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"I use meet and greet a lot but thus time I used swift. I was disgusted to see my bracelet and watch was pinched out of my car and not only that I waited 55 mins for my car to be given to me. The attendant was rude and didn’t have a clue what had happened to my car!! I have tried to complain but two days of calling their customer line and all it does is cut off after a few rings. Thus has got to be the worst meet and greet ever!!! Do yourself a favour and pay the extra £10 if so and give your car to the professional company who also supply meet and greet. Swift airport parking is disgraceful!!!"

June 19, 2018

"Do not book with these. I booked under looking4 green park and ride which is part of Swift. I found a clearly fresh scratch on my car upon my return and was told to ring 03333216212 or email. I emailed with evidence and they gave no response. When I called up there was no answer on the above number. Literally no communication. I will never use these again. Awful communication and service and I’m angry at the attendants who scratched the car!!"

June 17, 2018

"Still sat here an hour after first call after being told 20mins. It’s 00.54 and cold. No one to help on site and the number has an arrogant man who couldn’t care less when you get your car. This has to be the worst service ever"

June 14, 2018

"00.56 in the morning and still waiting after 40 mins in the cold for car to be delivered. Use long stay! Would be cheaper and quicker.swift cannot meet the demand to offer a Swift Service. Never again and always use park and ride."

May 22, 2018

"Had I read the reviews I wouldn’t have booked with them but I can confirm the previous comments that the service is a joke. Along with others I was left waiting almost an hour on my return to Luton. One guy had been waiting 90’! When it turned out our cars hadn’t even moved they took us in a minibus to their parking lot to collect them! Whole thing was a farcical - never again! “Swift” - hardly! “Cowboys” would be more appropriate"

May 17, 2018

"We have used Swift meet and greet at Luton for years and were always really pleased with the service. However, the drop off/pick up point has recently been relocated to the multi storey car park. The staff are still as polite and professional as they always were and the drop off just as efficient but on the last 2 occasions that we have used them we had to wait over 15 minutes for the car return - both times late at night and in the cold. Unfortunately, its now not only cheaper to stay in mid/long term car parking its also more convenient when returning. Shame - was a great service before the move."

May 8, 2018

"Really bad service from start to finish staff are very rude and try to intimidate you if let them. Do NOT USE this outfit while the instructions clearly state that you should ring before collecting your car 40 minutes before, the team leader couldn't understand why I didn't when I explained I was In the air at the time and using a cell phone is not permitted he made us wait 30minutes for our vehicle to returned to us.

During that 30minute period I saw customers cars being driven in and out of the carpark and was astonished at how they where being treated and how fast they where being driven around.

I certainly wont be using this company again."

April 26, 2018

"Had a very bad experience with this parking. I left my car there for a week. When I got back I had a smell in the car (seemed like urine).
I had looked at the car and it happened to be something in the boot, which should not be used by the drivers. After contacting them they told me that they are going to check the CCTV cameras to see what has happened which should have been done in 24 hours.
When I contacted customer service regarding this matter the person was really rude. After few calls he told us to send a quote for the cleaning and never got back to me.
I tried calling customer several times service but nobody picked up. Also no answer to any of my email.
Very bad experience with this parking."

April 21, 2018

"Slow wait to drop off, on a rushed business trip so didn’t check paperwork and was not advised to call at landing to ensure car was ready on my return to carpark. As such long wait of 20minutws for car before navigating a long drive home. Would recommend short stay unless absolutely necessary as disorganised chaos. Having used meet and greet Manchester and Birmingham, Luton is a mess."

April 10, 2018

"Expensive and a total waste of time. Waited 30 mins for car to arrive in cold multi-storey car park when I could have paid less for multi-storey parking and been on my way quicker - DON’T BOOK"

April 9, 2018

"Wait over 1,5h for car!!! Phone no answer."

April 9, 2018

"Meet service was ok. No real customer service. Had booked a Gold valet and when my car was returned it had not been done. No one was interested and just said "oh well get your money back". No one took responsibility. It was no ones problem. Had to speak to 5 people before I was finally told to email my complaint.
Waited 25 mins for car to b returned.
Not worth the money. Will not use again"

April 7, 2018

"Saturday 24th March 2018 we called 3 times it took 47 minutes to get my vehicle delivered very poor customer service"

March 28, 2018

"This was a terrible service. I will never use it again. It is worse than any other airport parking service we have used over the past 10 years. We waited almost an hour for our car after getting back late at night. It would have been cheaper and quicker to use the long-stay carpark at Luton as we have done in the past. A waste of money."

February 17, 2018

"Waited more than two hours to get our car back!

The take-over of my car at the return at Luton airport (see booking reference below) was the worst experience I've ever had with a curtesy parking! After calling swift under the given number on my return someone told me that due to delayed flights we will get our car back in between 30 and 45 minutes. We should stay in the airport terminal and not come to the carpark and we will get a call when the car is available.

After no one called after 40 minutes we decided to go to the carpark and ask for our car there. Unfortunately the swift staff was not able to tell us when we could take-over our car and still kept telling us it will take 40 minutes. The staff was very unfriendly and not helpful. So we decided to wait at the carpark and realised that there were another eight families waiting for their cars. After another 40 minutes we called the customer service again, but they couldn't tell us more about it and finally just hung up!

The behaviour of the swift staff was far away from being engaged or even customer friendly! As they were not able to tell us more about our cars, one of the waiting families even called the police and another family with two small kids decided to go back to the airport building, because it was freezing cold (-3 degrees celsius). It took your staff another 30 minutes to get our car, so that we were waiting more than 2 hours in total to get our car back!

