Heathrow Good To Go Meet & Greet reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Heathrow Good To Go Meet & Greet

Philip Young

We have used other Meet & Greet services with no problems but picked this one because it was cheapest... as with everything you get what you pay for. We have actually used Good to Go three times in 2017 with exactly the same experience each time, but never again. We have never found anyone at the desk either going or returning. There is just a very small desk with a mobile number printed on the top surface and facing the wrong way. It is rare that anyone answers without ringing half a dozen times, and when they do it is impossible to hear what is being said because of the lousy reception inside the carpark. A couple of times we have had to go off round the multistorey carpark looking for the office because the phone just didn't work. NOT something you want to do if running late for a flight, or feeling tired after a long return flight. They appear not to have understood that they advertise it as a MEET & Greet service and do not understand the meaning of the word MEET ( the Greet bit isn't great either!).
October 25, 2017

J Taylor

Good service apart from extremely poor sign posting from within terminal 2 short term parking needs to be improved as reception is virtually hidden from clients all it needed was a bold plaque outside reception!
October 21, 2017

Stuart Ross

Left our car for parking at Heathrow Terminal 2. Upon collection we noticed a scratch on the side of the car covering paintwork and the lights. The staff at Heathrow agreed there was a scratch which was not there when the car was dropped off. A claim form was submitted. Good to Go Meet and Greet followed this with a letter saying they had conducted an investigation and the scratches had clearly occurred when the car was parked and not when it was being driven by them. They suggest we contact our insurers!
August 20, 2017

David Jones

Excellent service and very flexible to accommodate our changing travel plans
July 10, 2017

Mr Libor

Cheaper than the rest by identical if not better service than I've had before - picked up and returned within minutes or calling.
April 9, 2017

T Fagg

Good helpful staff. Easy instructions re drop off and collect Other firms had staff there all the time. I rang to say that I was leaving the baggage hall but I was asked to call again when I arrived at Level 2. So 5 minutes later I called again!!!! Why?
April 9, 2017

T Crockford

Everything worked fine. We were expected and instructions were clear and accurate. Only tricky thing was spotting the check in desk inside the lift area in the corner. Our car was waiting for us when we returned and was in good condition. Would use this service again.
April 2, 2017

N Hutchinson

There was no-one to meet, let alone greet me on arrival and a competitor representative had to suggest to me that I ring the company. To be fair, someone then turned up within 2 or 3 minutes and everything was dealt with efficiently after that. My car was waiting for me to pick up after my return flight as promised.
March 28, 2017

Tzvetan Nikov

Very good and fast service. Both, on the way in and out of the car park. Recommend it!
March 18, 2017

Ms Sally Dore

The Terminal 5 car park, where one leaves the car, is a really confusing place, with a couple of points shere idfferent lanes lead you to different sections. If you get in the wrong lane, you end up not being able to access the right level (luckily if you have to go out of the car park and round to try again, you do not pay for such a short time in the car park). The key is, once you enter the Short Term Car Park forecourt area before the barriers, stay to the left. Otherwise the service worked very smoothly, and it is easy to cross to the terminal building.
March 14, 2017

Gordon Smith

First class service. A parking attendant was waiting for us both on departure and arrivals. Very pleasant and efficient service.
March 6, 2017

Ms |fiander

Brilliant service very easy. I would definitely use this service again.
February 25, 2017

Mr Grimstead

I am very impressed with the service I have received. Directions were very clear and there was no need to ring before arrival. Parking was a breeze, drove onto level 4 where the company reps were waiting by the stand which was right by the lift. Checked car over, signed paperwork and gave key over. Down the lift straight into departures which was great due to us being a party of 5 with 5 cases. On return, again no need to call on landing returned to same place on level 4, went to small office next to lift, handed over paperwork and collected key and ticket for barrier and then directed to the car on next row. Staff were great. Couldn't have gone smoother and highly recommended
February 24, 2017

Mr Davies

Well organised, and great service. Was pleased with the price as it worked out cheaper than public transport, and obviously more convenient. Would use again.
February 22, 2017

Mr Olembo

Good,Professional,straight forward parking,definitely will use the again
February 22, 2017

Mr Harrison

Very good value meet and greet. There's a slight delay contacting the company when you arrive at the airport, but no major problem. Pick up on return was easy.
February 21, 2017

Mr Butcher

An absolutely brilliant and well organised price competitive service which I will use again. Thank you.
February 19, 2017

Mr Wilbourn

Great service - especially collecting my car!
February 15, 2017

A Curci

Very smooth and easy. No need for phone calls so it made this part of the trip painless!
February 6, 2017

Mr Maunsell

Brilliant service at a fraction of the cost. Very good system that has you door to door only a few paces from the airport. Worked out cheaper than most other companies' shuttle services. Only 1 mile on the clock and car returned exactly as I left it. Will definitely use again.
February 5, 2017