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Tony Marples

Actually finding the entrance to T1 parking is a joke. Several cars couldn't find the entrance and ended up having to pay £3 just to go round again and have another try. Second time round, still confused, stopped & asked a taxi driver where the entrance was. Head to the left towards the NO ENTRY sign, and take a very sharp, almost hidden, turn left, et voila!
March 18, 2019

Margaret Holland

T1 multi is great because you can just walk in to the airport no stress. The signage is not good this is stressful. Our paperwork said you must park in short stay up the ramp but it does not say short stay, it says multi-storey. Our reg was not recognised but it gave us a token and the barrier went up. On our return we arrived at the barrier and it would not accept the token on the screen it said the fee to pay was £775.00. We pressed to speak to the operator, he took all our details and said we should not have been given a token? They still had our car booked in from a trip we had taken in September once we explained this was a new booking and we had already paid online he lifted the barrier and off we went. Upsetting and stressful when you have previously booked and paid online. My strong advice print all paperwork keep it to hand entering and leaving the car park.
October 10, 2018

Stephen O'Brien

I have been in worse multi-storey car parks, but not many. This is not suitable for an airport. The spaces are too small, there is not enough information. The entrance and exits are too narrow; the guy in front of me could not reach the machine and then couldn't open his door, he ended up leaning precariously out of his window. It is like a car park from the sixties.
October 4, 2018

Jaskiran Sandhu

Got to the car to find it broken into and valuables that we’d hidden inside the glove compartment taken. This was level 11 green and I got to the car early hours of Monday morning. The security were surprised when I pointed out other cars that had also been done. It’s laughable that I was doing their job!! It’s a complete shambles and an utter disgrace. Got the response from the police that they can’t investigate it further and a reply from Manchester Airport that they can’t offer any recompense. Forget the valuables at least refund the parking cost!!!! Absolute joke. Avoid at all costs.
September 7, 2018

Joanne Smithe

Arrived back to car in early hours of this morning to find car had been broken into, along with at least 6 others on Level 11 Green. Lots of window glass on other levels suggests this is happening to multiple cars on a regular basis. No way is that many cars an strange occurance as customer support tried to fob me off with. I have used Birmingham car parks and East Mids on many occaisions as I am a frequent flyer, never seen cars done over there. This carpark is not safe to leave your car. Just look at the amount of glass and how many cars have plastic covers over broken windows, the only thing they do after it has been broken into. No security patrols and no cameras, if there was then these break ins would not be so high in number.
July 9, 2018

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Martin Cobley

Booking the car parking on line was an easy process although the return email took some time to come through, only just within the 24 hour window. The instructions in the emails told me to go to the short stay car park however the labelling at Manchester airport is for parking A and B. I went up the ramp as instructed (car park A) however the barrier did not lift as expected and I couldn't see an intercom button so had to take a token. Not knowing if I was in the correct car park I exited at the first opportunity but was charged £4 for an hours parking. I went to car park B where the barrier again didn't lift automatically but there was an intercom where I was able to talk to someone who advised me to take a token and this would be fine. On exit when I put the token in the barrier lifted quickly so this was fine as advised. However I had to park on the roof due to a lack of space anywhere else and spent £4 that I wouldn't have had to if the instructions were more explicit
April 9, 2018

Sophia Crowney

What an absolute joke from start to finish. Booked for two weeks was over priced for a start. Meet and greet is a big lie i wasnt met or greeted by anyone. Was spoke to over a radio when first arrived and told to park my car myself and go to that office. Walked over for 'me' to greet 3 men sitting behind a desk with the facial expressions of wet fish. Handed over my key and was told car would be waiting for me upon return another lie. Was given a card was told all i needed for collection. Upon return followed instructions on the back of the card which took me to another level of airport for absolutely no reason was then sent on a wild goose chase around the airport following signs that pointed you in the direction of meet and greet to end up in a derelict car park with no meet and greet and no car or no office. After 10 minutes with 2 small overtired children after a 9 hour flight asked a car park attentent for help who literally saved the day as i would still be there looking now. He took my collection card and found the office which has just moved but your meant to be a mind reader to know this. He said my car could be anywhere so he helped and went looking himself the man behind the desk told him i need my passport before he gave me key and was just generally rude. The car park attendant came to collect us and take us to the hidden office where the same miserable man met and greeted us LIE! I didnt need passport another LIE. So overall if you want to drive all the way the airport park car yourself walk to office yourself met and greet people who clearly love life leave them your car for 2 weeks then go on a man hunt to find your car when you return book this. I could of saved myself the drive and just got a transport.
October 26, 2017

Robert Swain

Normally, I would score this a 5 but recently it has gone downhill. The problem is booking in excess of 8 days. I have used Manchester Airport Terminal 1 & 2 frequently for years but now the system will not allow booking for more than 8 days. As my wife and I have got older and my wife's health has suffered, parking right next to the terminal is a blessing. It has always been expensive but worth it. I booked Terminal 2 multi storey back in December 2016 for a break of 18 days in the Canaries in November 2017 and the booking was accepted at a price of £105. Unfortunately we were travelling with Monarch and upon its collapse we immediately rebooked with Jet2 which leaves from Terminal 1. On trying to change the booking from T2 to T1 carpark, Holiday Extras told me that there is no space in T1. Strange that when I go on line and book it in 3 parts, surprise surprise, it IS available but at a cost of £185. So I either stay put and walk from T2 carpark to T1 departures or pay an extra £80!
October 3, 2017

Phillip Carl Stafford Challinor

First class - easy, close to terminal and everything went smoothly
May 13, 2017

M Davies

Good as always
May 6, 2017