EDI Parking Long Stay reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about EDI Parking Long Stay


Good Straight forward Disappointed someone scratched the car on reversing But not your fault
October 13, 2019

Derek Birse

I’ve used this car park for the past 5 years and found everything to my satisfaction.
September 13, 2019


We travelled up from Newcastle to park our car as car hire was closed flight didn’t arrive in until 1.30am, cheap easy to find and easy to get in and out , free bus to airport which took all of 2mind could of walked
August 30, 2019

Jonathan Brown

I entered the post code into my sat nav and took me to a completely different place on the other side of the terminal.. someone helped me find a postcode closer to where I needed to be.. At this point it was 9pm and when I eventually got to the car park it was 9.15..my flight was at 10 pm.. I must admit I don’t use long stay car parks much but when I got there I had no idea what to do.. unfortunately there was no one around to ask and at this point I was starting to get a bit frustrated by it all.. tried to phone the contact number but no joy with that.. Decided to just leave the car and go which is probably what your supposed to do.. reception was closed and was totally unsure what to do.. I waited about 15 mins for a shuttle bus which was supposed to be available but now I was in a complete rush.. it was about 9.35 and had to run to the terminal which in the dark wasn’t that easy as my sense of direction isn’t great.. I also suffer from sciatica and the whole experience was not very enjoyable.. on my return I just walked to the car park as I wasn’t sure where to get the bus as I never got dropped of by one.. Had a bit of bother with that as again my sense of direction played a part and I approached it from another direction.. I did get there in the end but that was my fault really for walking.. Was not sure what was going to happen on leaving the car park but as I drove toward barrier it went straight up and along with the car being safe while I was away I increased the score to a 3..
August 23, 2019

Grace Brown

Booked this parking on non amendable then three weeks before my holiday got told my return flight was going to Glasgow instead.Phoned up didn’t catch the guys name but he was helpful and put my mind at ease.
July 22, 2019

Ruth McComish

Very stressful trying to locate the car park - maybe a decent LARGE sign would help? The bus service was very good and punctual, with lots of storage space for luggage. On leaving the car park, the machine requested £260! However I spoke to a very nice chap and after confirming my registration number (which was used to book and pay for the parking in advance) he lifted the barrier without me having to pay or argue my case. I would use the car park again (now I know how to find it).
July 19, 2019

Jacqueline MacDonald

Ideally situated and bus was waiting when we came out of airport
July 13, 2019

George Hudspith

Excellent parking service
July 9, 2019

Susan Sands

Great Location and easy to find, hassle free airport parking. Reasonable priced. So easy, park car and pick up bus to airport. Bus quick to pick up on return journey. Again, no hassle on return, dropped off at bus stop, straight into car and away again. Would definately recommend and will use again for my next trip.
May 25, 2019

Alan Duncan

We ended up parked in wrong car par; could not find the one we booked so after already paying for the use of your car park, we ended up paying £128 to NCP.
April 25, 2019

Angela Brown

Brilliant, hassle free airport parking. Parked car. Jumped in bus to airport, hardly any wait at all. Bus quick to pick up on return journey. Dropped off at bus stop, right into car and away again. Would definately recommend. No problems whatsoever. Hassle free.
April 18, 2019

Raed Alzahrani

excellent location and worth its value
April 8, 2019

Chris Menday

The long stay parking was very easy to book . And it is mainly hassle free when arriving and collecting car. The only issue I have had is if your flight back is delayed, it can cost you more than the fixed price you have already paid. This issue is out of your control
February 18, 2019

Hugh Lyall

I used this car park last year for two weeks. Prebooked and prepaid. When I arrived, the gate did not open (on number plate recognition) until I took a ticket. The car park was full and double parked everywhere. On my return at 11 pm two weeks later the gate wanted £275 to allow me out and there were no attendants. Only one of the three out gates has a help button. I had to back up causing all sorts of problems and go the the other gate. The guy said I was probably in the wrong carpark. I gave him my Number plate and that didn't help either. Very surly with it. After about 1 hour of arriving at the car park I finally got out. My son recently had the same problem. NEVER AGAIN.
October 28, 2018

Grant Richardson

The post code for the car park sent me to the industrial estate behind the airport. I was tight on time so that threw me into a tailspin. I noticed another car that also sped off in from of me, so suspect they suffered the same. Luckily it was very early morning so no traffic, otgerwise that could have been a costly mistake. Once I found it however, everything else was plain sailing with prompt pick-up and drop-offs.
August 31, 2018

Anne Mcinnes

Everything went smoothly until exiting car park. When I inserted my ticket it said that I had a large amount to pay although I was prepaid. Phoned for assistance and person at other end asked for my reference number and thankfully I was able to exit, It was an inconvenience but was quickly resolved
August 13, 2018

Krystal Dawson

No issues. Found it easily with directions that had been sent through prior to my journey down from Aberdeen. A short walk from the terminal. Would use it again.
July 31, 2018

Keith Harvey

Easy to find and east transport to and from the terminal. Very good service at a reasonable price.
July 21, 2018

Mrs Natalie Wilson

When my elderly husband & I returned from Faro on Thursday 14 June we were told we had to walk to the long stay car park from the Airport terminal with all our luggage due to an accident on the tram line which happened the previous evening. Although I know these things happen, there should have been sufficient measures put in place to make the transition more efficient. On returning eventually to our car, we had no idea how to exit the car park to be going round in full circles for 10 minutes to finally stop a road worker to be advised we had to follow the transit van to be escorted off the site on to the correct route. Absoluately disgraceful to be expected to just walk back with your luggage with no assistance offered nor have sufficient diversions in place to advise where and where not to go! The very least I would be expecting a full refund.
June 19, 2018

S Reilly

When the car park was closed there was noone to direct people to the right car park, though there were loads of police standing there who didnt know what to do other than tell cars they couldnt get in. If one person was telling cars exactly where to go it would have been so much more helpful. I was just told to go and find another car park and drove around for half an hour to find that the car park i needed to go to was so much closer. I kn9w there were priorities to consider but there were lots of people standing around that could have been much more useful.
June 19, 2018