Can my child fly alone? Explaining Unaccompanied Minors

  • 22 Sep, 2015
  • Alice Fowler

Unaccompanied Minors

There are plenty of reasons for children to need to fly alone these days, from going to visit relatives abroad without parents, to logistics surrounding school terms finishing at different times.

From this month, headteachers now have the power to set their own holiday schedules for their schools, which could result in more schools having different term dates to each other; a problem for parents with children in different establishments!

This might result in an increase of children flying alone to join their family on holiday, or going out to stay with relatives or friends.

Of course, there are many other reasons for children needing to fly alone, so we’ve compiled the information you need to know before waving goodbye at the airport! Many airlines offer these services, from British Airways, to Lufthansa, to Qantas and ANA. KLM even have a dedicated lounge at Amsterdam Airport!

Unaccompanied Minors

Before you book

First of all, it is important to note that children flying alone are usually called “Unaccompanied Minors” and that each airline sets its own rules and regulations regarding these. Ages, prices, and routes allowed are all variable.

We suggest that you thoroughly research the airline and destination that you are planning to use for your child as many airlines will not accept unaccompanied minors on routes that require a connecting flight or stop over such as Alaska Airlines (5-7 year olds), JetBlue and Norwegian. Virgin Atlantic allow this, however only if the connection is to or from another Virgin flight.

Some even have restrictions regarding the time of the flight – for instance, unaccompanied minors are may not be permitted on the last flight of the day to certain locations.

If you are flying from America, ensure your airline allows children on international flights, for example South West Airlines only allow domestic trips.

In some cases the budget airlines, such as EasyJet, WizzAir and Ryanair, do not allow children under 14 (under 16 for Ryanair) to fly alone at all. The age that a child is classed as an adult by the airline varies as well, so it is really important to double check this if you have two children flying together.

You can find a list of airlines and their policies that we have compiled here.

Using the services

Throughout most airlines, the service generally works in a similar way. You will have to book it separately in most cases, sometimes online and sometimes through their offices.  You will probably need to fill out some paperwork, which will include all the information the airline need to know about the child, as well as information about the parents and of whomever is collecting the child at the destination.

Children between 5 and 12 years old

Please be aware that most airlines will not allow a child under 5 to fly without someone over the age of at least 16.

At the airport, you can accompany your child whilst they check in, at which point they will be assigned a member of staff who will oversee the whole process.

In some cases, you can be granted a pass to allow you to accompany your child to certain points within the airport; this can vary from just up to security, to right through to the departure gate.

Unaccompanied Minor

If this isn’t available, or an option for you, your child can also be assigned an escort who will guide them through the airport, up until they board the plane. They will then be handed over to a member of the airline crew, usually the lead air steward, and will be overseen throughout the flight. They will then be escorted off the plane and handed over to the adult collecting them, after identification checks to ensure this is the correct person!

12-18 year olds

They may still be able to use the Unaccompanied Minor Service, but may not have the option to be escorted through the airport or monitored on the flight. This does differ with each airline, so just double check what their packages include!

It can also mean that they will be responsible for their travel in the same way in which an adult would –  checking in, dealing with flight delays and getting through security – so make you they are well prepared and know what to expect!


The price of a ticket can vary vastly; from a discounted rate to a full adult fare. Don’t forget, you may also be subject to an additional fee, too – in some cases, this can be upwards of £130 (if this is the case, be sure to check whether this is each way!).
Always check with the airline before you book, and be sure to do some comparisons across different airlines for the best deals.

About Alice Fowler

Having travelled a fair amount, including a year in Japan, I love blogging about exciting travel opportunities and ideas. I also love food, dogs and books!

153 thoughts on “Can my child fly alone? Explaining Unaccompanied Minors”

  1. So I am 13 years old and I wanna go to Spain, Mallorca alone but I don’t know any airlines that let 13 year olds be responsible for their own flight and i don’t want to be monitored or escorted.

    1. Hi Sandra,

      Sites such as Skyscanner class minors over the age of 12 as an adult, so you may be able to purchase a ticket and not book a chaperone. You’ll probably still need to pay the full adult fare though, ultimately, it’s down to the airline. May be best to phone an airline you have in mind, or have used before with your family, for further details as their policies all differ.

      Hope that helps.


  2. i’m from Mallorca, Spain, 15 years old and want to travel by myself to Bristol to visit my sister, but I’m not sure what to do when i get to passport control…

    1. Hi Mary, once you’re through passport control at Bristol, you’ll follow signs through to baggage reclaim, and then from there, you’ll go through to arrivals where you can arrange for your sister to meet you as you come through. I hope your solo flying experiences goes well!

