Edinburgh Low Cost Parking reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Edinburgh Low Cost Parking

Tracey O'Hara

Everything went to plan on way out and telephoned on return. Waited a long time for the bus to arrive at stance seven to collect us. Have to say used this company many times and first time had this problem.
September 23, 2019

Stanley Grant

We found it hard to find in the dark I feel if you had more signs it would help but a great price
August 25, 2019

Robert Gray

I have used this car park many times and never had any problems and will use it in future.
June 26, 2019

Kimberley Hughes

Great service see u again in 5 weeks
June 24, 2019

James King

This is third time in a row this company has been very poor with time keeping of shuttle bus on our return from hols
June 22, 2019

Sandra Stirling

Great service no hick ups. Would use them again
June 18, 2019

Stewart Anderson

Excellent. First class experience.
May 22, 2019

Sharon Banks

Avoid at all costs! Waited 45 minutes for the transfer to arrive! I was waiting alongside the previous poster who spoke about the lady in the wheelchair. Everything he said was true! The transfer arrived and when questioned about the length of time we had waited he immediately started shouting at me telling me he had been there 10 minutes ago! He was aggressive and down right rude! He even swore! Great customer service! Then to make things worse we discovered that out car had been damaged. They are trying to accept no liability! Please do not use this company.
May 9, 2019

James Puddefoot

When returning from holiday I called to say we had arrived and was in need of a pick up reminding them that my wife was in a wheelchair. They arrived 45mins later only to be told they could not accommodate the wheelchair. The driver was extremely rude leaving myself and my disabled wife abandoned to which we had to then find a taxi at extra cost. Our treatment from this company was disgusting to say the least. I would extremely advise people to read mine and other dissatisfied reviews and never use this company again.
May 8, 2019

Mr Kevin Nwabuoku

Worst company ever! Aggressive staff, left us at 1am in the freezing cold for over an hour waiting to be picked. No apology. Absolute arrogance. Worst company ever. Totally avoid these jokers!
April 25, 2019

Hannah Norman

Worst customer service ever! Avoid!!! Wish I’d seen other reviews before I booked! Departure was ok but return was absolutely awful waited 40mins with 3 young children at 11pm at night, took 3 calls before driver arrived. Thankfully NCP bus allowed us to shelter from wind and rain. The driver was so rude and threw our luggage over the car park 50meters from car instead of at car. The guy in portacabin was just as bad and said it wasn’t his company so he didn’t care. My advice use NCP bit more expensive but lovely drivers and regular buses waiting at stands!
March 19, 2019

World wise after event

Parked at another car park since and no issue. Will advise people not to use this company ever, if you like you car on my return I found my car to be damaged and I’d fortunately taken some pictures before I left so thought was straight forward Not They are unwilling accept any responsibility be sent pictures spoken to to them many times, cost me £90.00 in coach works plus cost recorded delivery of paperwork as was legally told to do so as they also stopped accepting my emails. Been in hospital so other issues so not given up been advised not to let it go as they should not get away with it and try basically to wear you down, got concrete evidence so advise everyone take pictures of your car of every angle secures any issue. So do yourself a favour and park elsewhere.
March 17, 2019

B Emmeline Kidd

Car park was easy to find following the directions given. The staff were helpful, friendly and polite. The bus trip was smooth and straightforward, with a pleasant helpful driver. The bus assigned within minutes of my return flight to transport me back to my car which was sitting waiting for me. Would definitely recommend and will use again.
October 30, 2018

Patrick P.

On arrival all was good and we were transferred to the terminal quickly. The worst was the return. We've followed the instructions and called the site to let them know we're ready for transfer to the car park. It took 40 minutes in freezing cold with children and 3 phone calls to get the return bus. That was the worst experience from all the car parks I've used so far in Scotland. All you hear is: 'wait at stand 7' bus is on the way' which was obvious lie. You look at other bus stands and different cheap operators managed to transfer their customers 3 times in the same time. This shuttle should be regular service but it is not. Very disappointed.
October 27, 2018

Allison Shearer

Excellent bus service. Friendly and efficient staff. Car park a little tricky to find in the dark so allow time to locate in these circumstances.
October 20, 2018


Flight got delayed so no bus around then; your big bus was broken so had to stand at stop for about an hour at 1 in the morning.
October 8, 2018

john wright

Never again bcp has no customer service whatsoever.
October 3, 2018

Derek H Rawls

Very good easy to find and good access back on to M8 home
September 25, 2018

frank hart

friendly service, excellent transfer to and from airport, value for money , will use again.
September 18, 2018

David little

Took far too long to pick us up at the airport. Won’t use them again.
September 13, 2018