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Alan Brockett

Took rather a long time to get our car back at the MS car park
April 15, 2019

J Hamilton

On entering the area for meet and greet we unknowingly went through the barrier which charges £1 per minute. There was no clear signs saying we should stay to the left. The Swift parking attendant laughed and said everyone gets caught out like that but don’t worry it will be fine he said. This isn’t Swifts fault, rather an issue with Luton Airport. Anyway, the process of dropping off the car, apart from the worry bead about the initial ticket which required our bank card details at the barrier, we thought went well. On our return from our holiday we hoped the process would be quick and smooth as it has been with other companies. We called after we got our luggage and were told it would be 15mins max before our car arrived at the designated spot. By the time we got to the agreed place we waited, waited, waited and waited. We asked the attendant at the desk where our car was and he said any minute now and it will be with you. We continued waiting. It was now 30mins after we’d arrived to get the car. We asked again and were told the guy with our car had gone on a Tea Break!!! So why did he say he’d be 15mins? By the time the car arrived it was nearly a 50minute wait! We could have caught the bus and gone to the offsite car par in quicker time at a lesser cost. The attendant in a surly way, thrust our car keys at us and said Bye in a cross voice when my husband said he was disappointed with the service. We won’t be using them again! If they’d been honest and said the driver needed a break when we first called them, we’d have gone and had a bite to eat in the airport. Poor Customer Service and very disappointing!
April 9, 2019

Howard Marriott

Great experience from start to finish, totally stress free. Amir is a credit to the company.
April 3, 2019

Caroline Thurlow

We used this company in February First Class service from start to finish would definitely use again and recommend
March 23, 2019

Hannah Warren

Took ages to get through on the phone and we are currently waiting in the cold with a tiny baby, still no sign and it’s been half an hour, avoid this company, there must be better options.
March 17, 2019


Had to wait over an hour on my return to Luton for a 'meet and greet' parking. This is not a meet and greet service, you are better getting a bus to the short/mid day. I have tried for the last few weeks to get a response by email and have heard nothing back. Avoid this company at all costs,
March 15, 2019


CRASHED MY CAR and won't give insurance details. Left my car at Luton airport for a week and on coming back to collect my car I am meeting with a smashed in front end, bent wing, hole in the bumper, scuffs all down the side of my car. Had them report it straight away and take pictures. Took names. Was forced to drive home a potentially unsafe vehicle as was just told to e-mail customer services. This was now over eight weeks ago and my car is still with my own insurance company whilst they are trying to resolve the matter with swift airport parking as they will not give insurance details etc. They tried to send me chips away to repair £3k worth of damage in the open air. Had to involve my own insurers. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!
March 11, 2019

Kelly Walsh

Had a very bad experience with Swift last weekend. An hour wait in the multi-storey car park, waiting with two very young children. Representatives of Swift in the car park and over the phone very unhelpful, unwilling to tell us where our car was! Will never use again.
February 25, 2019

Kevin Shannon

Drop off fine but had to wait 1 1/2 hours for car on return. Made first phone call at 22.42 and my car was finally returned to me at 10 minutes past midnight. The wait for my car was longer than my flight - ridiculous. Couldn't recommend in any way.
February 25, 2019

Alice Clarkson

Complete shambles. Couldn't get through on the phone for 15minutes. When I got through I was told there would be a long wait for my vehicle. When arrived at the pick up point there were lots of people already waiting and there was no sign of any staff. Tried to call again to get some information but yet again couldn't get through. Definitely would not use again and DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!
February 24, 2019

Diane Rees

The very worst company to deal with. Rude and inefficient and we waited ages to pick up our car.
February 23, 2019

Phil Marsh

Don’t bother! Go in the long stay - it’s quicker and easier.
February 2, 2019

S Webb

Disgraceful. Car return took over an hour. Staff could not have been less helpful. Such was the lack of information (no calls were answered and the people in the car park didn’t know what was going on) I thought I was going to have to call the Police. Unbelievable. Go long term.
January 28, 2019

Harriett Ollennu

This service is far from swift. Dropping off I had to wait in the cold for the attendant to find my booking and then I was asked to move my car as I was parked in the ‘bosses parking spot’, which looked like all the other parking spots. When they drove my car away they screeched along the car park! Picking up my vehicle I had to wait 30 minutes in the freezing cold although I had called ahead and was told my car would be at the car park within 30 minutes. There is nowhere warm to wait and there’s absolutely no customer service.
January 20, 2019