    1. Hi Lesley,

      I’m unable to give you a full answer to your question I’m afraid as you haven’t stated where you are flying from (this will determine the airlines that fly to the Philippines for me to give you a list). Have a look this list to see if any of the airlines from where you are fly to the Philippines

      Good Luck!

  3. My 16yr old grandaughter wants to fly from Newcastle uk to Crete…We will be meeting her at heraklion airport….She has been to Crete 6/7 times but with family…Will this be ok on Easyjet/Jet2/Thompson?

  4. Hi, I am a Writer. in my next novel a lead character (12 yr old girl) want to fly India (New Delhi) to Ireland. but without inform her parents.
    in case is that possible? if yes then please describe me.

    1. Hi Usman

      You would need to find out which airlines fly from New Delhi to Ireland and then have a look at their website information regarding the age of unaccompanied minors.

      I hope that helps – good luck with the novel!

  5. I’m 14 years old and lives in the UK and I need to go to South Korea probably a permanent stay, do I need to be accompanied by a guardian or I’m allowed to travel alone?? And how do I get a one way ticket than a two way ticket.

    1. Hello Isobel,

      You would need to look into what airlines fly from your local airport to South Korea and then check on their official websites as to whether you can fly alone at 14 🙂
      (As you haven’t stated what airport you’d be flying from it’s hard for me to give you a specific answer!)

  6. Hi I am 13 and I want to travel from London to Valencia return and a direct flight for quite cheap except the cheap airlines don’t allow under 14s so do you know any other airlines ?

  7. Hi,
    My Son is 14 and will need to fly out from Gatwick to Madrid on Iberia unaccompanied . I know he can do this with Iberia. Here are my concerns : Will he need any form of authorisation at Gatwick security for travelling alone and then again at Madrid passport control for entering the country unaccompanied? (we will be there to meet him) Also, when Leaving Spain, are there any government restrictions you are aware of for unaccompanied minors? And then what about when he returns to the UK. Are there any rules for passing border control on his own? Sorry for all the questions. I have searched so much online and came across your webpage which seams much clearer than all the others I visited!
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Wilma,

      For any unaccompanied minors, you will need to fill out this form and submit it to Gatwick – probably best to call them on +44 (0)344 892 0322 and select option 4, as it isn’t clear from their website as to where to send it. With regards to assistance for his return, you could contact OCS, the group that work within Gatwick to provide support and assistance to passengers, to ask them about any requirements for his return to the UK – if this question isn’t answered in your phone call!

      There doesn’t seem to be any restrictions on a UM leaving Madrid – here is what Iberia have to say about 12-17 years olds.

      Hope that’s helpful!

      1. I had a similar question: my daughter (15 years old) had to leave UK from Gatwick airport to fly back to France. When she arrived in UK, she was stopped at the immigration service and could not leave the airport on her one. An adult had to pick her up (even though she had a signed authorization etc. with her). So, I wanted to know if it was the same problem when leaving UK and tried many times to reach someone on the phone but I could not be successful. However, they are very reactive if you send a question by e-mail ( This is what they answered: “Your daughter wouldn’t have to go through Border Force in the UK as that is only for passengers arriving here. She would only have to go through immigration when she’s back in France.” And, indeed, she has not been stopped when leaving London.

  8. Hello,
    I’m 12 years old and I want to travel to London from Dublin without my mum or dad.
    I don’t know any airlines that do that though. Please reply,

    1. Hi Charlie,

      There are a couple of airlines that may let you fly, but you would need your parent’s permission beforehand as there are forms they will need to fill out and the airline you choose will need details of the adult(s) collecting you in London. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just booking a flight and leaving the country at your age!

      Have a chat with your mum and dad and see if they are happy for you to do so first; they can then help you make the proper arrangements 🙂

  9. Hello Franky,

    2 kids of 12 and 13 years old will be traveling this summer from Manchester (UK) to Casablanca (Morocco) with Royal Air Maroc.
    I’ve called the Royal air Maroc company and they told me that they allow kids from 12 years of age to flight alone and Unaccompanied.
    They informed me that I have just to check the rules of the Airport of Manchester.

    Can you tell me what to expect?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Zine,

      In this instance, if you are not opting to send your children on their travels under the UM Scheme operated by Royal Air Maroc (RAM), my advice would be to call Manchester Airport on 0800 042 0213 and discuss your requirements / questions with them.

