Manchester Jet Parks 3 reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Manchester Jet Parks 3

S Skinner

Never again. I used Jetparks 3 for the first time on 8 March 2019 as the usual longstay carpark was not available. I have never experienced such a chaotic airport parking experience from start to finish. First of all I couldn't get into the carpark as the numberplate recognition system appeared to have failed. Despite frantically pressing the help button on the entry system for around 10 minutes there was no answer. My partner left the vehicle to find a human being but the carpark was entirely unstaffed and I assume the bus drivers are not required to offer assistance. When I eventually got in (no explanation or apology for why barrier failed and why no one answered the call button for 10-15 mins) there was no where to park and vehicles were driving around in circles trying to find a space. There is no working electronic system to point you in the direction of spaces. The carpark is an odd shape and there were some spaces but they were very difficult to locate. The carpark is potholed with a rough surface filled with water. Not ideal for luggage. The buses take an age to arrive. There appear to be no more than 1-2 running at any one time. The other people waiting at the bus stop said they had been there some time. The bus then took around 25 mins to reach the terminal spending the first 10 mins driving around the car park. It took almost an hour from trying to enter the carpark to reach the terminal. Given that this is an onsite carpark, this timescale is ridiculous. Our return experience was little better. As we approached the terminal bus pick up point, a bus was pulling off. We flagged it down, the driver stopped, opened the door, shouted rudely across to us that he was holding traffic up (no one behind bus at all) closed the door and drove off. This meant a 20-25 mins wait for the next bus so again it was around 45 mins from standing at the bus stop to reach the car. Unless you have lots of time and enjoy a poor service with rude bus drivers go elsewhere.
March 20, 2019

Stacey Carter

Absolutely diabolical service, 50-minute wait for a ‘regular bus’ only for it to drive past full! Shocking, don’t use these
March 19, 2019

Chris Fletchet

Absolute shambles and completly over priced, don’t normally use Jet Parking and certainly will not again, unfortunately had to book parking last minute and Jet Park 3 was only option, £89 for 3 days, daylight robbery. Use the Meet & Greet and make sure you book in advance. As for the parking arrived just aftetv7pm and by the time I’d found parking and waited for bus took 50 mins to get to T3. No parking attendants in sight, just huge rambling site where your left to fend for your self, would certainly not recommend to loan female, the place is totally isolated, for the money they charge it should have attendants on site, avoid.
March 11, 2019

Donna McMinn

Returned to find our bed car had been hit on rear snd someone had wiped with hand to try and hide, tight under a camera mast, car park were not interested in the slightest so will never use again due to their attitude and unhelpfulness
February 27, 2019

Mr Richard Ellis

Returned on 12 Feb 19 to find a rodent had nawed through boot of car and nawed back seat of car causing considerable damage. After looking at reviews on different sites this seems to be happening more often
February 15, 2019


Terrible information regarding Long Stay closures caused me to miss a flight to Indonesia. Pre-Booking is a must right now, but the Manchester Airport Parking site doesn't give much of a warning. JetParks needs better signs especially with the new road layout and closed routes as not everyone has navigation!
February 10, 2019

Mark Buchan

Had difficulty getting out of the car park on our exit, did not recognise the reg, scanned our paperwork bar code, still could not get out, could not get an answer from the help desk, reversed out from the barrier, exited a different barrier it worked with our reg number.
January 3, 2019

Gemma Foster

Never had a problem with their parks 1 and 2. Jet parts 3 service was shocking. Was left waiting at a bus stop for an hour with no pick up. Buses were either full or drove straight past. Nearly missed our flight and was left out in the cold with a young child. Don't offer a service that you can't provide.
October 27, 2018

Mark Crowther

I have just come back off my holiday now looking into how to getting compensation. Had a really bad experience booking jet parks 3. Barrier not working properly , time driving round to find a car park and then waiting over 50 mins for a bus to drop us off at the terminal. Got to the checking desk to be told that we missed the flight by 5 mins. Had to pay any wait for another flight. Just wondered if anybody as ever been successful in getting compensation, if so how and if there were any contact numbers.
October 15, 2018

Geoff Ward

Avoid this option unless you have to!...Came across 2 bus drivers during my experiences with them (22nd Sept 7am) and (Sept 29th 1pm)...Both as ignorant and obnoxious as the other!...I can totally understand the other negative reviews...Customer service at its worst!!...Try a different job guys!!!
October 8, 2018

Steve Horton

Jet parks3 September18th. This is the second time we’ve used this car park never again. Arrived with plenty of time luckily as we had to drive around for 40 minuets to find a place, very difficult to find a spot needed to reverse up and down rows as not every one had an exit. Just missed the bus had to wait another 25 minuets in the pouring rain, the bus shelter was useless as facing the runway it just drove in we were soaked and my wife was shivering. When the bus attempted to call the helpline we were passed onto another number which was out of use, when the bus arrived it was packed. On our return at midnight we collected our car and joined the other cars at the exit barrier obviously the MPR system was not working and a large queue formed people were trying to get help on the intercom without success, soon a bus came but couldn’t get out as all exits were blocked by queuing cars the driver also couldn’t get any assistance either so shaking his head he simply tore the barrier off so he and everyone else could drive out
October 7, 2018

Carole Leece

After a very late flight we left a rucksack containing 2 iPads on the bus has proved impossible to contact the company re lost property!! The helpline isn't operational any links to contact via email doesn't work. Attempts to get any information from the airport itself have been fruitless despite having to wait in a queue of at least 9 each time ...nightmare!!!
October 7, 2018

Sheila Hough

Came back from holiday early morning 16 September asked the driver if it was the right bus for jet park 3plus he said there was no such thing asked again if it was the right bus he got angry and started shouting at us we are pensioners my husband is 73 the driver said if he couldn't put the cases in the rack we would have to get off the bus my husband could not lift 20kg luggage above his head to put on rack ( no space anywhere else ) luckily a young man helped us I was disgusted with this driver we've used jet parks for years with no problems but because of this one man won't be using you again taxis for us in future did put a letter of complaint (this review is only the tip) but got reply still feel angry spoiled the end of holiday
September 26, 2018

gary morrissey

After dropping car off had to wait 45 minutes for a bus. We had even started walking to the gate to ring a taxi as we were very worried. Coming back again a 40 minute. Phone number out of order. I emailed to complain and got a cut and pasted message back thanking me for my feedback. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.
September 11, 2018

tharmalingam senthilkumaran

Great service and decent price ..
September 11, 2018


Everything went smoothly; easy parking, regular bus service to and from terminals. No problems. Would deffo use again.
September 6, 2018

D Pritchard

Found jetparks 3 easy enough, drove to barrier which immediately opened after recognising our car number plate, quickly found a space and waited for a bus to arrive in about 5 minutes. On return waited at clearly marked bus stop outside terminal 1 for 5 minutes. Leaving jet parks 3 drove to barrier which again immediately opened. All in all a simple process which we couldn't recommend highly enough.
August 16, 2018

Angela Taylor

I’ve always used Jetparks but on the 27/07/18 we waited a hour for a bus and one drove past us. I’ve never ever had a problem before but waiting a hour is just beyond a joke. We only just made our flight. Peak times they should send more buses after all they do say every 15 minutes?
August 5, 2018

Olivia Brierton

We drove down from Scotland to fly from Manchester. When we arrived we noticed 3/4 cars had their windows patched up. When we returned from our holiday the car next to ours had their window smashed and all items from the glove box were scattered around the car. Break ins clearly happen all the time here. I will definitely not be using this car park again!
July 28, 2018

I Neagu

July 24, 2018