but they were courteous and very helpful. After I booked Heathrow one I got a call from another mobile saying its the driver and that he is there to take the car, to which I told him that your colleague asked us to go f ourselves with no customer service I have already booked elsewhere as directed too. He just hung up too.. (btw I have call recordings for both these conversations) Now, to me it seems the driver was sent so they don't have to refund the money too saying that they sent the driver and as its a small company operating from a mobile phone wont have call centre recording equipment to record calls at their end so they can get away with whatever they want. Please Please Please stay away from this company at all costs! Its cheap for a reason. Look elsewhere as the voice over the phone said too. Listen to them in advance!
July 29, 2018

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Caroline Eggleston

the worst service ever. Kept waiting for 1.5 hours for car to be delivered
November 7, 2017

Joe whybrow

Good value for money... if they got things right. On arrival we did as per instructions and went to short stay car park, followed signs for off airport parking and parked in row A. The chauffeur then finally arrived 15 minutes later after a few phone calls back and forth as she’d been inside getting a coffee. After getting annoyed “we weren’t where we were supposed to be” and hanging up on us she finally met us at the car. The first thing she said was that we had came to the wrong place so we now had to pay for the parking ticket... that’s 4 pounds so I’m guessing we’ve just paid for her coffee, as it’s not really our fault we’ve been sat waiting where we were directed to go. Anyway, no problem, let’s pay and get on our holiday!.. on return we were told to go to where we left the car originally and it would be 5-10 minutes. So we go there and wait 20 minutes... I then call them to ask where our car is and they tell me it’s been waiting for 20 minutes at the drop off zone! And nobody thought to call to let us know?! You really do need to make all instructions clearer. Change the instructions that you email to us and those that are on the internet. Please do feel free to email me and I will forward you the photos of the instructions we were provided. I hope that this feedback improves things for future customers as like I say, it really does seem good value for money.
October 30, 2017

Dr G Mckenzie

Drop off and pick up was easy and friendly. Car was completely undamaged, and tracker shows it to have been driven sensibly. Very happy.
May 2, 2017

Pat Brunton

Goo efficient service. Excellent value for money, would certainly use again
November 9, 2012

Rachel Verghese

Great service. Very quick pick up and equally as quick to meet us! Within 20 minutes as they said. Would definately use again!
October 29, 2012