Asif Hussain

Best experience ever for parking. Very helpful staff and best of all CHEAPEST. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Ease of use.
December 4, 2018

Mr Phillip William Louis Serth

Very bad experience with this Firm. We have had to submit a Written Complaint to the Firm. The directions were appalling as instead of the service being in front of the Short Term Car Park it has moved temporarily to Level 3 of the Multi-Storey Car Park due to Groundwork improvements at Luton Airport. The signage to the Multi-Storey Car Park was extremely confusing and we ended up in the Passenger Terminal Drop Off area and had to pay £4.00 to get out of this area ! The Staff greeting on arrival were not particularly polite or helpful on our outward journey (away 4 weeks) but were fine on our return journey. Longish walk to the Passenger Terminal with lots of Heavy Luggage and Trolleys on Level 3 very sparse. More serious were the paint scratches on both sides of the front of my 6 month old expensive £40,000.00 Car which had obviously occurred in the Long Term Car Parking they did for 4 weeks. Despite many emails they are not responding properly or dealing with the Car Paintwork Scratches to the Car Front on both sides. They just do not send proper replies or deal with our Complaint at all. I am having to consider more serious action now.
November 3, 2018

Adam klein

Verry good
October 23, 2018

Sergiu Hirit

Damaged paint on two wheels, and the valet after bringing me the car told me that the car has good power.
October 12, 2018

Charles Allday

Had no issues at all. Staff were polite. Car had 4 miles on the clock and no marks or scratches. It was ready at the multi storey car park on level three as we got there. I phoned from the plane on landing.
October 7, 2018

Terry Marsh

Swift lost our car keys and didn't admit for an hour they were lost. My tired family were literally left out in the cold. No compensation given. No complaints process in place. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.
September 25, 2018


Very unhappy we have expensive car and somebody used it during my holiday!!!! my radio and heating was changed, bad experience never back again.
September 16, 2018


Received a parking fine for their illegal parking of my car a few days after returning from holiday. Not Happy and, to date, they have no interest in refunding me.
August 31, 2018


We used their service during our recent summer holiday. Dropped and collected the car with no problem. Next day we began to receive parking fines totalling £500 from the car park at the rail station. When we rang the swift service they said they were aware of the problem. But hadn’t had the decency to tell us. We’ve no idea whether we need the pay the fines but suspect it will be our only choice.
August 28, 2018

Martin Evans

Just received 5 parking tickets for car while with Swift . Stay away. I'm going to sue.
August 28, 2018

vipul patel

4 parking tickets whilst my car was under the care of swift parking. Total and utter waste of time. DO NOT USE. YOUR CAR IS AT RISK WITH THEM.
August 25, 2018

Lucia G

Left my car with meet and greet trusting that they will look after the car while in their care. Received A phone calls from police, that my car which was parked in the train station had been broken in. Window broken, sat nav stolen etc. Swift replaced the window but did not refund me or buy me a new sat nav. No real customer service phone nr that was ever answer, at least they could clean the mess after the breaking in, all the glass and paper work on the back seat and under the seats. Truly spoiled our holiday having to worry about the above. I will not recommend ever
August 25, 2018

Elaine Sidhu

So....four months on from paying for a valet and it not being done, I still have not received a refund nor any replies to my e mails - which have all been polite and measured.
August 13, 2018

Andrew Reichwald

I used Swift Airport parking twice in two months and on both occasions my car was returned with serious scratching. This was pointed out to the on-site staff and photos were taken. I sent full details, as requested, onto the customer services website. I was promised a response ‘by next Friday‘ twice but I have heard nothing. I complained to Luton Airport but was told it was not their responsibility. I strongly advise not to use this company!
August 7, 2018

Sarah Taylor

I use meet and greet a lot but thus time I used swift. I was disgusted to see my bracelet and watch was pinched out of my car and not only that I waited 55 mins for my car to be given to me. The attendant was rude and didn’t have a clue what had happened to my car!! I have tried to complain but two days of calling their customer line and all it does is cut off after a few rings. Thus has got to be the worst meet and greet ever!!! Do yourself a favour and pay the extra £10 if so and give your car to the professional company who also supply meet and greet. Swift airport parking is disgraceful!!!
June 19, 2018

Irma Rekic

Do not book with these. I booked under looking4 green park and ride which is part of Swift. I found a clearly fresh scratch on my car upon my return and was told to ring 03333216212 or email. I emailed with evidence and they gave no response. When I called up there was no answer on the above number. Literally no communication. I will never use these again. Awful communication and service and I’m angry at the attendants who scratched the car!!
June 17, 2018