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"Could not recommend enough! I was supposed to return on sat to collect my car but my mum ended up in intensive care so i had to cancel my flight and book on the mon night instead. When i contacted them about extra charges etc they advised not to worry under the circumstances and would be minimal if anything and when i got back they didnt charge me. So pleasent to deal with from start to finish and overall very professional. Thank you guys"

July 31, 2018

"The vehicle used to transport was not in good condition, the route taken from Carlott to airport took you over the roughest roads and the collection point was a good walk from the airport, not a good experience."

June 18, 2018

"I called few times they dont respond. When I get my car back was block by another two cars but i told them when i am back."

June 15, 2018

"Staff were the rudest ever, 45 minute wait for the transfer
Once some one turned up the driver threatened us!!
All we asked is why it took so long, then he we nuts making threats.
They drop you no where near the airport so you have to wake around 10 minuets to the terminal.
Next time we will only use official airport parking from now.
They need shutting down.

June 13, 2018

"This is how we was greeted!!!
“Put your F*****g bags in, If you want an argument I will give you a F*****G argument... you have chose the wrong person to piss off you F*****G pricks”
45 minuets wait for a return transfer on the 09/06/2018 so upon asking why it took so long the above was what we had to put up with.

June 10, 2018

"Very efficient and friendly will recommend any time Thanks"

May 19, 2018

"Very prompt and helpful staff. I wasn't aware that I needed to pay a toll for the new bridge I'd driven over to get to the pick up point until the driver told me. He very kindly stopped off on route to let me buy two passes !"

May 13, 2018

"Friendly and efficient service."

May 10, 2018

"Can’t complain for the price. Drop off and pick up point was 5 min walk from the airport. Prompt, perfectly poliet, will use again"

May 4, 2018

"Exelent service and timing, transport vehicle clean and serviceable, drivers helpfull and pleasant.
One fundamental problem, the route to the airport from the parking site is through a residential area which has an extremely poor road surface with lots of potholes and speed bumps and also involves many changes of direction, which perhaps because their wish to get to and from the airport as fast as possible the drivers seem to ignore and they forget that they have passengers in the back not cattle. It would be appreciated if they gave more consideration to the passengers or use the main road to the airport which have a better road surface."

May 4, 2018

"The only reason this company didn’t get five stars is because we wasn’t told the parking was off site and therefore you need extra travel time especially in busy times"

April 28, 2018

"Going to the airport was fine
However, on our return (0030 on 24 Apr), the very brief conversation with the operator gave me little info on where to meet, or where the operator or where we were at the time of the call. We went to the drop off car park but there was no sign of the driver. I sent a text - no reply. I phoned again after another ten minute wait (0110). "Where were you? I was there! I picked up other clients". No explanation as why he had not replied to the text nor why he had not phoned back. Some training required?"

April 25, 2018

"The operator could not find our key on our return! Also, drivers side footwell was full of muddy boot prints and mud, it appeared that our car had been parked in a field! - we would not use this operator again and would not recommend them."

April 19, 2018

"Drop off and pickup too far away from Terminal. Do not use this company if you have any mobility problems. Also a long wait for pick up"

April 12, 2018

"Excellent and trouble-free. The MOT site opp VW showroom
Easy to find. You are dropped off about 400m from airport in one of the airport car parks by car Rental depots. 5min walk for me &3 children The £6 exit/entry barrier fee no longer exists so that brought cost down again . Would happily use again . Thank you for good service."

April 7, 2018

"Good parking service. Really friendly staff and close to Liverpool airport. They provided us with a free transfer over to the airport nice and quickly. Gave simple instructions on how to get picked up for the way home. Fantastic service and brilliant price!!"

April 4, 2018

"Liverpool LASP Park and Ride: We booked it based on its score. Friendly and helpful driver, secure place easy to find as the place is also a MOT center, 5 minutes drive to Liverpool Airport.
Not sure if the day of departure was an unlucky one as much as the return day, but we observed the disorganised state of the operations:
On departure (arrival time to LASP was around 4:30am), there was only 1 car, not a van or bus, and there was a family of 5 already waiting to be taken to Airport, then us and right after family of 4 & a family of 2 arrived; such car only could take top max of 4-6 people, not so much space for luggage, so luggage that could not be fitted in booth, has to be taken in the car; 1 man operation from receiving your booking until taking you to Airport in that 1 only car.
On afternoon arrival: The instructions are clear, call after luggage collection, several phone calls to office or mobile, zero answer. One family group also was waiting to be collected, they told us that they managed to contact only to be shouted at and received a complaint that they were supposed to arrive 5 pm and LASP were waiting to collect them; again compared with other private-owned Airport Parking Services, most of them have information with Airport to check flight arrival times; we & family group were on same delayed flight. This time, the collection vehicle was a spacious van.
Again we observed it was 1 man operation: the driver was also the reception guy when arriving to office to collect your car keys plus our car was parked at the very back with the rest of parked cars in front, which have to be moved by the personnel of the MOT center i assume, luckily they were still around at almost 6pm so we could get out, expectations were (as in other private-owned airport parking services) that the car would be easy to access to drive away.

