Birmingham Airparks Meet and Greet

Book now from £71.58 for 7 days parking.


Please call the car park 20-30 minutes before you arrive and head to the terminal at Birmingham Airport following signs for the 'Valet Parking' car park.

Arrival procedure

Please call the car park 20-30 minutes before you arrive on 0121 789 9323 to let them know you're on your way. Then head to the terminal and follow signs for the 'Valet Parking' car park. Once you arrive at the airport stay in the right hand lane and follow it to 'Valet Parking' customers only. Go through the barrier, take a ticket and look for the designated Airparks bays. Your driver will be waiting for you, carrying ID. They'll take your ticket and keys and photograph your car. Your car will be parked for you in a secured car park while you take the two minute walk to the terminal.

If you're going to arrive outside of your booking times please give the car park as much notice as possible so they will be ready for you.

Please make sure you allow enough time for the driver to complete the check-in procedure and take the necessary photographs of your car on arrival, which usually takes 4-5 minutes. If there isn't enough time for the driver to complete this, it may relinquish any claim for damage not recorded as a result. If you are running late, this can be completed by the driver after you have left but before they move your car.

Return procedure

On your return, please call the car park on 0121 789 9323 to let them know you're almost ready to collect your car. Then walk back to 'Valet Parking' and your driver will be waiting with your car. They'll return your keys and hand you a ticket so you can exit the car park without paying. You'll need to be on time (no longer than 10 minutes after your call) and leave promptly, or you may be charged by the airport to exit the car park.


The car park has CCTV, barriers, floodlighting and patrols. It has also been awarded the Park Mark award.


Parking is always at the vehicle owner's own risk.

Disabled facilities

This car park is perfect for disabled customers as transfer buses are not required.

Additional information

Please make sure that your vehicle has road tax, holds a valid MOT certificate and is roadworthy/legal. If your car isn't legal or safe to drive, Airparks will not be able to drive it to the car park, and you will not be able to get a refund.

If your car is bigger than a standard size parking bay (2.4m wide x 4.8m long) it must be pre-arranged with Airparks before your arrival date and you will need to pay extra charges. Minibuses or vehicles with more than 8 seats won't be accepted. Very large vehicles and minibuses may be refused if prior arrangements are not made.

If you return late and park for longer than you have booked, extra days parking will be charged at £10 per day or part day after your booked return date. If you return early, please give Airparks as much notice as possible to avoid delays in returning your car.

Birmingham Airparks Meet and Greet with Car Wash

This package includes a hand wash with shampoo and wax to the outside of your car; a door shut and tyre clean, then a leather dry.

Your vehicle will be driven to the terminal after it is cleaned, so occasionally, the vehicle may have picked up some dirt by the time it is returned to you.

Birmingham Airparks Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Birmingham Airparks Meet and Greet is 3.5 from 3 reviews.
Graham Chester

Car collection & delivery car wash...don’t advertise it if it’s not going to be done.
February 9, 2018

L Holloway

My Airparks Birmingham Meet and Greet went smoothly, but there were two minor worries. First, the chap who met me on arrival gave me a receipt note from "Maple Manor" with a different telephone number from the one on my Airparks printout. A few moments of my holiday were spent wondering if I had been the victim of a scam and would I ever see my car again. On return, the telephone operator who answered the "Maple Manor" number had so strong an Asian accent that I had great difficulty understanding her. However, in practice my car arrived in the Valet Parking area at the same time as I did, and it had obviously been washed as per booking. I presume that Airparks and Maple Manor are a joint operation? Or maybe the same firm using two names? It would be useful to have this spelled out to remove the confusion.
June 13, 2017

Mr M Marshall

No problems with drop off or collection, just didn't get the car wash.
May 15, 2017