How to keep the children entertained on long journeys!

  • 12 Jan, 2016
  • Luc Horncastle
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Keeping children entertained

From the screaming baby in the row behind you on the plane, to the jaded cries of “are we there yet?” from the children in the back seat of your car, we all have, or been in contact with, bored children on a long distance journey and wondered what could be done to ease their boredom. This article will suggest some great ideas for entertaining children on journeys.


Top 10 Tips for entertaining children on journeys:

* When bracing yourself for a long car journey, make sure to collect a large selection of toys for your child. Furthermore, dividing them into separate bags and using breaks in driving to swap bags of toys from the boot varies the stimulation for the children and will keep them engaged for longer.

* If driving at night, take a break at around 8pm to change the children into more comfortable clothing such as pyjamas. This will recreate sleeping habits and potentially increase the chances of them dozing off!

* For both plane and car journeys, travelling at night will also increase the chances of children sleeping as it would regulate their normal sleeping pattern.

* Try and feed the children as little sugary foods/drinks as possible!

* Where possible, how about switching up where you sit in the car? If you have more than one adult on the journey, could one of you spend some time in the back with the younger travellers to keep them engaged? (bonus for you being no neck strain from constantly turning round to them!)

* Repetitive games, e.g taking it in turns to repeat an ever-increasing list and see who gets the furthest from memory.

* Bring Headphones that cover the ears. This will prevent other passengers from potentially getting frustrated as your child listens to songs or films over and over again!

* Always keep children in the loop with how far away they are from the destination. Showing them the interactive plane map in a flight is a good example. Furthermore don’t draw attention to the fact that it may be a long journey.

* Providing a small amount of money to let the children purchase something at a terminal or service station to get something you know they will have fun with.  

* Simple one, but plenty of stops!

We understand that your child’s safety is your top priority when travelling, the Car Hire Centre have recently published an article that looks into Isofix seats when travelling by car with children. 

Child enjoys meal on plane

So now we’ve given you some ideas on what to do, how about ideas on what to take?!

Keeping kids entertained through car journeys

I’m sure we don’t need to remind you, but here’s a few extra tips to keep in mind; avoid traveling during rush hour, always keep in constant communication with your children and finally for those who don’t like “popping ears” on flights, drink plenty of water! If you have any of your own ideas or methods you have used in the past, feel free to share them with us here on the blog, tweet us or visit our Facebook page!

Good luck on your next journey!

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