East Midlands Short Stay 3 reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about East Midlands Short Stay 3

Christopher Hackney

Took 20 mins to leave Carpark due to Apnr not working and no one at the assistance. Not amusing at 1 am
October 6, 2017

S Scott

Easy, convenient, the price is good in comparison to the distance and other car parks that are further away. For a few pounds more you might as well use Long stay car park one which is walking distance to the airport.
June 11, 2017

H Katsere

Very good car park located near the departure and easy to access I recommend parking there and to pre book parking
June 3, 2017

J Bloomfield

So Easy to book and use. No standing about just drive up and when you come back just drive out... Would happily use this carpark again
May 28, 2017

C Archbold

Quick easy just what you want at the end of a flight
May 3, 2017

L Rawlins

Was able to park within a short walking distance from the airport. Would definitely use again.
April 18, 2017

S Brown

Everything spot on Only thing wrong was getting out of airport It was a nightmare, took us 1hr 45 mins
April 14, 2017

R Cox

On entry no token was issued so I was delayed when I tried to exit.
March 11, 2017

S Roberton

Close enough to walk to. Even with a toddler. Perfect
March 3, 2017

L Fleming

Think this is the easiest parking at the air port.price was good.paid sixty pounds last year at one of the car parks further away .11
February 20, 2017

Mr Martin Bryant

Could not have been easier. The photo recognition worked immediately and the car park is a short walk from departures. We shall use it again.
February 12, 2017

Mrs Warden Watson

Easy to find, easy to get in and out
January 3, 2017

Tony Reid

Easy transaction and great value for money!
November 12, 2016

L Stringer

No hassel easy to find,Very expensive for 28 hour parking.
November 12, 2016

J Ardern

Worked exactly how it said, 3 mins walk from departures
August 1, 2016

Mrs Sylvia Rowsell

We had to park a long way from the terminal and the gates would not open when we wanted to leave but it was opened by speaking to the office. (Several people around us were having the same difficulty)
June 22, 2016

Mr Hirst

Everything good
May 21, 2016

Mrs D Hat

Friday 18th March 2016- 18.15hrs I have parked at this car park on many occasion's and always book through Holiday extras. At the time of booking I was given a booking reference, dates all correct. I was travelling alone and after locating my car, approached the barrier , entered the token, at my surprise I was asked for £76.00. I pressed the intercom for assistance and explained my situation. To my complete and utter horror the experienced I received is possibly the worst customer service ever to have come across. 1. the operator spoke to me as if I was some kind of idiot, advised to switch my engine off so I could hear what he was saying. I explained that I could hear him perfectly and would appreciate if he could sort this for me as soon as problem, as I had pre booked and paid for the advertised " friendly and helpful" parking experience. I experienced laughing in the back ground , very lengthy delays in responses. When I explained I was alone in the dark, need to get home and why they were treating me as such , more laughter then a very lengthy wait. eventually the barrier was opened and I went on my way, in complete tears and humiliation. I feel I was targeted as a practical joke. Not That it matters, I will never park within the very profitable service of such appalling. I pray that not another single being is ever subjected to this . 2. His partner in crime was laughing in the back ground
March 22, 2016

Mr C Nixon

would certainly use this service again, concise, straightforward directions,trouble free and so near to terminal.
March 11, 2016

B Marcon

Accessing the car park was fine but as usual hardly any places. On return the ticket machine wanted 92.00 pounds to let me out even though i had pre paid. After some time getting some help i returned to the ticket machine and tried again still 92.00 was asked for. On asking for help the call was eventually answered was asked for my booking reference which i had disposed of on holiday, then told that i could not get out without it. Asking for help with my personal registration house and name was told that it was still needed. Stress is building up by this point with cars behind me. Then was told that the guy would have to do some leg work to find it manually and that it might take 30 seconds, when wallah, takes me through the process in 15 seconds, great support form the team there then. So a bad experience and all because the number plate recognition system did not work, be warned.
January 6, 2016