East Midlands Stress Free Meet and Greet Parking reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about East Midlands Stress Free Meet and Greet Parking

John Kennedy

It does worry me when I see the scathing reviews on here as most are genuine people with real off-putting stories of their experiences, the good news is mine is a good review. We always arrive early as I am the most impatient person who explodes when things go wrong through incompetence, we pulled into the 'shed' pressed the button and the chap on the other end asked if it was the correct surname, I confirmed this and he told me which lane to park in, I dropped off the keys in the office and picked up my ticket then walked into departures. On return again straight from arrivals into the office where there was one other person in front of me, I picked up my keys and instructed as to where my car was, got in and drove off. Hopefully the bad experiences won't happen to me but I have used this service at various airports for years and don't book any other, I have in the past had a chap meet me and drive my car away but with the horror stories of cars parked on industrial estates I do believe these are more professional even if their compound they take the car to sounds dusty, my car had rain spattered dust marks but not particularly bad and had I not read other reviews of cars being filthy then would have commented about it. I will continue to use them as I don't like the drive to a park some distance away then the bus back to the terminal which is one cheaper option.
August 15, 2018

Alan Boxall

I have used this service for a few years and it has gotten progressively worse. It was a true meet and greet initially whereby your car was parked for you and you called the parking number from baggage collection on your return and your car was waiting for you when you came out. Now all the experiences of reviewers posted here has happened to me. The final straw was this year in June returning at midnight having suffered the cattle market that is border control and the conveyor belt breaking down we finally got to the office an hour later and with our keys we were handed a voucher for a free car wash. That's a nice gesture I thought. We received the vague directions to where our car was parked and after 3 laps of the car park finally found our car when the reason for the free car wash became glaringly obvious. The car was covered in a thick (and I mean thick) layer of dust making it impossible to see out of the windows. I returned to the office to complain and the bloke behind the desk said " Whats the mater don't your screen washers work"? I said they do but they do not clean the side windows and it would be dangerous to drive in that condition. To cut a long story short another chap said he would come and clean them eventually arriving with a bottle of water and a rag and left them in a worse state than when he started. What with other issues with this airport i.e. long queues at security, the rip off price for fast track (joke) and the longer queues at border control we will not be flying from here again.
August 14, 2018

Becky Jones

Do not use this service!! I normally park in the short stay car park and wished I had on this occasion, however, as I was going on my hen do and there was more of us we decided that it would be easier to park and do the meet and greet. Firstly we arrived and there was a massive queue into the car park, took at least 30 mins to park the car in the bay, then you have to go any hand over you keys and get a receipt, again a massive queue, so that took a further 10 mins. Finally we got into the airport and all decided that next time it would be quicker and easier to simply park in a car park. On our return I went and collected my key, and found my car which considering it is 'meet and greet' it was quite a walk, got into my car to find everything had been pulled out of my glove box onto the passenger chair and the glove box was wide open, so of course flat battery, the guy came and started my car and we set off home 2 hour drive home and after an hour I wanted to pop to the shop to find the car wouldn't start again. So promptly jump started the car and took it to the local garage where to be told the battery if a battery is run too low it can completely ruin the battery. So £110 later on a new battery my car will finally start, spoke to the manger and he didn't care one bit nor take any responsibility. Please do not use this service, much easier just to park as normal.
July 9, 2018

Julie evans

Car went in clean then when I picked it up looked like it had been rally racing and following day when I went to take it to be washed as I have a soft top realised it was damaged ... never again and would defiantly not recommend
June 22, 2018

david wickens

I arrived at the meet and greet and was told to park in bay 10,fine I thought,took keys to office and they gave me a card. returning to office at the end of my holidays I thought my car would be close to where I left it.NO,was told it was in bay 169? It was pouring with rain,I said where is 169,was shown a map and it couldn't have been much further away, myself and my wife were soaked. where was the meet and greet.laughable.NO i will not be using again.,
March 21, 2018

Derek Cook

Appalling service. Arrived back at night and taken to the office in a wheelchair and I was expected me to find the car having been given vague directions to lane 145 in the dark and pouring rain. As I am disabled I could not go wandering around looking for my vehicle so my wife went looking, treading in puddles and getting soaking wet. I stood there bewildered, cold and soaking wet when someone in a high viz vest took pity on me and went to find the car. He took an inordinately long time and you can imagine that when my car turned up that my wife and I (both in our 70s) we were freezing cold and soaking wet. Never again. AT £77 for a week it was very poor value for money. I'll not be using East Midlands airport ever again if I can possibly avoid it.
March 14, 2018


Very polite, professional staff. Service was efficient, car looked as it did when we dropped it off. No complaints at all. Excellent
October 11, 2017

Peter Lacey

AWFUL. AWFUL.Apalling. Apalling. This is not a 'Meet and Greet' service where you are met when you leave your car and the same on return. Here in EMA we queued for 20 minutes to have our car automatically photographed all round in a hangar like building. After that we were told by loudspeaker in which row to park. We then unloaded with no help - I am disabled and that is why I have always used the traditional Meet and Greet at other airports. We had to walk through traffic to get to an office where we had to leave our key. This office was crowded and virtually inaccessible for people pulling their luggage. The doors in and out were too small - certainly for people in large wheelchairs or scooters. The office was very busy and had to wait 10 minutes to be dealt with. On our return we went to the office to collect our car keys - anther 10 minutes. Told us where our car was. We found it, but it was so badly and tightly parked that we had to ask a young lady passing by to squeeze in the gap by the door to reverse it out. THIS IS NOT A MEET and GREET service. You have to do everything yourself. Shambolic CON.
September 22, 2017

