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Tania Cristina Valério Gonçalves

I called upon arrival from Portugal and was told that in 15 minutes my car would be with me. Waited one and half hour for the car, with a baby, out in the cold, with no place to sit, or toilets. Disgraceful! When I gave them my car another lady was complaining that she was waiting for her cat for more that an hour, but I thought it was a one off... Untill it happened to me. If it is going to take that time, at least be honest, so that I could go grab a coffee or go to toilets, or go elsewhere with the baby, as it was cold. Thank god it was not raining!! When they came in, all I had was a sorry about that and the guy just disappeared. By the the time I left, three more families were waiting for more than a hour...
May 25, 2019

Aidena Simonaitiene

I would like to raise a big complaint about Just Park & Fly service and as minimum I wish to get full refund for this nightmare with this company. it happened on 14th of April, we just picked up our luggage and called at 00:18am on number provided to tell that we will be in the car park ready to collect my car, the reply was okay no problem just that we booked collection for 1;30am we have to wait till that time and come and collect car. It wasn’t good service but very enough if it was the issue, we waited for 1 hour in the airport, then we came to car park at 1:30am and there was no car and about 6-10 people waiting for their cars from the same company, but they all waited already about 2 hrs. People were frustrated and stressed and tired. The temperature at that time was 0 degrees so it was freezing outside, I had my daughter with me she is just 8 years old and she had to freeze in that time for 2.5hrs!!!!!!!! Yes!! We waited for our car till 02:55am and we still had long 3hrs journey to London!!!!! And I did call to number 07432417515 provided 11 times from which just 2 have been answered with reply they do not know anything about my request to receive my car. I do have recorded all people waited for the cars for 2-3hrs I do have all records of how many times I did call in that time to ask where is my car, I do have exit ticket with time printed when we received car!! Also driver who brought my car had changed setting from normal drive to sport, which I do not use as it takes double amount of diesel than normal, how he can do this???? This is my car and is not allowed to change settings and use my car as it is his!!! Also I did left my car with diesel which it was enough to drive 100 miles the computer showing this on the screen but I have received my car just with 20 miles left on it!!!!! DO NOT USE JUST FLY AND PARK NEVER EVER!!!IF i COULD i WOULD GIVE -10 SCORE
April 18, 2019

Hollie Caulfield

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY- AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Returned to damaged BMW inside and out, scratches, dents and oil or grease all over the drive seat. Cleary been driven. Having to under go dispute as they refused to give me any contact numbers or email addresses then decided that they didn't speak English so put the phone down. SO ANGRY. PLEASE DONT USE THEM
April 16, 2019

Julie Ward

AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST. Waited over 2 hours from them to bring our car after 15 calls to the mobile number. Staff not bothered and rude. This company needs closing down
April 15, 2019

Richard Frazer

Not one of the best meet & greet services I have used, 15 mins late at pickup - 05:00, so not a traffic related delay. On my return to the airport, I called when I collected my bag and was told the car would be there in 20-25 minutes. The airport is small and it takes about 5 minutes to get out. The car arrived about 45 minutes after my call. Lot of excuses, no apology. There's also nowhere covered to wait and nowhere to sit. If you use this firm call at least 10 minutes earlier than they recommend.
April 14, 2019

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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY..... we dropped our car off which was fine, on return we called to say we had landed was told to wait for 30 minutes due to bad traffic.... we were left waiting at Birmingham airport for 3 hours and 10 minutes had to threaten with police action to get my car back as no one was interested called the company 35 times no apology no nothing. Will never use them again and neither should anyone else
April 12, 2019

Shoshana Kitchen

My girlfriend booked this parking at Swift Park and Fly. Drop off was easy enough but really nothing 'Swift' about the pick up. Very quiet last night with few cars and people around at 11pm and it took 40 minutes in the cold standing there after 4 phone calls as to where the car was!!?? Really unprofessional and the guy just laughed as he returned the car to us. No apology whatsoever. This is the third time this has happened to me at this airport and it really will be the last. You might as well just park in the car park if you really want SWIFT. Terrible terrible service. AVOID!
April 2, 2019

John Butler

It was over 1.5 hours to get my car, however after 25 mins I saw my car being driven past the drop off and collection site, driving a little fast too. We saw a swift driver walking through the drop off/ collection site, we followed to see where they had left the car, one of our group cars was there and later when we returned mine was in the same spot. After waiting for so long when I saw my car and a swift employee coming to my car I collected it from my there. So not happy after seeing my car being driven around the turning up in the same spot as our friends car, where had it been? We were tired so we got in and did a quick check, the passenger side of the car over the rear arch had mud and dirt over the rear end, my car was cleaned prior to going on holiday and the rest of the car was clean. Upon return home and cleaning the car I understood why the rear passenger side was covered in mud, it hadbee. Scrapped also great the arch and bottom corner of the rear door! So now what can you do, would you like pictures?
March 20, 2019

Geoff Wiltshire

Drop off was no problem at all but upon return it was awful. They say to call once you have your bags which I did but there was no answer. Left a voicemail and kept trying. By time they answered I was at the valet car park and was told it would take 20-25 mins. It took 30 (8pm so not rush hour). It takes less than 10 minutes from the baggage area to the car park so be prepared to wait even if they answer the phone.
March 7, 2019

Tony Stratton Smith

I have used these on three occasions the first ended up with petrol being used up and a puncture and dirty front and rear foot wells (although valeted on day of drop off) Complained and assured it would never happen!! Used a second time, all OK. However just used again and advised the boss of early return via email, assured once more it would fine to return to no car and the boss had been partying and they had no knowledge of my flight details!!! Resulting in me missing an appointment and a 40 minute wait in the cold for my car1!! And although I rang twice the boss and texted and two emails since I have had heard nothing. I fly from bham 4/5 times a year and these people will no longer get my business. Very unhappy with the unprofessional way I’ve been treated ...
January 18, 2019