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"Very convenient! The only problem was on exiting when the machine didn't seem to recognise the special weekend rate - but the man who veru quickly arrived at the barrier sorted it easily."

October 1, 2007

"we found the weekend parking facility in the short term carpark excellent. It meant we could park right beside the main entrance to the airport and didnt have to wait for the courtesy bus, which all takes time. The price was very reesonable. We would definately use this facility again. "

September 25, 2007

"On reaching the barrier at the Short Stay car park there was no information to help me through the barrier, as I had pre-booked and paid for parking. When I pressed the red button no-one replied so I decided to take a ticket and speak to someone in the terminal. On finding that tgere was no-one available to speak to I pressed the red button in the shelter outside and was told that on returning to the airport someone would take my details and register the reference number. When we returned to Newcastle we were told to press the red button at the exit barrier and someone would help. This duly happened and we were allowed to exit from the car park. The lady who we spoke to on exisiting the car park was most helpful. None of the above corresponds to the information given on booking and we found it most confusing. Pat Lowery"

September 17, 2007

"The service was ok. My card didn't work on the way in or way out but the problem was solved with little fuss and quite effciently by the staff at the car park."

September 12, 2007

"can't fault the location of the car park nor the weekend special price. Instructions didn't work on entrance (wouldn't accept my credit card) and I had to buzz to be let out but otherwise fine."

September 11, 2007

"The system worked....almost. The barrier didn't work automatically on entry and then on exit it still asked me for payment. The security staff on duty let me out having taken my booking reference. He said that the weekend special works as far as booking is concerned but that nobody has told the barriers!. A saving of £12.50 on a non booked stay though!"

September 10, 2007

"The car park is well located and there were plenty of spaces. The charge was good value for money. However the instructions on how to enter and exit the carpark are totally inaccurate.I booked On line but I was not able to insert my credit card used to pre book my parking. The card was not recognisedand there was no response from the help button on the entry machine. I had to take a ticket and ring the Car Park admin to see what to do.They told me the machines do not read credit cards and I should on return collect my car and proceed to the exit barrier. My payment card was again not recogised and I had to be released from car park by using the help button on the exit machine. This caused unecessary stress as I was worried I would be charged at the normal rate for a short stay car park RATHER THAN THE WEEKEND SPECIAL. cAN YOU CONFIRM THIS IS NOT THE CASE? Can you also get the paper work to provide the correct instructions? "

September 4, 2007

"Ideally situated without any hassle to and from the airport, would definetly use again"

August 28, 2007

"I used the short stay car park over the weekend 26th - 29th July '07. The overall experience was very good though I did encounter problems with the machine not accepting my debit card both entering and leaving. On the way in I finally managed to gain entry after a couple of attempts, however on exit I had to ask for assistance at the barrier. The attendant, accessed via the help button, raised the barrier promptly after some two or three minutes of trying. I would use the car park again, it was good value and quick and we were soonon our way, no waiting for mini-buses or taxi's. It will be easier next time now we know how the system works."

July 30, 2007

"The booking process was straight forward and stress free. However, on arrival at the airport the credit card used to book the car parking was not recognised. We encountered the same problem when trying to leave the car park after our trip and had to call for assistance. Initially we were told we had parked in the wrong car park and there was not a weekend rate available so we would have to pay full price to exit the car park. After giving our booking reference we were then told someone would come down to speak to us about this. A security guard eventually arrived to raise the barrier and explained that this is a frequent problem with this booking tariff. The short stay parking is more reasonably priced than the long stay car park for a weekend break, but certainly more hassle to use."

July 25, 2007

"I was impressed with the ease of booking on the website, and the weekend special rate was OK (still a little too expensive). Main problem was that after paying online, I was supposed to arrive at the barrier, enter my credit card, which I did, and then the machine issued a ticket. When I came to leave at the end of the stay, I put in the ticket, expecting the barrier to go up, but it didn't, and the machine demaned £37.50, apparently not realising I had already paid online. I then had to call for assistance, and get the barrier raised from the control office, which meant I was sat there for 5 minutes or so. "

June 25, 2007

"Online transaction was well presented and intuative to use. Unfortunately there was a problem at the barier in that the payment card would not be accepted - it appeared to be a scanning problem. This took some 20mins to resolve with us firstly having to gain permission to exit the car park and then retry enty which failed again. This resulted in us having to obtain a further entry ticket and go immediately to catch our plane. On our return this appeared to be a widespread problem with an attendant on stand by at the exit to grant permisson to exit having reviewed our booking documentation."

June 21, 2007