Manchester Airport Multi-Storey Terminal 3 reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Manchester Airport Multi-Storey Terminal 3

Paul Roden

Couldn’t get on car park, then had to wait 10 minutes for an attendant who despite us having a voucher and receipt wouldn’t let us on, had to take a token and promise to pay at the end of my trip. Office not open Sat pm or Sunday, further phone calls before a vague promise that they would refund my fee if I had to pay again on exiting the car park. On return unable to exit via ANPR, waited for an attendant who used his pass to let us off the car park. A lot of worry and time waisted.
January 29, 2019

D Brown

I wanted an easy park close to the terminal. It was close but the number plate readers didn’t read my number plate and so I had to take a token which then made getting out of the park much more difficult
January 20, 2018

Matthew Thompson

Having booked through your site, I was told that I was actually parking with "" (or something like that) but no description of exactly WHERE that was. There were no signs to be seen anywhere with either your or securepark's name. On on arrival at the Multi-story, a sign did set out the charges that WOULD be incurred if I entered, so I drove around for another 15 min looking for the correct car park! You need a sign at the entrance so your customers know they are in the right place and clearer instructions upon booking.
October 5, 2017

G Ashton

Great. I prepaid for two days parking. On arrival the plastic disc did not drop down. My flight was three hours late coming back to Manchester but when I drove to the barrier it raised immediately...wonderful! Will use you again.
June 14, 2017

R Zera

convenient service, very expensive, £47 for little more than 24hours!
March 29, 2017

M Middlehurst

Great no problems
February 21, 2017

M Hindle

Parking arrangements went like a breeze, no issues or problems with good communication and clear instructions from the company, would definitely use again.
February 10, 2017

Donna Henstead

Great! Slightly confusing in that the instructions say to head to "short stay T3 parking" - not the multi-storey which it actually was. Also booking instructions advises that on entry the machine will issue a token - this didn't happen & doesn't apparently for pre-booked parking - so instructions definitely need updating. Otherwise, no issues - convenient location for T3
November 21, 2016

E Lloyd

Excellent. So stress free. Will definitely use again.
October 31, 2016

D Davies

No conflicts of interest here readers, just a traveller wanting best parking options. Used Airport Park Shop to quickly see options and prices. Surprisingly the short term parking booked in advance was cheaper than either the long term parking or the meet and greet services. So bit of a no brainer there. If it weren't for a quick and easy comparison site i would've reluctantly chosen the long term parking on the assumption it would be much cheaper. Payment process is quick, i took a printed copy of the receipt (with booking number) just in case; i didn't need it but some reviewers here have commented about issues, so i took it in case. Drove up to barrier at entry and held my breath. You don't need to do anything, not even wind the window down as its all done by number plate recognition. Two seconds later up goes the barrier. On the way out four days later, same story, held my breath, two second delay, up goes the barrier. I drive a battered old Yaris and i haven't cleaned it in some months, so the number plate is not pristine and it worked ok for me. No complaints, will definitely use again. Safe journeys to you all.
October 7, 2016

Peter Lyon

Convenient location, easy to find a space (at 4:30 am!), would certainly use again for the right price.
October 7, 2016

Mr Beddow

All went fine. Just be aware they don't issue tokens anymore just drive in and out. Also the car park isn't called short stay on the signs,it is the multistorey.
September 23, 2016

Mrs Yvonne Winrow

No problems at all, drove to barrier, it opened. Same again on exiting after my holiday. Will definitely use again.
July 6, 2016

Mr Singh

Very quick easy and value for money
June 6, 2016

Mrs P Cresswell

very easy to book and no issues at the barrier all very smooth
May 26, 2016

S Finlay

Parking on this particular car park made the journey to and from our destination overseas so much more pleasant and stress free We didn't get wet transferring from the car to airport and it enabled us to get a quick getaway when arriving back at Manchester. We would definitely use this car park again. The charges compared favorably with a return taxi.
April 7, 2016

K Evans

Great location Took a while to find a space
January 3, 2016

S Gillard

When leaving the car park after a week away I put the token in the machine and it was asking for another £304 and to top it off the women on the intercom was very rude. In the end it was sorted.
October 18, 2015

A Ogden

faultless- would highly recommend to family and friends - takes the stress out of relying on a taxi to pick you up- just come out of arrivals -straight to the multi car park - luggage in the back of the car and away -
August 18, 2015

Mr P Mcdonald

It's just as it says, perfect location, could do with more signs to tell you where you are inside the multi story car park eg floor level, otherwise fine.
November 8, 2014