Edinburgh Plane Parking reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Edinburgh Plane Parking

Gil Clelland

My holiday to Austria was cancelled at short notice. I contacted Plane Parking who gave me an email address for me to request a credit note. The person tried to divert me on to someone else... previously I have had some great experience at Plane Parking including value for money but this far it’s not been one of them. I’m hoping that you may assist in recovering the situation. Gil Clelland
March 21, 2020

raymond scott

Found the parking no problem with the directions came home but had difficulty getting out the barrier had to phone and get my ticket validated I had prepaid so thought it should have been straight forward
December 29, 2019

doreen donald

Very easy to use. No problem. Will use again
December 17, 2019

W Campbell

SP19SJU left for 10 days, first time used plane parking in new location, on trying to exit last night 1730 ish unable to exit, fellow in other lane had same problem but at least his call button worked my exit on LHS didn't, eventually got some action and retrieved ticket, the machine. Indicated it wanted to charge £144, this technology needs to get sorted out. A So think you could do with another bus stop near the exit barriers.
December 14, 2019

Mark Watt

Really superb, friendly drivers and a great price, quick transfer and easy to use. I would definitely recommend.
December 1, 2019

Bill Brash

Easy to find and close to airport so transfer quick.
November 30, 2019

michael crichton

first class service easy to find easy to use, will def use again
November 29, 2019

Paul Cannon

Easy service to use, bus took us to the airport and back without any delays, and it couldn't have been better. Great value and very close to the airport so I will definitely use this again.
November 20, 2019

George Verhaere

Excellent service and location
November 19, 2019

Frank Cook

Very easy to park and get to the terminal . Spot on
November 15, 2019

Mark Mckinnon

Second time I have used this site and will in future
November 8, 2019

Stuart Cameron

Good price. Very easy entry and exit with number plate recognition. Good transfer bus service.
November 5, 2019


Impossible to find as Google maps was wrong. Non existant customer service
November 3, 2019

Marianne McGaharon

Very efficient bus service and kind and cheery drivers.
November 2, 2019

Christopher colquhoun

Good value, follow the signs and you won’t get lost. Not very close to airport but close enough. Allow time to walk to the 2 collection points in the car park. Bus service was 5-8 mins to main airport. Only had to wait a few minutes for the shuttle bus. Would use again. Seems secure enough but no on site security, but well light and had cctv with good high fence.
October 31, 2019

David Howes

All fine which is what I would EXPECT of course. However I’d point out the following: Car park had moved-there were signs up on arrival. However this could have been communicated better prior to our leaving home. Accurate sat nav location, map link etc are all really important, especially if you’re arriving late at night and in rain. Bus driver did pick us up by the car and explained he’d have to drop us at the stop on return. I can see the point when it’s busy as the bus would forever be stopping, but we were the only passengers on arrival back and again it was cold, dark and raining. Is it really necessary to enforce this so strictly? Finally, I tried to change the booking a few days before we left. No contact details for Plane Parking were available so I eventually got hold of SkyPark. They took days to respond, by which time we were abroad. I was trying to change the pick up time. We got round it ourselves however, but some sort of contact direct with the car park not the parking agent would be good.
October 18, 2019

Rhoda Burke

Signs not clear and on return a group of people contacted for transport link to let them know we were waiting. 25 minute wait.
October 17, 2019


Now relocated from spot adjacent to official long stay park, so not quite as convenient, but still comparable with other on site providers (by which I mean ones on airport side of A8). Busses were very prompt in both directions (and return was at 0130). Now has a long , thin parking layout, with entrance/exit at one end. Driver on the first leg spotted us and picked us up near our car, saving a 100m walk with luggage back to nearest stop . Return driver failed to give rational explanation as to why the pick up driver could pick up anywhere but he, as set down driver, could not. My suggestion would be to use a few parking spaces and make a stop immediately after the barrier. Location a bit exposed to wind & rain - are you going to grow some hedging next year?
October 16, 2019

Elaine Gribbin

Parking was easy drop off right at the airport return to Edinburgh Airport was great bus waiting for us
October 8, 2019

David Mc

Have used this service hassle free before, however, this time wasn't great. Booked a space only to find the car park was full when we arrived and there was a sign directing us to another car park. We eventually parked there but when we were leaving they attempted to charge us £120. This then entailed us having to contact the on duty worker to get this overridden. If you aren't going to be able to honour your customers bookings in the right car park at least contact the one you're sending people to go let them know the customers are coming!! Surely that's just common sense?
October 1, 2019