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Richard Kirkman

Dear Luton airport - TERRIBLE COMPANY - RUN BY A CARTEL. This is beyond doubt the WORST car park service I have ever used. First of all it's run by a mafia who shout at you and abuse you, they swear, and clearly are some kind of cartel for parking at Luton. Our experience today was that the car was returned scratched in 3 places. I was told that the damage card showed the scratches. We had never seen the card before this moment, it had nearly all the car sections marked EXCEPT the one that we have scratches on. Clearly what happens with this service is that someone marks the card all over when they take your car away (they don't tell you this or gain any kind of consent over your property), then when it comes back they claim any marks were there. On this occasion despite several marks on the card THAT DID NOT EXIST ON THE CAR, they were wrong. There were 2 scratches on the car and no marks on the card. So what was the result of this. I was told to "F**K OFF" by the manager or he would call the police, I asked him to please call them and then he said that was up to me. He would not give his name, I can only identify him from the pictures and video I have of the incident and the fact that he had only 3 teeth dangling out of his mouth. I was told I had to leave and email them. It's honestly a joke. This happened to 2 other people whilst i was there. I can't explain how pathetic it is that Luton Airport condone this on their land. Be advised - they will try to steal from you and any damage to the car will be ignored.
May 27, 2019

Gail Rees

The whole concept of meet and greet and paying extra is for you to have your car quickly and efficiently. This wasn't the case after us waiting with two young children for 5o mins. Totally unacceptable especially so late at night!
April 20, 2019

Nisha Bhudiya

Always used this tool to find airport parking hassle free and have had no problems or issues each time
April 18, 2019

Mandy Brackstone

Arrived at Carpark at 4:30am to be advised they had no paperwork for my car?! No apology, just fill this in and it’ll be fine?!?! This in itself doesn’t fill you with confidence leaving your car whilst going away! None the less I did just that. On my return I was advised 25 min wait for car, we waited in airport for this duration walked to car park for it to be empty!!!! This was 3am on a cold April night!!!!! I called several times (a couple of times I was cut off!!) eventually my car turns up 35 mins later with no apology at all! Customer service is non existent and you should be ashamed. I feel Luton airport should think twice about awarding the contract to this company in the future as it truly reflects badly on you all. My recommendation would be, park your car yourself if this is only company!
April 17, 2019

Sarah Finlay

Warning! Do not use this company. On collection of our car the contents of the entire car had been rifled through and strewn all over the car it was very clear that someone had been searching through all of our stuff. The counter employee at the time that was manning the desk took pictures of our car and said they would report it. When I reported it a few days later they pleaded complete ignorance and said none of their employees had any recollection. Be careful as they can also booked via APH (via Barclays) who were totally unhelpful and did not hold drivefly accountable. We could not be more disappointed in this service and will never use it again.
April 11, 2019

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Sarah Thompson

Terrible company. Don't use if you value your car. This company damaged the engine on our car, which a garage confirmed. We have been fobbed off and treated terribly. Do not use!
March 22, 2019

Matthew Lee

APPALING SERVICE. We had to wait 55 minutes on the 3rd floor of an open car in the freezing cold. We were told our car would be 25-30 minutes which was a blatant lie. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
March 12, 2019

Colette Weller

Left waiting in the cold for over half an hour, on our return from holiday. No apologies or explanation, this company is run by a bunch of amateurs. It would have been quicker and cheaper to use long term car park. I will never use them again.
February 21, 2019

Sam Storey

This is not a meet and greet service. Left waiting in cold car park on return flights to Luton at 11:15pm in February for over 50mins (an hour 10mins after calling to confirm arrival). Shambolic! Would have been better to put the car in long stay and get the shuttle bus rather than use Drivefly. Shall not be using this company again.
February 21, 2019

S Serna

Awful experience. Over an hour wait for our call to be returned to us. Freezing cold at the meeting point with three very tired young children. Will NEVER use them again.
February 21, 2019