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"On arrival , the entry procedure was quick and efficient. However there were not many empty parking spaces available. Only a short walk to the terminal which was the main reason I booked this option. On returning the exit process to significantly longer than expected and incoming cars were unable to find parking spaces. This was due to the storm which had hit earlier in the day causing traffic disruption on the approaches to the airport. Although not the fault of EDI Parking, it would have been beneficial if some staff were available in the parking areas to assist drivers in finding spaces."

June 15, 2018

"We arrived at the car park on the 11th of May at 12pm it took us well over half an hour of driving around until we eventually found a parking space. Did think that the fact we had pre paid there would have a been a space for us."

May 21, 2018

"Payed upfront for my parking but was charged £9.90 to get my car out of carpark. What a con!"

May 16, 2018

"Couldn't find a blue badge space. A few were blocked off and the rest were all taken. So I struggled to get in and out of car unable to open door fully.
This hasn't happened at Glasgow Airport where they have many more disabled spaces."

May 14, 2018

"Booking was easy, entrance in to the carpark was good with plenty of direction signage, good value for money and the walk from the carpark to the main terminal building was good."

May 13, 2018

"All worked smoothly. It was good to get the rate later than it was offered on the Edinburgh Airport parking website."

July 17, 2017

"Booking easy and instructions clear. Only point was instructions said, on exit the barrier would open as it would read number plate.
This did not happen and I had a short delay until I found my ticket and this delayed people behind."

May 27, 2017

"Very easy to find.
We left the car for 5 days feeling reassured that the car was in a safe location and we were not wrong.
Once back the car was easy to find and with pre paying for the car we didn't have to hang around the pay stations and were on our way home in no time .
Would recommend this highly. I will definitely be using this car park from now on."

May 17, 2017

"So simple to use-stress free parking just a short walk to the terminal. Also very good value considering the additional stress involved compared to using the off site ones."

May 14, 2017

"This was fantastic parking from the easy booking website (probably the easiest thing I've ever booked) to the good parking instructions and directions. The price was excellent. I will definitely use again and absolutely recommend you. The only problem which was easily fixed was the barrier didn't lift to let me out at the exit as expected at the end. This was efficiently fixed as all I did was pressed the buzzer and gave my ref number to someone. Perhaps a slight panicky moment but as I said fixed without a problem. I will definitely use you again. Thankyou"

January 28, 2017

"Very straight forward just remember you need your ticket to exit the car park( the one you get when you go into the car park). I thought my number plate would be recognised to let the barrier up but I had to put my ticket in the machine to get the barrier to go up. Lucky it was close at hand In the car."

January 13, 2017

"I found a space on the surface near the terminal building and in exit I had no trouble getting out.
Good experience for once.
I would use it again."

November 25, 2016

"Easy to book
Good Price
Easy to access and exit
Overall great service"

October 29, 2016

"Excellent service. Everything went smoothly. So convenient to be parked close to airport entrance. Highly recommend"

October 14, 2016

"Everything went very smoothly from dropping the car off on the outward journey and the same when collecting it on my return."

September 27, 2016

"Easy to book, a great price and everything went really smoothly at the airport. Would certainly use Purple Parking again."

August 19, 2016

"Although on exit it tried to charge me £ 450, I pressed the intercom and a very helpful man just asked for my booking number and problem solved,very easy."

June 30, 2016

"Very good and went as smooth as possible
Will use again if the price is right
Would recommend highly."

May 17, 2016

"Brilliant service. When entering carpark my reg number was recognised right away and my name displayed on screen. When leaving there wasn't a hitch. This service will make me pick Edinburgh airport over Glasgow now as I haven't heard of this service within walking distance of terminal at Glasgow airport. BRILLIANT"

March 25, 2016

"Easy, efficient and good value."

February 26, 2016

"Terrible, I was one day late in returning after 13 days away. For the extra day I was charged 29 uk pounds, while the first 13 days a was £ 65 . Why oh why not charge me a reasonable fee for the extra day and not gouging rate ?"

October 23, 2015

"Very positive experienc once again"

October 16, 2015


October 15, 2015

"Right next to the terminal, I thought this would be the perfect parking space, but when I returned my car was damaged with which appeared to be a car door opening against my car several times. Not good. I have reported this to the car park, but no reply as yet."

September 21, 2015

"Too expensive"

September 18, 2015

"Easy, hassle free parking. No problem at all."

September 8, 2015

"Excellent, no hassle, quick and easy from start to finish! Other airports need to pull their socks up and follow this example!"

April 13, 2015

"The Terminal Surface Parking was excellent and the instructions were very clear. Number plate recognition worked perfectly. I just wish it had been a little cheaper!"

February 17, 2015

"All good except automatic exit not recognized!"

January 9, 2015

"All went perfectly thanks"

December 22, 2014