      Some airports will require documentation that includes the name of the responsible adult collecting your children upon their arrival in Casablanca (this is included in the Unaccompanied Minors scheme that RAM operate, but as your children are older than 12, this may be different).

      Apologies I couldn’t be anymore specific – I hope the team at Manchester Airport can help you further!

  10. Hello

    The Scenario is flights have been booked for one child a month under 16 with a couple of friends to Spain. this has been booked with Ryanair, the travel agents
    said she can travel but are not sure what documents are required

    Can you advise me where I can start, please, for e.g required documents
    would really appreciate,


    1. Hi Diane,

      As per Ryanair’s website:

      “Ryanair does not carry unaccompanied minors under 16 years. Children under the age of 16 years must always be accompanied by a passenger over 16 years.
      Escort and special facilities are not available.”

      So given that her friends are over 16, that should be ok. If not, I’d call Ryanair and discuss your options further. Use this form to find the appropriate number to call – this will vary depending on where you’re calling from.

      Good Luck!

  11. My relatives daughters (16 and 17years old) would like to travel from Croatia to UK by Easyjet using ID card . Could you please advise if they can travel on their own .

  12. My daughter has a eu passport she will be 17 in dec . Now in july she wants to go to porto for holidays ,she will be staying with my best friend,so we have only been in the uk for over a year ,what is the process to take . Also im worried if they don’t allow her back here in uk ?

    1. Hello Maria,

      I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean, but if she has an EU Passport and is returning before the UK leaves the EU, she should be fine to travel on her passport and at 17, she is classed as an adult and can travel alone

  13. Hi, im 14 years old and live in the uk, i want to travel to france on a coach, alone, (using a ferry from dover to calais), is this possible and if yes, then which company allows it.

  14. Hi,
    My 8yrs old son has a British passport and will be travelling on Alitalia from London to Milan using their unaccompanied minors service. Apart from their questionnaire to fill and passport does he require any extra documents? Alitalia told me to chevk with the consulate but I cant seem to find any info. Thx

    1. Hi Alex,

      I’m not sure as you haven’t specified the airport in London your son will fly from; the airport may just require information on the parent / guardian who will be drooping your son at the airport etc if that isn’t already detailed on the Alitalia paperwork.

      I’d suggest contacting the airport directly


  15. Hi my son 10 and my nephew 14 plan to travel to Portugal with my sister in law I have to do any authorization? ( We are portugueses)

    1. Hi Alice,

      Please use the link in the article to find the requirements of each airline when it comes to authorisation of unaccompanied minor travel; as you haven’t specified an airport or airline, I am unable to advise


  16. Hello, Thank you for the article.
    My daughter is 15 and needs to fly from Manchester to Alicante spain. I’m looking at her flying with Jet2. My undrstanding is that as she is 15 this will be fine. Have I missed anything?

    1. Hi Julian,

      Yep, she should be fine. As per Jet2’s website:

      “ allows persons aged 14 or over to travel alone. Any person under the age of 14 can only travel if accompanied by a person aged 16 years or over who will take full responsibility for them. Special conditions apply to some countries of origin and destination.”


  17. Hi. My son is 10, going to be 11 in December. We live in London. I want him to go to St Raphael, France, alone but I still don’t know which airport is nearer and which flights will accept him! Could you help please.

    1. Hi Sophie,

      I suppose the nearest / largest airport would be Nice and then a drive to St Raphael. If you do a search on Skyscanner, you’ll find a range of airlines that fly to Nice, depending on the airport you choose your son to fly from

  18. Hi! My 14 year old daughter is travelling next August from Barcelona to Bristol. As she is travelling with easy Jet we know she can travel alone , This airline company doesn’t offer an unaccompanied minors service. However I’d like to have an escort service once she gets to Bristol Airport. Is that possible? If so how can I book this service. I’m a little bit worried she doesn’t manage once she gets off the plane and moreover she speaks little English.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  19. Hello i have a 14 years old son.I want to send him in Greece for holidays.He is going to travel alone with AEGEAN on 19/7/17. He has got his IC and his passport. Is he going to need anything else from me?

    1. Hi there,

      I don’t think he’ll need anything else as he is classed as a “Young Adult” with AEGEAN (children up to 12yrs, young adults 12-15yrs) so I think you’re all sorted. If you want further clarification though, contact AEGEAN just to be sure

  20. Hi , I’m going to be 16 when I’m wanting to travel so would I be able to have a flight attendant to ascort me through to the gate and would someone collect me to guide me at the other side ? Also how much would it be ?

