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Aman chungh

Returned from holiday to be told car had sustained punctured tyre since being moved from Gatwick short stay to their off site car park. They were not happy to replace tyre with like for like but happy to replace with tyre one fifth the price. We agreed to pay for like for like with a view to claiming compensation, the management arranged for tyre fitters to come out, we waited a further hour only to then be told they had not been able to get the tyre they said they would fit. We were then left to hunt down our own supplier and fitter of the tyre the following day. Have since discovered Gatwick car park had attempted retrieval of the car the day before we were arriving and the puncture was noticed then. Unfortunately we were not informed, had we been, arranging next day fitting of the tyre would have been relatively straightforward, rather than same day. It would have saved us over 3 hours in the car park and we could have driven our car out upon arrival from holiday. We have also been informed by one of the members of staff at the car park that our car was driven by a driver who had come to England only 4 weeks ago with no previous driving experience. This is commonplace. Essentially we left our car in very inexperienced hands. Damage came to the car as a result. The car park outright refused to repair the car like for like and created 24 hours of stress for us post-holiday. T&C’s and legislation clearly state the car to have been under the responsibility of Empark and they are fully liable for repair. DO NOT USE GATWICK PARKING!
August 17, 2018

George Paterson

Really poor service. I've never known a valet service where you have to park your own car and then pick up your own car. There was a queue when we arrived to hand over the keys, which, if you're tight for time would be unexpected considering it's a 'valet' service. When we returned we were given directions to our parked car, to a row which no longer existed. The map we were provided was out of date. It ended up taking longer than had we just parked it ourselves Summary: Rip-off
June 20, 2018

Lucy richardson

After returning home on a 10hour night flight and being awake for over 24hours, we picked up the car with ease. When my partner was geting in the drivers seat he noticed a cigarette butt in footwell. I said its prob just of there shoe and they didnt notice so we drove off eager to get the 2 and half hour drive over with. On our way home about a hour in i notice the leather on the gearstick had two cigarette burns in. We dont smoke and take care of the car, having it cleaned the day we left. We know this wasnt us, but as we had already left the car park they take no responsibility for this. We didnt think after such a long time traveling to check the car over before we left. I advise everyone to do this if there going to leave there car here. They obviously dont have any respect and will do what they want in your cars.
May 1, 2018

Amanda Ford

Fantastic customer service and very friendly! This company came to our rescue when another company let us down. Very helpful, knowledgeable and certainly reliable! Thank you so much!
August 11, 2017

Mrs R Hull

Being able to drive into the short stay, drop our car off and go on holiday with no hassle of catching buses etc was wonderful. The service was fast and friendly. The pick up couldn't have been speedier - walking through the airport to the short stay without having to bother with lifts and things, getting our keys within 5 minutes of entering the office and on our way home - one word - perfection.
October 15, 2015

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Mr K Kilhams

Very easy to park fast service and car ready and waiting when we returned Will defo use them again
October 13, 2015

Mr P Evans

All went very smoothly and quickly at both arrival and departure, very efficient.
October 12, 2015

Philip Marsden

Couldn't have been easier. No waiting either on departure or arrival. Will definitely use again.
September 28, 2015

Mr R Down

Best parking ever
September 20, 2015

Mr D Pollard

The whole leaving and collection process was flawless. Didn't even have to cope with any escalators! Would highly recommend this company and it will be my default setting for future bookings. Well done.
September 14, 2015