If operational issues are addressed, for sure we will reconsider our custom in future."

April 4, 2018

"The staff were great, efficient, friendly; car was secure, transfer quick.
We were dropped just outside the airport, very convenient.
However on return we were told to meet at Pick up Point 2.
We were not dropped at Pick-up point 2 so didn't know where it was. There were no signs showing the way there, no one to ask. I rang the office, the driver had left without his phone & could not be contacted, the office girl didn't know where it was.
After trawling the airport for over 20", asking all and sundry, I finally found one security guard who'd heard of it and directed us.
This pick-up is over half a mile from the airport along a road with sections without pavement.
It did not help that it was raining heavily."

April 3, 2018

"I arrived earlier than booked, phoned the company 25 minutes early, but was told to go to the pick up point and they would be there in 5-10 minutes. Myself and my two children made our way to the pick up point to wait. It was extremely cold weather with strong winds and I had a child with me who has a chronic illness and suffers with reynauds syndrome. After 25 minutes I phoned again to be told that they were only 2 minutes away, and not to worry. They eventually turned up after a further 20 minutes, having already picked up another couple direct from the terminal. Another two men were waiting at the same pick up point and when we arrived at reception to pick up our keys, the couple who were picked up from the terminal, and appeared to be friends with the driver, picked up their keys and left. Both myself and the other men waited as they searched round the building for our keys, which they had misplaced. Had I been told in advance that they would take 45 minutes, I could have remained inside the terminal, as it was we were a 5 minute walk from the building and was lied to that they were on their way. This was the first and only time I will use this company, much better to pay the additional cost to park onsite. The additional costs in having to buy dinner for my children in a service station and the hold up in getting home so much later than originally thought, it would have been cheaper to pay the onsite parking costs. I would recommend paying the additional feees!"

March 19, 2018

"I am using airport car parks a lot. That was a worst experience ever!!!! On arrival was very bad customer service with awful personnel. My very expensive car has been scratched (nobody even respond on my complain) and I have been told over the phone if I want to be pick up from the airport when I have arrived I need to pay again because rule changed, even I have paid cash on arrival for this. Car park is not secure at all!!! with gate open 24/7 and very dark site. It is absolutely not worth to save few pounds for all this drama. If you do not believe me just try this !!!!! Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! Ps. I was worried about my car for two weeks during my trip and I was not wrong for that feeling !!!!!!!"

March 2, 2018

"Easy to find, efficient service. Transfer driver was great fun and entertaining. Pick up on return fast and easy."

February 21, 2018

"Great service. Really friendly staff. Sat Nav got us straight there. Once you realise (after reading reviews) that the place is actuality an MOT Station - you just look out for that (can't miss it - massive bright red signs) - and you'll see a little Sky Park sign on left of reception door. Great value too will definitely use next time we fly from Liverpool. Only 5 minute drive to airport. Thanks Sky Park."

February 19, 2018

"Very friendly staff, the driver was great. Arrived within minutes when we landed. Great car park will certainly use again and recommend to others."

February 16, 2018

"The Best car parking! :)"

January 18, 2018

"Excellent service.
Quick and professional from the beginning to the end."

December 10, 2017

"Didn't like to have pay £3 for exit fee for airport car park. Esp as it only costs that but every person or couple on the bus has to pay £3 So you are making a profit from it!!! Longer wait for pick up than expected then further wait for another flight for those customers, then once back at the car park our car was wedged in 3 rows back so had to wait till those cars were moved before we could leave on a 3 hour journey home. Won't use again."

November 25, 2017

"Have used the same a lot of times, & very satisfied."

November 22, 2017

"Fantastic place. Professional service. I recommend to everyone"

November 5, 2017

Will use again"

October 31, 2017

"Very happy with the service, just a 5 minute drive to the airport and the return pickup was prompt. Great value!"

October 30, 2017