    1. Hi Jade,

      At 16, you’ll be classed as an adult on most airlines, so I’m not sure a chaperone service will be available to you. The best thing you can do is contact the airport you wish to fly from and ask them if it’s a service they’d be able to offer

  21. Hello, I am 16 and I would like to go to Treviso, Italy from the UK and was wondering if this is allowed, and if so which airlines

  22. Hi,
    Me and a friend will be flying without an adult from London Luton to Spain. We are both 16 so should we be alright getting through boarder controls if we have a letter from our parents? We are staying at my family’s apparent ment and will be unaccompanied for the duration of our holiday. We are doing it to celebrate after GCSEs.

    1. Hi Melissa,

      Yes it is safest to have a permission letter from both parents. You may want to double check with your airline if there is anything additional they may require.

  23. Hi!

    I’m planning a trip from Gatwick to Stockholm on Norwegian and Stockholm to Helsinki 5 days later on Norwegian. I am 14 and I want to go with my best friend, aged 15. We have planned to be completely independent, getting to our accommodation from Arlanda train station and would not be meeting adults there. This would be the same in Helsinki, although I’d stay with friends in Finland, 2 hours drive away. I’d be getting a train from Helsinki to my destination and the same back to Helsinki. Is there any specific paperwork we should get our parents to sign? There may be a possibility that I could get one of my Swedish friends to pick us up from the airport as long as we can get them to come up further north in Sweden (they live further south) however I’d only do this if it made my parents feel better or if it was required. An adult ticket is anyone aged 12 or over on Norwegian. Last time I visited Scandinavia, I was not stopped in Denmark or Sweden to be asked who I was flying with (but it was my teachers), however, when I returned from Sweden to London Heathrow, immigration officials were more upfront, intimidating and serious. It was like he was trying to play a game of 21 questions “Who is picking you up today?” and asked to see my teachers when I told him I was with them. For this reason, I am making sure I have all required papers, etc. I don’t want to be picked up in either Stockholm or Helsinki if possible, but this kind of seems like procedure. Is it possible to not be picked up if our parents say it is okay on their papers? And would Norwegian give us these papers or can we find templates elsewhere? We would not require assistance at any point throughout the flight (like being monitered, etc). My main concern is what immigration would say and how’d they react.

    Thank you for your help,
    Edan 🙂

    1. Hi Edan,

      You can find advice for entry requirements for the different countries here: I have had a look and for Sweden and Finland it doesn’t say anything specific. I would ensure your permission letter from your parents covers all aspects of your trip so the relevant authorities will know you have permission for each stage of your travel. I would ring Norwegian and get their advice on the matter – they may be able to direct you to the relevant authorities to talk to in Sweden and Finland.
      Sorry to not be of much help!

  24. A few years ago two of my friends had to leave the UK. One went to Canada, the other went to America. I want to visit them but I don’t know which airlines will let me without parental permission? My mum is weird about it even though I’ve attempted to assure her for a while now. I’m 12.

  25. Hi, i am a British Citizen but i need to come from romania (Suceava airport) to London (Luton Airport) with my 21 year old brother (he is also a British Citizen). Can i go without parents? Do i need any documents from them to fly with my brother?

    1. Hi Samuel,

      It would be wise to double-check with the airline you are flying with, as it will depend on your age. You may need a permission letter from your parents to confirm that your brother has permission to accompany you.
      Hope that helps.

  26. My daughter, 14, will be flying from Boston, USA to Sofia, Bulgaria through Heathrow, all on BA. We booked her an adult ticket. Does she need any special documents/letters from us to transit through heathrow airport (apart from her US and Bulgarian passports)?


    1. Hi Dimitar,

      I would recommend contacting British Airways for this matter. She will very likely need a letter of permission from yourselves but they will have more information on exactly what is required for that trip.

      1. JUST FYI … I spoke to British Airways and they do not advise on documentation. They refer you to the embassies.

  27. Hello,
    My daughter (17) and son (15) are traveling back to Colombia (where we live) from the UK. They have both Colombian and British passports.
    When going out of Colombia (with their Colombian Passports) they had to show parent permission for traveling alone (Daughter was 16 by then). Their airline is Avianca and they depart from Heathrow, London, but this time they come out of UK with British Passport. Do they need any document to go out of UK? Any permission? Please let me know because some people tell me they don´t…..and it has been difficult to find answer on the internet.

