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Aisan Baird

The use of this company was going well until I returned from holiday, very late on a cold evening with two small children. Upon delivery of my vehicle, which seems to be very rushed for some reason, when I got into the car, it didn't start - obviously a flat battery! Bearing in mind that the driver just drove it from where ever it was parked to me at the airport obviously means that the battery was flat when he picked it up, he must have jump started it and brought it over but the drive was not long enough to give the battery any meaningful charge. I have no issues if the battery went dead and the car need a jump start but why not tell me or worse yet, why turn the ignition off and take the keys out at the airport!!! Then when I called to complain about this and ask for someone to come back and just give me a jump start I got a very impatient person on the phone that denied jump starting my car and refused any help whatsoever!!! Nice way to treat your customers. So I was left standing with two kids on a cold night. I guess it could have been worse, my car could have been stolen....
August 3, 2013

Lily clifford

Definitely great service for being on time both departure and return , the telephone also gets answered quickly, the only fault I would find is paying on top , entry and departure ticket of 2.80p and 2.00,this is something I have not done before.
April 28, 2013

Henry Davies

This is a superb service. For the same cost as most other types of parking (including staying at a hotel and using their car park), this wins hands down. No searching for a car park, no waiting for a transfer bus, no crowding on that bus, no long slog up into the airport. We dropped our car off outside the front door having called ahead. We called again on coming through Customs and the car was there for us again. There was no flapping around, we loved it. Thank you.
November 5, 2012

Linda Curley

Excellent service and will use again as guys very helpful, answered phone and were there to wait and take car and on return excellent. Only problem was the car park with BAA working on it on ur return. I will recommend to others Thanks Linda
October 11, 2012

Mark Perry

i arrived on time but had to wait a good 20 mins before i was dealt with. as i had a bag to check in this became a concern. my 5yr old son an I had to run for the plane as it had started to board! We did make it but only just. Had I not had to wait so long for my car to be collected this would not have happened. On my return I had no problems at all and was impressed with the service. I will use S.E.P again but will allow myself more time arriving.
January 1, 2012

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Dave Reid

Yep. Worked exactly as advertised. Polite staff, prompt attention, and we only had to wait 5 mins for delivery on return from our trip. 35 miles was shown as driven on the odometer. This is the second time I've used the service and will do so again.
August 20, 2011

Lynsey Matthews

Excellent service. Booking was inexpensive, easy and quick. The car was collected as soon as we arrived at Stansted and the hand-over was swift. Upon our return, our car was returned within minutes of us getting to the meeting point. The phone operator was friendly, polite and efficient. I would definitely use this service in future and recommend it.
June 28, 2011

Mark Maidwell-Smith

Fairly efficient for departure but excellent on return late in evening following major delays in Stanstead Border Control
April 16, 2011

Andrew Duggan

The arrangements for the drop off of the car worked excellently and we were most impressed. However, on our return journey we were kept waiting 40 minutes for our car to be returned to us. This saved us no time on catching the bus back to the long stay carpark and we were disappointed
April 11, 2010