What do the airport car park reviews say?

  • 03 Jan, 2014
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Car Park Reviews

We are all used to consulting Tripadvisor and the like when we are looking at hotels for a holiday or a restaurant for a night out, but what about when it comes to airport car parks? Is there a site that lets us see what other users have to say about their experience?

A quick search on the internet will bring up plenty of websites with reviews to read through. Many of them are of the anodyne variety, e.g. “does what it says on the tin” and “would use again”. However, when people go into more detail, what are the things we should be looking out for?

You will have noted the price when making the booking, so comments about value for money are hopefully academic. There are, however, various things that can prove very useful when taking the decision on where to park.

First of all, take note if users say they had trouble finding the car park, especially if you are using an off-site car park, which could be some way away from the airport. There is nothing worse than having a flight to catch and driving around the countryside or an industrial estate hunting for a poorly sign-posted car park. Read More

A List of UK Airports Arrivals / Departures Boards

  • 19 Dec, 2013
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International Airport Board Close-Up with Delayed Flights at UK Airports

With the busiest travel period approaching and severe weather forecasts suggesting there might be trouble, we thought it might be useful to provide our users with a full list of UK’s leading airports arrivals / departures boards. Come rain or shine, always check the arrivals / departures information before heading off to the airport, whether collecting an arriving guest or taking a flight yourself.

A-Z list of UK’s airport live flight information links

Aberdeen Airport Arrivals | Departures

Belfast International Live Flight Information

Birmingham Airport Arrivals | Departures

Blackpool Airport Live Flight Information 

Bournemouth Airport Live Flight Information

Bristol Airport Arrivals | Departures

Cardiff Airport Live Flight Information

East Midlands Airport Live Flight Information

Edinburgh Airport Arrivals | Departures

Exeter Airport Arrivals | Departures Read More

Top 5 Christmas Market Destinations

  • 16 Dec, 2013
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Mulled wine can often be found at Christmas market destinations

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us feel we could do with a sneaky weekend away to escape the stress of the Christmas shopping. Whether you feel like having a spot of winter sunshine or really getting into the Christmas mood by visiting of the best Christmas market destinations, make sure that if you are leaving your car at the airport you get the best possible rate by visiting our Airport Parking Shop.


There is no doubt about it: the Germans really know how to put on a Christmas Market and one of the best destinations is Berlin with no fewer than five major markets. Whether you prefer the traditional market, or the one with the outdoors ice-rink or fair, there is one to suit everybody.

A trip to Berlin would not, however, be complete without a spot of sightseeing. If museums are your thing, don’t miss a visit to Museum Island for its treasure trove of antiquities. If 20th century history is of more interest, you are going to love seeing the many sections of the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie.

Berlin has two airports, and between them they are served by flights from London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester.

If you plan on stuffing your suitcase full of Christmas goodies, to say nothing of the duty-free, which could help spread a little Christmas cheer, then taking your car to the airport definitely makes sense. Use the links above for the best possible rates. Read More

Top Destinations for Winter Sun

  • 11 Dec, 2013
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The weather is miserable, and many of us are feeling stressed by the Christmas shopping and the thought of feeding the masses over the festive period. So what could be better than planning an escape in the New Year? A spot of winter sunshine can work wonders and make spring seem less far away.

If you are lucky enough to be heading off to sunny climes, make sure you don’t pay over the odds for parking at the airport by using our Airport Parking Shop to make your booking.

Now, lets take a look at those Top Destinations for Winter Sun we mentioned…

The Canary Islands

Only a four-hour flight from the UK, the Canaries are probably the closest destination for sun-starved Brits to have almost guaranteed winter warmth. Of the various islands forming the Canaries, Gran Canaria is recognised as having the best climate. In fact, its capital, Las Palmas, has been ranked as the city with the best climate in the world by a leading climatologist.

The temptation when holidaying in the Canaries is just to lie on the beach or by the pool, moving only to enjoy a tapas lunch and a jug of sangria. But if you are the sporty type, there are ample opportunities for hiking, cycling, kite-surfing, wind-surfing and diving.

Las Palmas airport is well served by flights from: London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Birmingham and Manchester.

If you would rather spend your money on paella than parking, then click on the links above for great rates.


Unless you relish shade temperatures in the 40s, the best time of year to visit Dubai is in the winter. If you are a shopaholic, you will love this Emirate: huge malls and traditional souks offer everything from designer labels to gold, perfume and spices.

Even the most dedicated shopper needs a change now and then though, so you will be glad to know that as well as sunbathing on the beach you can visit water parks, zoos, cultural centres, museums, sports stadia or even go for a desert safari.

Flights to Dubai leave from: London Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester.

You may have fun haggling in the souks, wondering whether you have really got a bargain, but use our website to make sure you get the best rate for parking.

South Africa

The southern hemisphere in our winter offers great weather and there is no need to go all the way to the Antipodes to have a break from grey skies and freezing temperatures. South Africa is half the flying time and has become a popular destination for Brits seeking winter sunshine, particularly the Cape Town area. Read More

What is valet car parking?

  • 15 Nov, 2013
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Even though the definition varies slightly in various regions around the world, valet parking usually is a type of parking service that is provided by a commercial establishment (cinema, restaurant, club, airport etc.) that lets the car owner leave the vehicle at an entrance (or forecourt) to be parked and later retrieved on their behalf by the parking attendant (a valet).

This arrangement saves the customer some valuable time looking for a parking space, and then walking back / getting back to the main entrance. In airports this is a key factor to those travelling with more than just one compact piece of luggage.

There’s a slight confusion as to what valet parking means in the United Kingdom. Usually a term Meet and Greet is used in the UK for the service that is called valet parking in the USA. It is viewed as a premium service based on the fact the car is parked on behalf of its owner.

We receive a range of enquiries from our users asking whether valet parking available at UK airports includes car cleaning. To answer this you’d need to refer to specific parking provider information. For example, LTN Meet and Greet – Wash and Vac service at London Luton airport includes exterior wash and wax, interior vacuum, dashboard polish, door shuts cleaning, window cleaning in and out, plus tyre dressing service. Another Wash and Vac service, available at London Heathrow, includes exterior wash as well as leather and interior vacuum as an extra. Please note that not all Meet and Greet providers include car washing service.

To confuse matters further you may come across a term ‘Meet and Greet Valet Parking’ when looking up your options online. It may differ from one company to another, but usually this implies that the car cleaning service is added into the deal. Read More