8 reasons why you should try a cruise

  • 15 Jan, 2020
  • Franki Napolitano
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Why you should try a cruise

Fancy a trip with a difference? One that allows you to see multiple countries, eat delicious food, face the elements and try new activities, yet still feel suave and sophisticated? This could be the year you book a cruise!

With more Gen Xs and millennials looking for a new way to holiday, cruise liners have really started to up their game to ensure they appeal to a wider range of prospective passengers. Just take a look at Royal Caribbean’s 2015 “Come Seek” promo video! 

Now before we begin, we’re aware of the perception that cruise holidays are best suited to the older generation, those with a bit more cash or without young children, but we want to dispel those myths and bring you 8 reasons why a cruise should be on your holiday horizon.

Great value for money

Think about it; you’re away for 2 nights, sailing from Southampton to Bruges. You get a cute cabin, 3 meals a day, unlimited on board entertainment, plus you get a day in Belgium’s beautiful city; all for less than £200 per person! It makes for the perfect mini break, either with your significant other, friends or family.

Or how about 7 nights visiting multiple European destinations via a Mediterranean cruise, or 13 nights sailing across  the dazzling Caribbean, with all of the luxurious above? You can source deals for less than £500 and £1,000 per person respectively, so it’s a no brainer really..!

Family Friendly Fun

Much like you can with hotels, you can opt for adult only or family friendly cruises, too.

If a family break is what you’re planning, you can be rest assured there’s something to keep the whole brood entertained! Ships on the P&O fleet for example offer kids clubs for up to 17s,  they can organise family trips once you reach your destination and they even offer a babysitting service for 6 month – 4yr olds up until 2am; everyone’s a winner!

What’s more, as the family friendly ships offer cabins with up to 4 beds, friend groups could also take advantage of the extra bed space, saving you some money at the same time.
Why you should try a cruise

There’s so much room for activities!

Anyone that’s ever been on a cruise ship will tell you the same thing; there’s so much to do to keep everyone entertained, day or night.

Spend your days partaking in such tasks as cookery lessons, lounging by the pool, working up a sweat in the gym or on the sports deck, clearing your mind in a spa or simply admiring the views.  How about an evening or three of delicious food, top class entertainment, events and maybe even a spot of Blackjack at an onboard casino?

You can pack so much into your time, you needn’t be stuck for ideas.

Think of a ship as a floating hotel

‘Cos in essence, that’s what they are! Todays modern ships come with all of the home comforts you’d expect in a hotel; great restaurants with a choice of cuisine, satellite TV, the all important wi-fi and some even have duty free shopping facilities.

Couple that with daily housekeeping, friendly staff and a wide range of facilities available to use, it’s hard to not compare a ship to your favourite hotel.

What a package!

Not only do you get most of what we’ve mentioned above included in the price you pay, if you happen to be departing from another country, your flights can sometimes be  part of the package, too. That’s the great thing about a cruise holiday, you don’t have to do much in the way of planning, apart from how you’ll get to the airport if you’re flying. If your departure port happens to be local to you, like Dover for example, simply drive up and park at the port. Remember to book this in plenty of time to ensure you save money on your booking!

It can be eye opening

If your cruise is stopping in multiple cities as mentioned above, it can be a great way to immerse yourself in a multitude of cultures, see the sights and not have to worry about taking multiple flights. You may also get the chance to partake in various activities once ashore, with anything from camel rides, snorkelling, local food tours or craft workshops; the list is endless.

Why you should try a cruise

It’s not all deck-top dancing and sun loungers

With so many cruise liners available now, don’t think you can only choose from sailing around the crystal waters of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean (because that sounds terrible, doesn’t it?). Oh no. What about visiting the Arctic Circle? See the Norwegian Fjords, The Northern Lights, the rugged coastlines of Russia and Greenland or perhaps take the stress out of the festive season and sail off on a Christmas cruise.

The ships are evolving

Over the last few years, there has been a major push from the leading cruise liners to broaden the demographic of their passengers. The average age on board ranges from 42-50 depending on the type of cruise available so the cruise ships want to appeal more to millennials, without turning their ships into ‘Party Boats” and alienating their current, loyal customers. With this in mind, cruise ships now offer activities such as Yoga and Spin classes, on board rock climbing and even play host to popular live bands and DJ’s. Have a read of Lost at Sea, a blog offering more insight into how social media is influencing millennials to take to the seas.

See, we told you there was something for everyone!

Have you ever been on a cruise? What was your favourite part? If you haven’t been on one, what’s stopped you in the past? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Working in the travel industry has really opened my eyes to the attitudes, issues and obstacles people can face just trying to go on holiday. Whether it's due to their health, family situations or budgets, travel should be accessible for all. I cover everything from travelling with a disability to how to save money while you travel, hoping to make the holiday process easier for all.

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