    1. Hi Ana

      If Avianca required your children to have the paperwork on the way out, my guess would be that they’ll need it for the return journey, too!
      I’d contact Avianca directly as they should be able to confirm exactly what procedure your children will need to follow.

      Alternatively, have a read of the unaccompanied minors policy on the Avianca website here:

      The service is available for children up to 17 years and will include details on exactly what they’ll need

      Hope that helps!

  28. I have been told that my 16 year old will need a letter giving my permission for her to fly with my 18 year old niece. They are flying from the UK to Spain. I assumed, as a 16 year old, she could fly without an adult and not need a letter of permission.
    Can you help?

    1. Hi Debbie,

      At 16, most airlines class the passenger as an adult so it shouldn’t be an issue.

      I’d suggest double checking with the airline your daughter and niece are flying with; each airline have different policies. That way you’ll all be covered

  29. Hi, I am an adult with british passport and will be traveling from Italy to London and back with a 14 year old daughter of a friend that has an Austrian passport. What forms does the mum need to fill in and is it necessary since she’s over 14? I know it’s not an issue for the company we’ll be flying with but I’m wondering what airport control will be like in London…
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sophie,

      That’s a tricky one as your friends daughter may be seen as a child or an adult, depending on the airline you are flying with. Given that she isn’t your child, her mother will need to fill in a form similar to this (see below) and you’ll need to keep it with you at all times; – this form is a template that you can use to construct your own version

      You’ll also need to be over the age of 18 if you are effectively her guardian.

  30. Hi, I’m 13 years old and i want to travel with my 15 yr old brother to Sweden on a Ryanair flight. Is this possible

  31. Do you know what paperwork I need to complete for my child – aged 15 years old – to travel to France by train? And then on from France to Italy by plane again alone?

  32. Hi,

    I’ve just booked my holidays to Lagos from London with my kids aged 9 and 8. I will need to fly back 2 weeks into the holiday due to work commitments.

    My question is- can my kids come back to London through royal air Marco as an unaccompanied minor? If yes, do you know what the procedure is?


    1. Hi Tope,

      Please visit the Royal Air Maroc Travelling with Children page for all you need to know

      They state that if children are flying unaccompanied, they must be registered as part of the Unaccompanied Minor scheme from the start of the trip, it doesn’t specify anything about unaccompanied on just one leg of the journey. I’d suggest contacting the airline for full information and details.

      Keep in mind that your children will need to be handed over to airline staff by a nominated and ID verified adult upon their departure from Lagos and you or another adult must be at the London airport to collect them on their arrival.

  33. Hi, im 15 y/o And im flying with my 17 y/o boyfriend from London to Warsaw (Poland) with Ryanair. Will I need any documents filled out by my parents to allow me to go or how is it working?

  34. Hi, I’m 15 years old and i’m going to be flying soon from london gatwick to madrid with my 14 year old sister. Will there be any problems at the passport control before i fly to spain and when i fly back to london. I am flying with easyjet,

  35. Hi
    Im 13 year old travelling alone from kuwait to london after tommorow on the kuwaiti airways is there any documents that i have to fill out to show it at the passport control at heathrow

    Thank you

  36. Hello
    I am 12 years old and I will be 13 in September.
    I would like to travel abroad by myself in October from Bristol Airport to Arracife (Lanzarote) .
    Will I need any documents and what would be the best company to fly with .

    1. Hi James,

      It won’t be quite that straightforward given your age. We’d suggest a chat with your parents before you think about booking flights. Even at 13, you’ll most likely need to be taken to Bristol Airport and collected from Arracife by a responsible adult who will have paperwork to fill out.

      If your parents are happy for you to go and you have relatives to collect you and to stay with once in Lanzarote, you could then look at the airlines that fly between the countries and go from there

  37. My 14 year old daughter will be flying from Heathrow with BA on her own to Lisbon Portugal and meeting my aunt who lives there. Does she need any additional documentation or do anything other than the normal check in.

  38. My friends daughters (22years & 15years) to Turkey. They have had a falling out & the youngest has booked a flight herself to return early. Can she fly alone? Her mum is obviously very anxious about the situation & she hasn’t found the airline helpful at all. It’s a Thomson flight but booked through edreams(?).
    Any help you can provide would be gratefully received.

    1. Hi Bethany,

      As per the Thomson site:

      “Children aged 14 or 15 can travel alone, as long as they don’t need assistance. That said, we recommend that they be accompanied to the check-in desk by a parent or legal guardian. We’d also advise that the parent or guardian stays at the airport until the flight has departed.”

