Luton 247 Airport Parking - Meet and Greet reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Luton 247 Airport Parking - Meet and Greet

Mrs Ghulam Fatima Butt

The worst company to book with. Avoid at all cost they are a rip off. I booked online and then had a call to confirm flight times, when I got to the airport to drop off car no one from the company was there to meet us! Instead I had to keep calling them and then they told me to leave the car with another company who refused to take any pictures of the car as it wasn't there company! Reluctantly I had to leave the car as I was late for my flight. On my return they charged me even more money claiming that I was late to pick the car up! And as I had no check in documents for them I had no choice but to give them the money in order for them to give me my keys! Avoid this company - very very unprofessional service!
May 5, 2019


Worst ever experience.
April 23, 2019


DO NOT WASTE TIME & MONEY!!! It’s the first time we used this company & it’s been the worst meet and greet parking service we have used. Despite talking to someone on the phone and doing a phone booking they got our arrival time wrong. When we got to the arrival we were asked to call them& the cars will be there in 30mins. Despite few call & in return promising to call back and waiting over 2 hrs in the car park we were told they couldn’t find the keys to our car, which was already in the car park. The other car we booked they bought that one after over an hour of us arguing and wanting to know what’s happening and why couldn’t they meet to the requests and why not fulfill the commitment as agreed. One man working for the company actually denied that he worked for the Luton247 his name Suru/Suri . After over 2hrs the manager arrived with our car key & apologising. But the damage had been done and that suru/Suri was really rude very much as though attitude of couldn’t care less. PLEASE Do NOT WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY TO BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY.
April 22, 2019


247 Airport Meet and Greet parking-DO NOT USE! Arrived from a 4 day trip to pick up 2 cars from Luton airport. One car was there with no key and the other car was no where to be found. Waited 1.5 hours for 1 car and 2.5 hours for the key for the 2nd car. Highly unprofessional and we paid for meet and greet... Which we definitely did not get. I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND THEM! Luton Airport officials should vett this company and stop them from operating!
April 22, 2019


Service was as good
March 20, 2019


Excellent service.
March 18, 2019

Mia Hames

Returned from our holiday iPhone cable missing and a pair of sunglasses. Used this company before on many occasions with no problems. Obviously using the wrong employees. Will not be using again.
January 26, 2019

Darren Smith

I have reported these rogues to trading standards. We returned from holiday to find our car had been hit at the front. They took photos and asked us to email them. They obviously have ignored all correspondence and the phone just goes to answer machine. This company has to be shut down immediately. I hope nobody uses them ever again.
January 18, 2019

Adam Sterrie

DO NOT USE. We had the same experience as Rachel Smith on 12 Jan. Thinking of taking them to the small claims court and maybe Local Trading standards. Car had been trashed. All pockets and glove compartments emptied and contents all over the car. Took photos, so did they, emailed no response, No reply after I called and now their telephone number goes to answerphone.
January 16, 2019

Rachel Smith

Do not use this terrible company. We returned to substantial damage to our car and they could not care less. Their attitude was disgusting and they just told us to take photos and email them but they have ignored our emails and reading the reviews they have done this to many customers. Something should be done about this company - Luton Airport should not let them trade here.
January 12, 2019

Unhappy man

Damaged my vehicle in September. They EVENTUALLY admitted responsibility. Now not responding to emails requesting them to send a quote over for repair. Would avoid at all costs. Cowboys.
January 6, 2019

