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"FHR Meet & Greet now used twice, and I'll use them again. There is an element of confidence given, and the staff at the car park are helpful and pleasant. Compared to a recent experience at Heathrow with an alternative M&G operator, where my car was returned damaged and with indications of misuse, these guys at Birmingham are most professional."

October 19, 2018

"Very very good service, very efficient on dropping the car off, transfer to the airport and the return bus. Excellent value for money, however the only problem was the tarmac on the actual car park and walking up to the reception needed resurfacing. They were a lot of potholes and when it was 3.00 am in the morning it was dark and not very well lit up. I had a swollen foot which I was quite worried about with the potholes."

October 5, 2018

"Mainly fine and efficient. Only negative was there was no one there to meet us on our departure day . We were left wondering what to do or who to ask. The return pick up was good. "

August 28, 2018

"We were told that our car would be delivered back to us in 15 to 20 minutes..but it was about 30 minutes. Not good enough for meet and greet!"

July 13, 2018

"Very helpful staff, easy, I would have liked my car valeted but good experience, would use them again. Price reasonable but would be even better if it were cheaper!"

July 11, 2018

"On arrival I was passed around 4 people as FHR was not recognised. They said I was with Drivefly but I didn’t see that on my paperwork! Good job I wasn’t late!!"

May 23, 2018

"Straightforward. Worth the extra."

September 11, 2017

"Fantastic service to dropping off and picking up only was confused that 19 miles had been put on clock so assume that the secure parking was 7/8 miles away. But would definitely recommend brilliantly priced an a short walk to departure an arrivals."

September 9, 2017