      Hope that helps!

  39. Hi there im 15 years old and I’m flying from London Heathrow to Iran with layover at Frankfurt, will there be any problems at the border for me ?

  40. Hi there … We would like my two nieces to travel to Dublin from Brisbane which means connecting flights… One of the girls is 15 and the other 10. Is the 15 year old allowed to be responsible for the 10 year old or do we need someone over 18? Grateful if you could please give me some options? Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Paula,

      It’s hard to say as you haven’t specified the airline/s they will be flying with – different airlines will have varying rules.

      From most of the airlines I have looked at, Unaccompanied Minors are not permitted on routes that require a connection (ages of Unaccompanied Minors can go as high as 17). The age of the supervisory adult also varies with airlines, so I am unsure as to whether your 15yr old niece will qualify as an adult.

      The best thing is to contact the airline/s they will be using to clarify their rules

      I hope that helps!

  41. Hi I am 15 years old and I want to travel alone to Lithuania from London.but i don’t know what paper work/things I need in order for them to let me go.Also after that I want to travel from Lithuania to turkey with my dad but the problem is that I don’t have the same surname as him…what should I do and what do I need ?

    1. Hi Kristina,

      The paperwork you will need will depend on the airline you fly with to Lithuania and whether or not you qualify as an unaccompanied minor. It’s best to check your airline’s website for details or contact the airline directly to get an answer.

      With regards to travelling with your father with a different surname, you have a couple of options. Each country is different, however in the UK, we advise that if a parent and child are travelling together with different surnames, you should bring evidence of your relationship. Should you be questioned at customs, this will help simplify the process.

      This could be a copy of your birth or adoption certificate with both of your names, or a consent letter from your mother (witnessed by a solicitor) to authorise the travel with your father.

      However, this is subject to change as I said, so perhaps contact the embassy of both countries for further clarification. Use the website below to find details on both the Lithuanian and Turkish embassies in London.

      I hope this helps!

  42. Hi, I have a question. My daughter is coming to visit me from El Salvador, she is 16 years old and both of us have Spanish citizenship (passport). She’s flying through Avianca and arriving at London Heathrow. I know that for 16 years old minors, is optional the unaccompanied children policy in that airline. She will have an authorization from her father to leave El Salvador alone, but I’m not sure when she is returning to El Salvador if she will need an authorization from my part lo leave UK. Where can I make a inquiry about it? Thanks for your answer.

    1. Hi Reina,

      We don’t think she’ll need approval to leave the UK if she has Spanish Citizenship and is returning home, but we could be wrong! Best to have an authorisation letter from you just in case, or contact border control at Heathrow to as the question there. Give them a call on 0844 335 1801 for further clarification

  43. Hi,

    My parents want me to travel to India alone to meet family. I am 15 years old and the airline I want to fly with has an unaccompanied minor policy for up to people of 12years. Would that mean that I would be flying independently as an adult? Would i still have to fill out an unaccompanied minor form?

    Sorry if this makes no sense!

    1. Hi Anshini,

      If the airline doesn’t offer an unaccompanied minor service for those under 16, just check with them that you are able to fly. If you are, you’d be travelling as an independent adult

      Good Luck!

  44. Hi

    Could you please let me know what are the rules for a 12 years old girl flying
    tomorrow Bristol. Does an adult need to bring her to check in desk or can be she picked up by someone from the staff at the airport who could help doing this? Thanks 4 ur help

    1. Hi Monika,

      It will depend on the airline she is flying with, but my guess is that as a 12yr old, she’ll need parental authorisation to fly. She’d need to be dropped off at the airport by a named adult with ID and handed over to airline / airport officials. She’d also then need to be collected at the other end by a named adult, complete with ID.

      For further clarification, ring the airline she is travelling with – I can’t offer anymore advice as I don’t know the airline

      Hope that helps

  45. Hi,
    my daughter, 12,5 years old, and my son 16,5 want to fly with Alitalia to Santiago de Chile. Is an unaccompanied minor service necessary or can my son accompany hi sister?
    Thank you very much for your reply.
    Kind regards,

  46. 1 am 15 years old British citizen . I will be flying with virgin Atlantic airline from London Heathrow to washington Dulles Airport . it is a direct flight both going and coming back. Now my dilemma is will I be allowed to enter US alone.

  47. Hello! I’m 14 years old and I live in Hungary. I want to travel to Stockholm Arlanda airport from Budapest with norwegian airlines to visit my godmother. Need I any documents??

