Edinburgh Quality Parking reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Edinburgh Quality Parking

M. F.

Great service!!! Thanks a lot.
November 20, 2012

D N Chalmers

Generally was very good and transfers were very timely. However, would have appreciated some help from the driver with heavy cases on the return trip.
May 7, 2012

A. Choptiak

Trouble-free. A bit dearer than some other options but I prefer self-parking to having others play 'chess' with my car. But, the park is busy, with little space between cars. The bus could have been a bit quicker on arrival back at the airport. Overall, a reassuring experience. Would use again.
April 8, 2012

Margaret Gwen Dryden

On arriving at the FHP Car Park My name was on the machine as you drive in (I was impressed by the accuracy as I was a bit early to say the least. I found a parking space and parked the car and I was only 25 yards from the bus stop and the driver saw me getting my bag out of the boot of the car and waited for me (very kind) We then had a trip round the car park to go to the airport and when I arrived there I had to ask the driver which number I ought to look for on my return and he very kindly told me that it was 6. I had been in such a hurry to catch the bus that I didn't pay attention to remembering the stance number. On my return I caught the bus and was very aprehensive about where I had parked the car but when the bus arrived I was so glad it was the gentleman who had been driving the bus when I was departing Edinburgh. The gentleman was really kind and helped me get my luggage off the car and my car was just a few yards away from the bus stop. Full marks for the excellent service I will be very willing to tell anyone how good the service was.
January 4, 2012

Elizabeth McLean

Everything ran smoothly and very speedy. Bus to ourselves on way out, packed on return. Both were excellent. Good directions to park and short bus ride to airport.
October 23, 2011

Colin Craw

Very slick operation
September 19, 2011

Elizabeth Anne Baird

Really good service - easy to find, plenty of spaces, quick pick up at both ends.
August 30, 2011

John Swanson

Absolutely no problems, everything went very smoothly
August 26, 2011


very happy with this car park.will definately use again
June 19, 2011

Alastair Naismith

Easy to book, easy to access, close to terminal. No problems. Would book again.
June 6, 2011

Linda Martin

Straightforward and easy to book. Simple and easy to use upon arrival. Excellent value for money.
May 4, 2011

Richard Carr

A change to the procedure when I was last here but still excellent - I found my own parking space some distance from the entry but very close to one of the internal "bus stops". The transit bus was along within a few minutes and it was just as efficient on my return. I suggest the arrival/departure system might be explained briefy on the booking confirmation as some customers might not be aware of how to proceed.
October 31, 2010

Cynthia Black

Handy for the airport. Just drop off car keys. A courtesy coach takes you to the airport, another one picks you up on your return and drops you off at your car. Couldn't be easier.
October 7, 2010

Graham Rennie

Not good, had to wait along time for the bus.(two buses arrived for NCP while we waited)Then we got Jenson Button for a driver what an experience, his english was very poor he did not know where my car was and could not find the keys. Travel every week and will not use again.
March 29, 2010

Ginette Ashley

Good Day, I make use of Essential Travel on a regular basis purley as I like to park my vehicle at Quality Parking. The organised process from checking in my vehicle to obtaining a bus to the airport and being picked up timeously on my return and taken back to my vehicle. In terms of cost I find it affordable and in line with most other long term parking facilitators. The price has raised slightly over the past year I have made use of the Quality Parking but in general I am happy with the service I receive and I know my vehicle is safe from theft or vandalism. I will definately be using the facilities on a regualr basis. Kind regards Ginette Ashley
March 22, 2010

Alastair Matthews

Close to airport, efficient drop off and little time to wait for bus on departure. On arrival back, again little wait and you are dropped off at your car. Cars of those arriving back at the same time are generally parked together which helps.
February 18, 2010

David Macpherson

I have used Edinburgh Quality park before and would recommend to anybody wanting to use a swift, hassle free service then to book with the abovementioned Service.
September 29, 2009

Saima Shah

Very handy and easy to use. Good price, i always use it when flying.
September 29, 2009


Tis is the third time I have used the Edinburgh Quality parking and find it to be completely satisfactory. There is hardly any waiting around as there is always a bus there within at the most five minutes. Coming back you are dropped off next to your car so no heavy suitacases to carry any distance. We had a friend with us this year who uses another airport parking when going on holiday but was so impressed with Edinburgh Quality Parking that they will be using them hte next time.
September 29, 2009

Helen Sibbald

This is a brilliant service and I can't fault it at all. I have used this parking service a few times, and I wouldn't consider doing parking any other way if I was flying out of Edinburgh. Thank you, keep up the good work!
September 25, 2009