No apologies and another five minutes waiting to get the ticket to get our of the car park!
And after I wrote a clomplaint to the customers service e-mail address I had, I just recieved the answer that this e-mail address does not exist."

January 12, 2018

"Dropping the car and collecting the car happened smoothly but when I left I had a bottle of wine which I left in my car, when I came back the bottle was gone. Bad experience I will never use it again"

January 5, 2018

"As others have mentioned a rebrand might improve accuracy as "swift" is not really part of the experience. Going out they lost my booking and we had to ring three times before they picked up. Delayed by writing a manual booking form at the drop off. Coming back 4 missed calls before getting hold of them, then a half hour plus wait for the car - even though it obviously was not busy. Find another operator. The service here is pretty pants."

January 3, 2018

"Awful. Took one 1h 40 mins to get my car back. Incredible rudeness from the member of Swift staff at Luton Meet and Greet. Lots of lies and changes of story from two members of staff. Horrendous. A vile experience. I will never use Swift Meet and Greet car parking service again."

December 30, 2017

"Whoever is reading this review, please, do yourself a big favor and avoid this service at all costs. We had to wait for 1hr and 30 minutes for our car to be returned. I realised that there's something wrong when I gave the ticket to the attendant as he looked grumpy and lost. I asked him straight away how long it's gonna take the car to arrive and he couldn't answer, so we stayed for 45 minutes in freezing cold and then he offered us to go back to the terminal and wait there. After another 45 minutes he called. We were not the only ones waiting."

December 28, 2017

"Very poorly organised. Waited 50 minutes for my car to be delivered back to me despite ringing them at baggage like suggested. Scuffs on my car which were not there before. They ask you to sign a document before hand and then do their checks on the vehicle so not really any way to prove it as they amend the signed document after you leave. Would not recommend"

October 25, 2017

"Collected the car at 11pm so it was dark. After leaving Luton town lights from oncoming traffic revealed smears on windscreen unable to proceed as smears right in my eye line, had to pull over and try to wipe away not very successfully. I know they were not there when I dropped the car off as I had ensured the windsreen was clean as I was driving in the dark for both journeys. My radio had been tampered with the DAB has been tuned out and the FM retuned to another channel. Lastly I found two half drunk bottles of water and a soft drink in the back of the car, there was also grit and dirt on the back seat. So it appears that a number of people had been using my car to have a break in perhaps. Needless to say I am very unhappy with this company, have spoken to them directly and emailed them with photos. I am still waiting for a response. Though the person I spoke to could not have sounded less concerned."

September 24, 2017

"Firstly I would like to point out this is not meet and greet, it's park, wait and then walk!
Drop off was fairly smooth, however they were very busy and it took the best part of half an hour from dropping the car off to checking in.

On my return I called the number provided, it took me three attempts to get through, to be told my car would be returned in 20 minutes, they had my flight number so I would expect it to be returned automatically to the car park, 20 minutes turned into 40, I was not impressed to say the least!
I would also like to point out that they had altered several settings in the car, I understand the mirrors, however they also took my lights off Auto, changed the radio station, messed around with the heating!

Would I use again, NO!"

September 21, 2017

"Not a Meet and Greet service. More like a Call and Wait service. Make sure you call them before you go through passport control if you want your car to be there before you get there"

September 17, 2017

"Great experience from dropping off to picking up. Special appreciation to Imran who returned our car today. we would definitely recommend and use again next year"

September 16, 2017

"Super efficient, friendly staff, easy to find.

Thank you for smooth service"

September 10, 2017

"Have been using meet and greet for 12 years and this is probably the worse meet and greet service. The pick up was delayed for 45 minutes after we rang them, not enough staff, families stranded with cases and small children in the open car park with no safe place to stand whilst cars were driving and parking around them.
The staff in the car park tried to reassure saying the car is on its way, but had no clue saying at least it is not raining! .
When we rang the number again after half an hour of waiting 'our car had left just a minute before' but took another 15 minutes to travel 1.8 miles. We met no traffic when we left so assuming the company had not accounted for Saturday evening rush and were blaming the traffic to get to the airport.
Completely understand why families with children and luggage would choose to use meet and greet but would suggest you pay a bit more and use someone else and it would be quicker to use the airport bus service from one on their carparks."

August 20, 2017

"Car developed a flat battery during it's storage, perhaps because the lights were left on. Swift jump-started it, so the car was ready for us to collect on time. When the car stalled leaving the airport they came out and jump-started it again. Thanks to Saj in particular for organising this, great service."

August 16, 2017

"I booked about 18 months ago with Swift Park Meet and Greet via HolidayExtras and received terrible service including long delays picking up and a theft from the car. So I booked again in March for a week in June with some trepidation. However, with the following provisos, the whole experience was excellent. It was very easy to book, the guys receiving the car were efficient and pleasant and picking up the car again was timely and efficient. Luton is a much better airport now that the bomb site of the parking lot has been paved over.
The first problem was that the drop off point was not particularly well signposted and it was very easy to go round and round the park. The second problem was that the access from the terminal on our return for some reason was blocked off and there appeared to be no way of getting to the park - about four drivers moved the obstruction and we had to climb over waist height railings - this was not Swifts fault."

August 5, 2017

""Swift" is certainly not the word I'd use for our return; which is exactly when you want a quick efficient service to get home. We were left waiting in our car for a validated ticket. It was busy so this was understandable....but we had to go back to ask where our ticket was, only to be met with an exceptionally patronising "we gave the ticket to the mrs" routine. One man argued repeatedly that I'd been given the ticket and had lost it in my handbag. We had to ask someone else because he was certain he'd remembered my blonde hair.....not impressed!"

July 6, 2017

"Fast service, nice people, in time!
Thanks Kaz!"

June 19, 2017