The perfect Valentine’s gift ideas for the travel lover

  • 07 Feb, 2023
  • Franki Napolitano
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travel gifts for Valentine’s Day

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Regardless of how we feel about Valentine’s Day, we have to admit that giving a little gift to your partner is pretty cute. However, if you’re bored of buying the same old roses, aftershave or chocolate for your significant other, you need to keep reading.

Whether your beau loves to travel, casually dips their toe in every now and then or is ready to start an adventure, we have the perfect selections of travel gift ideas for Valentine’s Day! (not to mention be grateful for something different!)

Valentine’s gifts under £30: A Scratch Map

scratch map

Scratch Map* is a beautiful gift for the intrepid traveller and noble newbie alike. It makes for a wonderful conversation piece too; the owner can tell tales of the places they have visited and where they plan to head next.

Personalised Luggage Tag

red leather luggage tag from Amazon
valentine's gift ideas

Click the images above to shop these tags!*

Everyone loves something personalised! The item is not only one of a kind, it shows you really thought about what your s/o might like. Whether you opt for a pair of cute couple inspired tags, a colourful leather tag with their initials stitched onto it or one of their favourite travel quotes embossed on one side, we’re sure it’ll go down a treat!

Travel Journal

Click the images above to shop these journals!*

With this gift, you can choose just how much detail you go into depending on your partners personality. Are they pretty quiet, laid back and short on time? A pretty note book would be perfect! More of a creative type with lots to say? Perhaps a more elaborate diary style with pouches for storing keepsakes and cuttings would be more apt. Check out Instagram and Pinterest for plenty of ideas!

Clip on phone camera lense

travel gifts for Valentine’s Day - clip on camera lense

If your s/o likes to try their hand at photography when they are out and about, but doesn’t want the hassle of carrying a heavy camera around, a Phone Lens*travel gifts for Valentine’s Daycould be the answer. Simply clip one of these to your phone and get snapping! With a choice of fish eye, micro and wide angle lenses, they’ll have everything they need to document different aspects of their trip.  *We can’t accept responsibility for their sudden addiction to Instagram*

Valentine’s gifts over £40: A Kindle

travel gifts for Valentine’s Day - kindle

It’s safe to say that the Kindle* travel gifts for Valentine’s Dayis a staple for anyone who travels! Store 100s of titles easily, all readable at the tip of your finger. Perfect for bus journeys, on the plane, by the pool, in the taxi, on the night train…

You get the point…

A St. Christopher

travel gifts for Valentine’s Day - st christopher

St. Christopher is said to be the Patron Saint of Travellers, according to the Catholic church. Many would wear the St. Christopher medal as they believed it would keep them safe on their travels. Over the years, a St. Christopher* necklace has become one of the go-to gifts for travellers.

An Action Camera

An action camera

If you feel it’s time for them to step it up a notch from the phone camera, an Action Camera*travel gifts for Valentine’s Day is what they need! Not only can they record brilliant quality footage, but they needn’t worry about damaging it if their trip is of the active kind; GoPros have been used to capture everything from extreme cycling, skydiving from a plane, exploring the Great Barrier Reef and even inadvertently running away from a bear whilst snowboarding down a mountain…

A plane ticket

travel gifts for Valentine’s Day - plane ticket

If you’re feeling really kind this Valentine’s Day, perhaps whisk them away for a weekend somewhere in Europe. In fact, flights to places such as Riga*, Faro* and Barcelona* can actually be cheaper than some Kindles and Action Cameras.*

Opting for somewhere further afield is up to you if you’re feeling really flush! We’ll just leave the subliminal hint above.But if you do decide to venture out of the country, read up about how not to annoy your partner when travelling! 

Hopefully, we have given you a bit of inspiration and you can now find the perfect travel gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for your loved one! But why stop there? Any of these gifts would be perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, just because…

But I don’t have a Valentine…


Happy Purchasing!

*Based on purchasing one return ticket in February 2023

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