  48. Hi,
    Im 14 and want to fly from Gatwick to a Paris airport, CDG or ORY by easyJet. My cousin will pick me up from the airport in Paris. Do I need to get my parents to fill out forms? Is it Allowed for unaccompanied minors to fly from Paris?

    1. Hi Will,

      You are able to fly alone with easyJet, so long as you’re not travelling with anyone aged 13 or younger.

      We would advise that your parents provide you with a permission letter, but would also suggest your parents contact both the airports you will be travelling through to see if they require any additional forms

  49. My friend and I (both 17 at the time of travel) will be travelling to Tunisia from gatwick with Tunisair on the 27th of December. The airline has informed me that we can travel as adults, however will we have any problems at Gatwick airport during check in? Do we need to be accompanied at the airport during check in time? Thank you 🙂

  50. Hi, I’m 15 years old and I intend on flying from London Heathrow airport to Charlotte, NC on December 27th. I plan on flying with Delta Airlines, but I don’t know if I need any form of parental permission like a letter of consent or any other paperwork on me?

    1. Hi Katie

      Please see the information from Delta’s website regarding their UNMR Programme.

      As you are 15, you needn’t use the programme, but you can opt to. If you don’t I guess you travel as an adult! For further clarification, I’d suggest contacting Delta

      Have a great trip!

  51. Hello,
    I need some information. I am flying one with wizzair without parents permission at 16 years of age. I’m flying to my own country to visit my grandma. Is it possible or not?

  52. Hi im 14 years old im living in tunisia and i would like to go to japan for holidays with a 15 years Friend i dont know anyone in japan

    1. Hello Yassine,

      It would depend on the airline you fly with, but usually for teens of your age, it’d be required that you’re met by a trusted adult in Japan. If you can’t do this, I’m not sure you’d be able to fly. Best to check with the airline you wish to fly with

  53. Hello. I am 17 years old. I booked a ticket for plane . I want to fly from Manchester to Hamburg Without my mum or my dad. Can I fly alone? Or I need that permission from them? I will fly with EasyJet.

      1. Thank you but when I will give them the passport , they will accept and can I go? Or they are going to say that I don’t have parents permission . I don’t want to go there and They will say to me you can not go.

  54. Hi, my son is 16 years old, his in boarding sch in the UK. We just relocated to The Hague and my son will be flying to us here for the 1st time(flying to Amsterdam) from either Birmingham or Manchester Airports. We will be receiving him in Amsterdam.
    We were in Spore before and with SIA we only needed to do was signed a ‘waiver form’for him to travelled on his own.
    My question is does airlines like BA. KLM, Easyjet & others have the system.

    1. Hi there,

      The airlines you mention above all offer an Unaccompanied minors programme. However, as your son is 16, he can fly with easyJet and BA as an adult (no parental permission required) or with KLM voluntarily under their unaccompanied minor programme.

      Visit their websites for more information 🙂

  55. Hi I’m 17 and I’m flying from Dublin ireland to Amsterdam and back to Ireland can I travel alone going passed passport control

    1. Hi Kieran,

      At 17 you are considered an adult by most airlines so you be able to pass through the airport and fly with ease. If you’re worried though, it’s best to contact the airport you will be using to clarify

  56. My daughter is 13 she may need to travel unaccompanied from Gatwick to Tampa Florida where I will meet her is this possible? her dad will be bringing her to Gatwick. Will she have any problems at border control in Tampa?

    1. Hi Anjjie,

      If she flies on an unaccompanied minor programme and has all of the relevant paperwork with her, she will be fine, You should discuss any requirements with the airline you choose your daughter travels with

  57. Hey there. I am 14 and I’m planning to fly to France from Luton Airport with EasyJet for a week. I was looking around the internet to see if there’s any other additional documents I need to leave or enter the UK alone but I couldn’t find anything. I would like to know if my parents need to sign anything for me to be able to leave or enter the UK (passport control) I had a look in easyJet’s web page and they allow children to fly alone from the age of 14 so that’s not a problem. I just want to know if I’d be able to get back in. ( I have an ID and travel document and I traveled before but not alone )
    Please Reply as soon as possible as I’m planning to go on Tuesday.
    Thank you

    1. Hi there,

      As long as you have your valid travel documents (Passport) and boarding pass, you should be fine.

      Once you arrive back at Luton Airport and come through to Passport Control, you’ll either need to simply present your passport to the e-machine and pass through the electronic gate once it opens or show it to an official, you won’t be denied entry back in.

