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Mrs J Butler

My daughter and I recently had a short break to Barcelona and decided to use your company for our airport parking in the multi-storey at Edinburgh Airport. I am so glad I did. Parking was so easy and stress free and the fast track was brilliant. I will definitely use you again and will recommend you to my friends and family. ?? ????
May 31, 2018

Helen Mcewan

Really straight up and no issues with the barrier which I have had with other services. Fast track was brilliant too
October 11, 2017

Stewart Mccarte

Excellent! A super fast way to check in with hand luggage only but not sure of procedure if you have cases . However, would definitely use this again .
September 26, 2017

S Mcrobb

Usually park in the surrounding car parks and get a bus in to the airport, however, when booking there wasn't a great deal of difference in cost and I will now park here in future as I appreciated the ease of the parking straight to and from terminal and no hanging around for a bus. i also had an issue with my car the night before and had to swap vehicles and this was all taken care of over the phone direct with the staff at Edinburgh Airport Car Parking. Thank god.
September 17, 2017

Kevin Dear

Excellent straight in and out again x
June 2, 2017

Mr J Crawford

All aspects of directions, access and leaving the car park were accurate and excellent allowing for a swift and efficient parking experience. This must be about the only feature of Edinburgh Airport that works at the moment.
February 11, 2017

Mrs A Gibson

No probs until leaving car park, when entered the parking ticket, machine asked for £810 :( However quickly sorted by seeking assistance, but had to open boot of car to get out the paperwork, fiddly and annoying, however would use service again, GREAT value for money. Thanks
January 16, 2017

Mr Rankin

Went well, thanks.
November 11, 2016

Mr Muhammad Sohail

This was a best deal and excellent parking i ever find in UK. Thanks Purple parking.
November 8, 2016

Mrs Thomson

Simple and quick , just what you need when travelling
November 4, 2016

Mrs J Gillies

Had to use intercom on arrival and exit but other than that would use again
October 21, 2016

Mr Stephen Loughlin

Excellent value, very easy and straightforward experience, parked safely as close to terminal as possible. Will definitely use again.
October 17, 2016

Mr Cordner

Had a bit of hassle on way out as the barrier was trying to charge me even though I had booked the carpark. Was all resolved in a couple of minutes when I gave my reference number.
October 1, 2016

Mr Carrigan

The signs to make sure you go to the Mult-Story could be better. I could see the building but wasn't sure what lane to be in when entering. I was panicking that I'd go into the wrong entry and end up in the wrong place. When leaving the system didn't recognise my number plate and I was being told I would be charged at normal day rate and not the special rate I'd got. A buzz on the exit barrier and eventually this got sorted out. It was an anxious few minutes when I thought I'd been in the wrong parking place.
September 13, 2016

Mr Ian Macmillan

very good service. ease of entry and straight through fast track security.
September 7, 2016

Mr J Blackwood

first class
April 11, 2016

Mrs A Gibson

Excellent value for money. Customer service were quick to make some minor changes to my booking. Will certainly use again
April 4, 2016

Mr H Stevenson

Everything went smoothly both arriving and leaving the airport. It was easy to access and quick to leave. Very convenient and reasonably priced.
March 22, 2016

Mr I Ferguson

Good, safe parking. Pain-free entry and exit, good, regular communication with company. I would recommend and use again.
November 8, 2015

Mr N Nur

Very easy to book online and make the payment. No problems in accessing the parking space and exiting it. I would use this service again, and recommend it to everyone who needs to get a worry-free service.
October 21, 2015

Ms Aitken

On entry to the multi story car park our registration was not recognised to issue ticket. Pressed the button for assistance when asked for our ref I was told it was for surface parking. The booking was made for the multi and paperwork confirmed this. Issued a ticket for entry but was told probably need to pay additional fee. When I parked the car I double checked with the customer service he said any problem on exit on our return press for assist ance. On exit from the car park the machine said we had to pay over £650. Again called for assistance after going through everything again the barrier was lifted for exit. Won't use again as the last thing you need after an early long haul flight is all this hassle.
October 19, 2015

Mrs J Findlay

Easiest parking. After a holiday, be it enjoyable or stressful, the last thing I want to do us stand around with loads of people waiting for a bus to take me to wherever I have parked my car. I want to walk across the road, stick my parking ticket into the machine and get my exit ticket and this is exactly what you get. Why skimp on parking, after all it is still part of your holiday after all.
October 1, 2015

Mr Crawford

Good parking deal at Edinburgh airport parking at the multi storey car park. Can't park closer to airport! Good prepaid deal but nearly had a heart attack on leaving car park when advised I had to pay £740!!! Quickly sorted by speaking to office!!
September 14, 2015

Mr Wright

Booking was easy. Location was perfect. Price was high but it provided what I wanted. HOWEVER. When I returned and entered my card in the machine for checkout I was horrified to be asked to pay £260.00. Using the Assistance button reassured me that if I proceeded to the exit I would not be charged. At the exit I was still being asked to pay £260.00. Using the Assistance button I was allowed to leave but only after quoting my Booking Reference Number. Your instructions for using this carpark were not good. Days before using the carpark I contacted your staff about this very matter. I was told that Automatic Number Plate Recognition would ensure that there would be no problems. The ANPR worked on entry as my ticket had my car's registration number printed on it. Your instructions (and my own intelligence) should have told me not to present my ticket at the pay point, because ANPR DOESN'T HAPPEN THERE! However, it also didn't work at the exit point either. So warn your customers that it is essential to know their booking reference number in order to get out of the car park!
September 9, 2015

Michael kibaris

Having arrived at the fast track entrance to find it locked and unattended put a dumper on what was an otherwise trouble-free experience.
September 7, 2015

Mr Minhinick

Usually travel to Edinburgh Airport via the 747 bus from Ferrytoll but used the car park because of an early morning flight. Price better than using a taxi. Automatic exit using number plate recognition was easy, the most difficulty was finding the correct entrance given the less than helpful airport signs.
September 5, 2015

Graeme Hector

All went according to plan and good price
September 2, 2015

Mr Dransfield

The site was easy to use and the cost of parking was competitive. Only one minor issue. We stayed in the Edinburgh multi story, the instruction on exit were to just insert the ticket into machine by the barrier and the barrier will raise, if not press button for assistance. When we put ticket in machine it indicated amount due was £900!! This was a bit of a concern, however when we pressed for assistance and quoted our ref number there was no problem and the barrier was raised. I would suggest that the exit instructions should be changed to warn drivers that this will happen.
August 29, 2015

Mr Morton

More signs on floor levels are required, also when I came to leave the machine told me we were due to pay £340, person on end of buzzer sorted but should not have happened
August 16, 2015

James Hamilton

No problems, you park the car get in the lift, down 2 floors and walk across to the checkin desk, what could be easier.
August 11, 2015