Birmingham Maple Parking Meet and Greet reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Birmingham Maple Parking Meet and Greet

D Mackintosh

The service cannot be faulted; phone answered promptly, well organised, friendly and courteous staff. Only issue is that it's still quite a walk to the terminal - 5 - 10 minutes depending on your mobility. Not much fun when you've just landed and it's raining. Still had to wait 5 minutes when we got to the car park for car to arrive; still raining.
July 29, 2018


Absolutely fuming, car has less than 2000 on clock, alloy wheel damaged, bumper damaged, filthy dirty, been through sat nav; no home address stored. Onboard computer fiddled with settings changed. Sweet papers left in car. Disgusting. Their response - email us your complaints!
July 18, 2018

Susan Szalapski

Used this service before and was fine. However, this was a totally different experience. Drop off fine apart from the hurry to whisk your car away. I took snap shot of mileage just to make sure. I had valeted my car the afternoon before to ensure all little scratches, dents etc were visible for both parties reassurance. Returned from holiday, car was waiting as stated. Very friendly and efficient rep waiting with car. Walked up to put luggage in the boot and noticed crack in rear lighting . Told the rep immediately and he assured me it would be easy to resolve as they took around 40 photos of my car on my leaving it in their care and they would have logged every bit of damage. I took photos of the damage there and then. Got home and emailed immediately with photos. Responded quickly...saying would investigate. Next day...response inconclusive, damage could not have been done in their storage area.I again wrote saying they would not have missed the damage with their 40 photos. Return email rejecting my claim now saying that my photos were inconclusive...too vague. I have written again and now they are ignoring me. I have not let this go! My Jaguar is my pride and joy. I instructed them to say that they left me no choice but to give this review. When it works well this service is good, when it goes wrong it is infuriating and costly. Take 40 photos of your own before you drop your car off...better still don't use them!! I won't expensive mistake!
July 11, 2018

G Edwards

We left our vehicle which was a pick up truck with a back on it for a week while we went away. When we got back we found it was really dirty, had an extra 75 miles on the clock and had plastic sheeting in the back where something had been on so it must have been used by the staff to collect something or move something around while it was there. I would never use again and wouldn’t recommend.
July 10, 2018

adam woolmer

Dreadful company- avoid at all cost- My windscreen arrived back cracked right across and they never pointed it out at all upon return. Refused to pay the excess of replacement and no response until I called as it is a motability vehicle.Advised I had been prioritised but took nearly a week for decision from Maple Manor- Had to pay excess myself and drive a nearly un fit for purpose vehicle away.
June 26, 2018

Roger Dill-Russell

Had the most appalling ‘Meet &Greet’ experience. Between drop off and return a tyre went flat. We were told this as we waited for delivery in the car park at 02:30 on Sunday morning. We were told that they would offer no help with changing the wheel whatsoever. To top it all, it took 10 minutes to find where the car was! As a middle age man with sciatica, jacking the car, changing the wheel in the cold and dark (it was an unlit area) when tired after a very long day because of fears about what they could be liable for showed no level of customer care at all. Last time we will ever use and WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.
June 5, 2018

Mr A Richardson

No issues
May 15, 2018

T Kirk

This was one of the worst Parking experiences we have encountered. We chose Maple Leaf because it boast "This parking service is perfect for disabled parking", further it states " If you have a Blue Badge you can be met in the disabled parking bays next to the terminal. You'll need to ask for this when you call to say you are 20 minutes away" When we were twenty minutes away we phoned in and made the request detailed above as my wife is disabled and she has a blue card being unable to walk 100 yards, we were advised by the Maple Leaf staff that the blue card system no longer available and that we must go to the Valet area to park our car. On arrival we parked and waited for assistance, we were told we must drag two cases and a large bag across to the terminal ourselves whilst an attendant sorted out a replacement parking ticket, ironically passed the Blue badge parking area! we then had to walk all the way round to JET2 Check in. On return to the UK we again had a bad experience when we again requested to use the Blue Badge parking bays we had seen on our way to check in on the 12th , but was told we had to go to the Valet area to collect our car, we and several others followed poor signs at the airport which again consisted of a long walk thru the Terminal, across the car parking area, across roads with cars and thru barriers to where we originally drove through the same barrier to the area we dropped off our cars. An appalling and frightening walk for anyone, but made so much harder for a disabled person who is 75 years old . LAST TIME WE USE BIRMINGHAM Meet & Great services or MAPLE LEAF MEET and wife needs another holiday to get over this. When we got our car back for our journey home the rear number plate was missing. Photo available
April 27, 2018

