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Directions information


From all directions follow signs to Birmingham Airport, then follow the Arrival and Return procedures as described in your email confirmation.

Arrival procedure information

Arrival procedure

On arrival, please use the 'valet parking' area immediately outside the terminal. Take the ticket from the barrier and immediately turn RIGHT. On the right had side perimeter of the Drop and Go area you will see a number of parking bays. Please park in between bays 16-19. Here you will be greeted by a chauffeur at the prearranged meeting point, who will have all your booking details.

Return procedure information

Return procedure

Please call Swift Park and Fly once you have collected all your luggage. In case of any delays please let them know. The chauffeur will deliver your vehicle to the agreed pick up point at the airport.

Security information


Your car will be stored at secure car park at the airport.

Departure information

Additional information

During busy periods, your vehicle may be parked in an secure overflow car park.

Carpark Map


Birmingham Airport Birmingham B26 3QJ

Distance to airport

This service operates from the departures area outside the terminal and your vehicle will be stored in a secure compound at the airport.

Transfers from airport

Transfers are not required as you will be met at the Terminal.

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Birmingham Swift Park and Fly - Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Birmingham Swift Park and Fly - Meet and Greet is 2 from 9 reviews.

It was over 1.5 hours to get my car, however after 25 mins I saw my car being driven past the drop off and collection site, driving a little fast too. We saw a swift driver walking through the drop off/ collection site, we followed to see where they had left the car, one of our group cars was there and later when we returned mine was in the same spot. After waiting for so long when I saw my car and a swift employee coming to my car I collected it from my there. So not happy after seeing my car being driven around the turning up in the same spot as our friends car, where had it been? We were tired so we got in and did a quick check, the passenger side of the car over the rear arch had mud and dirt over the rear end, my car was cleaned prior to going on holiday and the rest of the car was clean. Upon return home and cleaning the car I understood why the rear passenger side was covered in mud, it hadbee. Scrapped also great the arch and bottom corner of the rear door! So now what can you do, would you like pictures?

March 20, 2019

Drop off was no problem at all but upon return it was awful. They say to call once you have your bags which I did but there was no answer. Left a voicemail and kept trying. By time they answered I was at the valet car park and was told it would take 20-25 mins. It took 30 (8pm so not rush hour). It takes less than 10 minutes from the baggage area to the car park so be prepared to wait even if they answer the phone.

March 7, 2019

I have used these on three occasions the first ended up with petrol being used up and a puncture and dirty front and rear foot wells (although valeted on day of drop off) Complained and assured it would never happen!! Used a second time, all OK. However just used again and advised the boss of early return via email, assured once more it would fine to return to no car and the boss had been partying and they had no knowledge of my flight details!!! Resulting in me missing an appointment and a 40 minute wait in the cold for my car1!! And although I rang twice the boss and texted and two emails since I have had heard nothing. I fly from bham 4/5 times a year and these people will no longer get my business. Very unhappy with the unprofessional way I’ve been treated ...

January 18, 2019

I would NOT recommend anyone to use this service. On my return from holiday I was left waiting 1 hour and 10 minutes for my car to be returned, the valet did not offer any apology or explanation and lied to me on several calls saying the car was on its way even though it then took a further 40 minutes. My brand new car came back splattered in sludge all the way up the doors and the new floor mats had big muddy foot prints on them. I have sent a complaint asking for compensation but so far have not had a reply. Disgraceful customer service. Do not use this company if you don't want the end of your holiday being ruined.

January 8, 2019

Overall pretty good and probably the best meet and greet and service I've used. Only issue was the time it took to get the car back at the end. About 40 mins. I would recommend calling when you land and not once you've collected your bags as they advise. Will use again though.

December 28, 2018