      If you are worried about passport control at Luton, why not contact the airport? You won’t be the only 14 yr old to pass through unaccompanied so I doubt there’ll be an issue!

      Have fun! 😀

  58. Hi, I’m 16 and looking to fly from Bristol to Amsterdam with Easyjet to visit my boyfriend for the weekend as he now lives there. Would I need any permission/forms signed by my parents and are there any restrictions on entering the UK alone at 16 at Bristol as I’ve read mixed opinions.
    Thank you in advance!!

    1. Hi Jude,

      It will depend where in England you plan to fly from as many airlines serve different locations. I’d start with looking at the airlines that fly from your chosen airport and then check their unaccompanied minor programmes

      Have a great trip!

  59. Hi
    I’m 14 years old and traveling with my 19 year old uncle…(from London Gatwick Airport to domodedovo airport in Moscow) …so I was wondering will there be any requirements like a parental permission or any addition documents that I will need to get into London and go from London? And also will there be any trouble as we don’t share the same surname?

  60. My child is 13years with UK passport. And want to travel from Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos to Manchester Airport United Kingdom. Please is there any Airline for unaccompanied minor? Any advice would be great Thank you.

    1. Hi Effah

      You will need to look at which airlines fly between the two airports and go from there. Run a search for flights, note down a few of the airlines and then check which of them have an unaccompanied minor service

  61. Hello
    My daughter 15 years old is travelling to london luton from spain, by herself.(easyjet)

    So do I need to take any paper or something…
    Also she has a suitcase booked will that be fine?
    I mean shes travelled alone before
    So just trying to make sure that bringing a suitcase will still be allowed

  62. HI there. Is there anyone offering an unaccompanied minor service from Cork/Kerry in ireland to the UK, London airports? My daughter is 10 and I currently have to fly back and forth on each leg with her which adds huge costs to making her visits happen. Neither Ryanair or Aerlingus seem to have any options. All help greatly appreciated.

  63. Hi, my 14 year old daughter will be traveling from Boston to Gatwick on Norwegian. She is a dual US/UK citizen. She will have to travel as an adult but do you know if she can be escorted to the gate at both ends? And are there any other special requirements?

    1. Norwegian does not offer that service on Transatlantic flights. I am just trying to work out whether I can escort her to the gate – is that the airline or the airport?

      1. Hi Charles,

        Apologies, I didn’t spot that the US was on the “not available” list!

        I have however tweeted Gatwick this morning for you and their response was;

        “Hi there, There is no way of passing through Security without a flight ticket booked for that same day in the same terminal, I’m sorry for this being the case. We don’t offer an escorted pass service and there is no service related to this within the airport unfortunately. The airlines have stopped providing the escorted services as it’s no longer recommend for children to travel alone.”

        So I’m afraid you won’t be able to escort your daughter to her gate

  64. Hi, my sons will go to Uk to study in June. The oldest will be 16, his brother 14. They are Italian, and they both have got an Eu Passport. They will be flying with Easyjet, and their age is fine.
    Shall I fill the form where I give them permission to travel alone, or, being 16 the eldest, the border police won’t ask anything at the Airport?
    Thank you, sorry to ask, but there are so many info, which is confusing to know exactly what is the right thing to do.

  65. Hi, I want to fly from Manchester (UK) to Augusta (North Carolina) and I’m 16. My mum won’t let me go without a chaperone person but I’m not sure if virgin would let us. It’s manchester to Atlanta (2 hour stop) then to Augusta.

  66. Hi I’m 13 years old and want to meet my dad and his family in portugal but because of school reasons I’d have to come back to Wales [where I live] on an earlier date which means I’d have to come back alone. I could go from Portugal, Spain airport to either Liverpool, Leeds or Manchester but do you know what airlines I could go on and how I would do that?

    1. Hi Ila,

      I’ve had a quick look for you and found that you can fly directly to Faro, Portugal from Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds with either Ryanair or Jet2. However, neither of these airlines allow 13yr olds to travel alone, so you would need to do the return journey with someone who is at least 16 years old and will take full responsibility for you.

  67. hello my names Kristine, and i am 15 years old. i was wondering if i could travel alone from England to Latvia with wizzair, and if i was able to what paper work would i need from my mum to show that i have permission travel alone?

    1. Hello Kristine

      You’d need to contact them directly for this info. You can do so by calling them on 0911 752 2257 – but calls are charged at £1 per minute! Alternatively, why not give them a tweet? Their handle is @wizzairand I’m sure the team can help you

      Good luck and have a good trip

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