G Jones

Excellent service. Punctual, friendly, flexible and easy to use.
January 4, 2019

Mauro Weingarteb

Polite curious and efficient
November 24, 2018

Natalie Dickinson

VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, ABSOLUTE SCAMMERS AND THEY WILL DAMAGE YOUR CAR AND REFUSE TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY! If I could award this company 0 stars I would. I absolutely must insist that if you consider using this company DON'T! I arrived back from holiday to find my car had a dent and chip in the passenger side which they'd tried to repair (very poorly) and insisted that it was there when the car arrived - it wasn't! The attendant on the day tried to force me to sign the collection form, which I refused, so he called over another man, who I can only assume was the manager, who tutted, spoke to me very rudely and told me I couldn't take my car without signing. I already had my keys, which they gave me without even asking for my name or ID and still refused to sign, and I left the car park as there was nothing else I could do at the time. Since then I have emailed numerous times, called and called and being completely ignored and I blanked. Something needs to be done about this company as it's clearly a regular occurrence reading the other reviews online.
September 3, 2018

john wheeler

I have just used this company, no problems with my car, no problems with going... BUT my wife and i was left waiting for the car for over half an hour in a windy 3rd floor of a muti storey car park. Yes i called them as soon as the flight landed (as requested) as we had only carry on cases, i was told to then call once i was through customs which i did, but i still had to wait over half an hour. The other companies using the multi storey said that this company is renowned for keeping their customers waiting due to lack of drivers.... you have been warned.
August 22, 2018

N P Howells

Great service, quick, polite and on time both ends of the journey.
August 17, 2018

Stuart Tomkinson

****AVOID AT ALL COST IF YOU VALUE YOUR CAR AND FAMILY SAFETY**** We booked this company via a comparison website in which it had good reviews where as looking on here it is much different. We dropped the car off with out issue but on our return had a nightmare. We followed the procedure required yet was still left waiting for over 3 quarters of an hour for the car even then after a number of calls. When it did finally arrive we put our luggage and kids into the car gave the outside a quick once over, then employee then demanded 4 pounds for the ticket to leave car park(which we had not been made aware of) I advised that i didn't have any English cash on my person so he rudely advised me i could pay on exit, which i did and cost me £8. Already tired and not happy we noticed metal to metal grinding noise from the front nearside wheel, i checked the wheel and could see damage to the plastic wheel arch protection on the underside of the wing. We con't to to drive but decide to pull over at the nearest hotel to get the RAC to check it out. The RAC came out and confirmed that they had driven over something causing the disk back plate to be pushed onto the disk and damage the plastic lining. I rang to advise of the issue and that the RAC were coming to check it out and the guy on the phone was very dismissive and advised they are not reasonable for wheel bearings, even though i was just advising there was an issue and called RAC to check it out. The RAC straighten out the plate so i then drove back into the car park to show the 247 rep 'IMRAN' and explained everything he seemed concerned took a picture and advised someone would contact me. I advised that the controller on the number i had been ringing was really not helpful, his advise was to try after 7 as will be someone and more helpful. i did try the number again later that evening and spoke to someone who kept insisting he was just a driver and would have to speak Admin although he could not provide and contact details not telephone number nor address not email address. To add to our woes the next day my wife notice the off side wing mirror had been damaged and the electronic mechanism was not working correctly. Now contacting by email but not holding my breath after reading other reviews on this website :-(
June 25, 2018

Mrs K Waller

First time of using this company, great service, staff professional and polite. I will use this company again.
June 17, 2018

Kelly Jeffries

Called 30 mins before arriving as requested and still had to wait for them to come and take he car. On arrival back we called when we got off the plane and was then told to call back when we had collected the baggage. We had to wait 20 minutes further for them to bring our car- wont use them again- when we called as we was waiting with our baby and was told by the guy who answered they have problems with traffic which they should have known about seeing as this is their business and could have thought to leave on our 1st call if that had been the case! Was very rude to my partner - have used swift and drive fly before and never had this problem- if id remebered their name before seeing it i would have gone back to them! On a plus our car wasnt stolen/ damaged and the guy who dropped it eventually was quite nice although didnt speaka much english.
June 14, 2018

Sarah freeman

Absolutely terrible. You have to pay for your own ticket on top of the price you have paid. They don’t make the instructions clear verbally and are rude and disorganised.
June 1, 2018