Tomasz Sawicki

We were very disappointed with the service, Maple Manor Parking at BIRMINGHAM AIRPORT 1- Someone blocked my navigation in the car. There was a message on the screen '' SD card not inserted '' and it was not possible to use. I had to go to the garage to unlock it. I was suggested that someone unknowingly took out and then put on the SD card which caused the system to block up. Probably to make a copy. 2- The driver's seat was moved in all directions. I understand that it has been moved forward and backward. but why the height, incline, and lumbar settings have been changed ? 3- Climatronic climate control setting was changed. 4- Radio and steering wheel setting was changed. How dare you change so many settings in the car ? I will never use your service anymore and never leave keys to the car anymore Very very poor
April 15, 2018

Gavin Scott

Booked as we thought it would be convenient with having cases, baby, pushchair etc. No mention of how far you have to walk just to get to the terminal! We walked past much more convenient car parks! Plus on our returned we stood outside freezing in the carpark with a baby waiting for 30 minutes for our car to arrive, even though we called ahead. Have used East kids meet and greet and it was great. Would never bother with Birmingham again!
April 2, 2018

A Brooker

All good, meet and greet worked very well. I think you may have to revise your timings that you say it takes to take to walk to the departure terminal, now that you have been moved in the car park. Plus what about a covered walk way to the terminal. Or do you think we should use the normal park and ride?83693
March 29, 2018

Mrs R Barter

This was supposed to be 'Meet and Greet' which I understood was to be drop off and pick up at departures. The parking was nowhere near departures. We had two suitcases and a wheelchair passenger which made it a struggle and the staff were very unhelpful. Take a few tips from other airports Meet and Greet service! Would never use this company again.
January 14, 2018

R Phelps

Meet and greet ? More like Stand and Wait. Flew out from Birmingham on 18th Aug and back on 29th Aug. Had to wait 15 mins for car to be collected (outgoing flight) despite being told that someone would be there when we arrived. We followed instructions and called 15mins prior to arrival. We had to make a further call to Maple Manor to let them know that we had actually arrived. Other people arriving after us were processed first. We were beginning to wonder whether we were invisible. Just seemed chaotic. Had a similar experience on returning, calling ahead once we'd collected our luggage. Despite being told that our car would be waiting we had to make several repeat calls and wait a further 15 mins until our car arrived. Really disappointing. I've used Maple Manor Meet and Greet several times before at Gatwick and have found their service to be top notch. The level of service at Birmingham Airport is shocking. I'll be seeking an alternative company next time.
August 30, 2017


Having read some poor reviews I was a little apprehensive, however all seem very efficient and easy. We arrived, and was greeted by a member of staff who took photos of the car and gave me a receipt for the car key. When we arrived back in the U.K. we phoned after getting our cases and made out way back to the car park we dropped the car off at. Our car arrived back at the car park within 5 minutes and the driver got us a car park ticket for the exit. Everything seems all ok with our vehicle and straight forward service to use.
August 25, 2017

Steve Hammond

Absolute rubbish service. Got my car back in a condition that looked like it had been driven thru mud off road. No explanation. Worst company out. Avoid at all costs.
August 20, 2017

Mr Tadeus Roberts Law

Used Birmingham airport for the first time. The airport is disgustingly dirty. Signage is poor misleading and there are no clear directions to areas like Valet Parking. The baggage return was slow and if there were customer service staff available they must have been in hiding. Trying to find someone who knew anything about online baggage check in departures was laughable in the circumstances. Would not use this airport again.
August 18, 2017

Heather Peaker

Used in Birmingham Airport last month (booked under a different name), have used the meet and greet services previously however the valet parking is not as near to the departure entrance as before (short-stay parking), quite a walk for persons with a disability together with no shelter for inclement weather. Do hope this reverts to nearer the departure/arrivals doors.
July 4, 2017

Julian wood

Service was ok but boy my car has never been in such a state, it was spotless how I always keep it but on return god knows where it had even parked, probably in a brick yard with the thick dirt on it and leaves all down front of bonnet, does make you wonder where they park your vehicle... Will not use again.
July 1, 2017

Yvonne Dean

Had to wait over half an hour for car to arrive and had to ring twice it was after midnight when I finally got my car back, not ideal for women to be stood in a deserted car park for over half an hour
June 27, 2017

B Gibney

Waiting when we arrived. Very efficient hand over on aerial and departure. Will definitely use again.
May 19, 2017