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Bill Dunn

It is disgusting that the company do not mention that the customer must pay the short stay carpark fee £5.50 for drop off and pick up (so £11) until you've booked. Really dishonest! We also had a 20 minute wait at drop off even though we'd phoned as requested 30 mins and 5 mins before arrival. Lastly, my car was driven 26 miles in total, where was it taken? Also having interrogated the computer, whilst they drove it it averaged 22mpg, I average over 40 in London! They thrashed my car, only 26 miles, but poor service. Avoid this firm, do yourself a favour.
October 29, 2018

Jill burrage

Easy instructions and we were met within reasonable time. A little surprised to be instructed to pay the entry car park fee of £5.50(same on exit making £11 extra fee) as I felt sure when I selected this service it said it was included. 20 minute wait for car on arrival home due to all drivers being out on other calls but otherwise very friendly drivers both ends. May consider cheaper parking and shuttle bus next time as didn’t seem to save much time.
September 28, 2018

Heidi Whitfield

Very poor service, phone was not answered, then hung up several times, then spoke to a man who shouted and was rude, no paperwork given and car was returned without BMW on front with no explanation. Will be following up directly but do not recommend using this service.
April 16, 2018

J W Dickins

We had paid for the SPS Meet and Greet-Wash and Vac and were told by the driver who took our car at the start of our holiday that there was no such service. We were therefore duped into paying for a service that didnt exist. We had a long wait for the car on our return, although we appreciate there was snow and ice and that this, perhaps, was one of the contributing reasons for the delay.
April 10, 2018

Peter Coxall

Reasonable service provider. Had to wait a short time for the driver to arrive both in and out, no great issue. Drivers were polite and helpful.
March 11, 2018

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Jonathan Dearman

Drop off & colection service was good however had paid a premium for car to be valeted whilst away. When collected car after holiday the valet hadn’t been done. Spoke to SPS who advised that not a service they offered & advised that mid-representation on this website. Our friends who also travelled with us also had the exact same issue. Wouldn’t use this website again. Poor.
February 20, 2018

Ian Dobson

It did not live up to what it said . My car was not washed and vac; which is the reason I went with you. I seek compensation on this or will never use your service again and furthermore tell people this is the case. The car was delivered on time.
February 17, 2018

David W Miller

The drop off was fine, but the collection was a disaster. We rang to confirm our flight had arrived and were told our car would be with us in 20 mins. We waited and waited and had to ring again. You had sent the wrong car, and it took at least another 20 mins for our car to arrive. The staff on site were fine but the service was poor. We pay a premium for meet and greet, but it would have been quicker to use a bus to one of the car parks.
October 26, 2017

Graham Ellicott

Charged £5 on arrival for the car park ticket when as far as I could see there was no mention of this made in the supplied documentation. Had to return one day early due to industrial action and informed SPS giving 48 hours notice and was told that they would monitor my new inbound flight and meet me which they did but then charged me £20 for coming back early! No mention of this surcharge was given to me when I informed them that I needed to return early. The car appears to have been parked some way away from the airport based on the return odometer readings. Not impressed, would I use the again? Well I'll let you draw your own conclusions.......
October 18, 2017

Melanie Herod

An excellent and friendly service. 20 minute delay waiting for the car on our return but otherwise very good indeed
October 18, 2017