David Lambert

Meet and greet East Midlands. APH come on! Worse parking I've ever done. There are two barriers and one operator and one long que. the cctv doesn't have registration recognition so adds to the frustration. I'd never park here again. It's close but the wait is not worth it..
September 20, 2017

Caroline McMillan

For god sake, watch the concrete sides after the barrier as they are far too tight and angled. I completely ruined one alloy wheel and I'm a careful driver!!
July 23, 2017

David Liversidge

Have just used this service for the 1st time. Fully valeted car taken to airport. Turned up, parked in a numbered row and then had to take keys to office. Issued with a ticket and off we went. Great service I thought. Got back, told where car was. Went to car - Looked like it had been used to rally around a muddy field. I left the car in pristine condition and it came back with muddy sills and tyres. Dirty carpets in front drivers side and rear nearside passenger side. Underside covered in mud. Have had to pressure wash all the car twice to get mud off underside and tyres. So where is your car parked. My guess is some muddy field and not on tarmac. Not what I expected for the cost of this service. May as well have used the short stay car park. Not impressed at how my car came back to me.Will certainly not use this service again.
July 14, 2017

James Reeves

This is not a Meet & Greet service at all. The best it could be described as is valet parking. You have to queue to give in your keys and then also to collect them. Then you have to wander around the car park to find your car. The car drop off isn't bad, it is close enought to the entrance but having to queue to drop off your keys is annoying. The pick-up is worse. Again you have to queue - I don't mind short queues but when you have can't fit inside the building (because of the queue and you have a trolley, a buggy and a toddler) it is not fair on the kids who are freezing outside. Once you get your keys you are given direction to your car which is parked in the short stay car park. If I wanted to collect my car from the car park then I would have parked it there myself! I wanted a service that would bring the car to me so that I didn't have to walk around a car park with a fully loaded trolley, a buggy and a toddler. Rubbish service.
January 26, 2017

Steven Shaw

Arrived at 05.00 in the morning it was busy, but parking was very easy. I was in the departure terminal within 5 minutes of leaving the car. On arrival back after two weeks away the collecting of the keys to leaving the airport was so easy. I have used this service twice now and both times its been exellent and very good value for money. Will use it again next year.
August 18, 2016

Rita Digby

Having just returned from our holiday in Gran Canaria felt I had to write to complain about the Meet and Greet service at East Midlands Airport. It is no different to the short stay car park. We had to park the car ourselves and then had to go to a building to join a queue to be dealt with. On our return we had to go to the building to collect the key and take our cases to the car. I thought the idea of Meet and Greet was that your car was parked for you after being helped with luggage and met on your return. We travelled with Jet2 with assisted passage and found them so helpful at both Airports. They are a credit to the disabled unlike Meet and Greet who charge more for a service they do not provide. I certainly would not advise anyone to use them in the future.
March 2, 2016

George Minton

We have used this meet and greet service twice and on each occasion we did not get it we parked by the office but we had to go to the far end of the car park struggling with our luggage very upsetting seeing as we are in our mid 70's so uncaring.
January 8, 2016

Gary Spencer

1. Meet & Greet well positioned right outside the terminals - 5 out of 5. 2. Is there anyway to include the charge for the car park on return within the price? would be easier not to have to find change on return. 3. Directions to actual 4 bays could be a bit better. Tell us to look for the 4 metal posts & are they in row d? 4. There was somebody there to meet us but didn't have the booking from or acreditation until someone else arrived - would be better to have some form of Id. 5. The meet and greet did exactly 'what it says on the tin'and we were sorted within a couple of minutes both ways so 5/5.
June 15, 2012

L Reading

The Airport meet and greet serive i received was not good. I telephoned the number 20mins before getting to the car park as requsted to be told they had no record of me and when I asked them if they would like the reference number he said i dont have any reference numbers. I tried to tell him i had booked it over the internet and i have the paperwork infront of me with the reference number he just said he has no person of that name and hung up. I called back to reiterate what I had previously said and after raising my voice he said just make your way to row c. We then had quite a way to walk in the pouring rain to arrivals so he could get our information and then back out into the rain to walk to departures.On returning home we was standing around waiting for our car to be returned to us. I found the whole experience stressfull and the carpark company I used most unhelpful and I would not use it again.
June 12, 2012

Mr Jon Stenning

The name gives it away. Dropping the car off and picking up again was really Stress Free. No problem being met dropping off or picking up. Would use this service again.
August 16, 2011

Matthew Powell-Pepper

WHAT A JOKE...Stress free parking... AKA...The worst parking service I have ever used...USE AT YOUR PERIL ! Rude.. Un helpful.. Late.. Expensive.. My car arrived clean.. When delivered back to me it looked like flying cows had used it as target practice. First out of Airport last out of the Carpark... Disgrace ! Stress Free Parking... You're Having A Laugh !!!
July 6, 2011

Mrs Lynda barrett

The droppin off the car n collection staff were very friendly n efficient. The lady I got through to on our return was very abrupt n rude. I had paid for anextra day as our flight got in late. She said 'we wasn't exspectin you u till tomo night! It clearly stated on my booking confirmation 27th June 00.15. She kept arguing with me n tellin me it may b awhile until we can get your car to you. When I asked her how long she would tell me or call me n let me know when the car was outside!!!! If there was a query on the collection then a text or call to me would have cleared this up! No apologies where made!
June 30, 2011