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"Left our car with Newcastle airport meet and greet parking, when we returned 2 weeks later the glass in our wing mirror had been replaced with a piece that did not fit. It was so bad that the member of staff who we collected the car from had to secure it with tape for us to be able to drive home. We completed a form before leaving to report the damage, however, they are refusing to take responsibility for the damage which has cost us £85. We used to use this service twice a year but will be getting a taxi to the airport in future. If this is their attitude I am concerned that any damage done to the car will just be denied and next time it could be worse than just a wing mirror"

June 10, 2018

"If I could have gave less stars I would have. Left my £35k car and 4000 miles on clock car at meet and great and paid for a further valet. Went away for a week and was looking forward to my car being cleaned professionally. On my return I checked the car and noticed scratches everywhere, the bonnet being worse, the roof was fine as this was never even touched and was dirtier than it was before I left it I mentioned this to staff and he scratched it more by vigorously rubbing it with his finger saying its only polish swirls, the free air freshener says it was cleaned at Dobies garden centre? having took it to a proper car valeter the car needs a machine polish to get most of the scratches out and the bonnet may not be saved as it has been rubbed with a cloth and not had ant roadkill or debris removed hence the scratches (polish swirls lol). People do not have your car ruined by these people only wish I could upload pictures."

May 24, 2018

"Meet@greet service is excellent very helpful staff"

April 27, 2018

"First time using this service. Drop off quick and efficient. Car waiting on arrival. Will use again"

April 13, 2018

"We booked the meet and greet package based on reading up that the provider provides “an outstanding service”

We own a jeep, in which is our pride and joy! Upon return from our holiday, Newcastle meet and greet caused nearly 2k worth of damage to our vehicle. Two of our diamond cut alloys were left kerbed and two creases to the driver and passenger doors were also caused.

I came face to face with supervisor “Craig smilth”, Craig’s attitude was simply dismissive, mr Smith could not understand why I was so cross and advised me “this is simply wear and tear of being parked on a car park” well mr Smith, your comment was red rag to a bull!

Thank god that I had my own dash cam fitted, the footage proved very frustrating and recorded a member of staff driving stupidly!

Advice to customers! Note your mileage when you drop off and ensure a member of staff checks your vehicle with you!

The insurance belonging to the parking facility has settled the bill for the damage, the experience has been awful and has left a bad taste. My complaint was not dealt with in a timely manor and I was spoken to in a way which is simply unacceptable.

Accidents do happen, I get that! To be spoken to and treated in such a way is not acceptable and as a result I will not be using the service again. I strongly advise anyone who owns a luxury vehicle not to use the facility. The drivers are inept and clearly have no respect for their paying customers!

Matter closed, jeep back to normal and I politely point out that I hope I never have to see or deal with the staff here again."

November 6, 2017

"Meet and Greet is wrong name for this service, i was not met nor was i greeted, i was shouted to from across car park to park it wherever i can, i might as well of parked it myself in long stay park and paid less on return i had to look for guy to get my key, not met again.
will not use again"

November 1, 2017

"Well where do I start, we booked our car into the facility based on the “outstanding service” the company boasted to provide. In my experience this was not the case upon the duration our jeep stayed in the airports capable hands! Sadly, the company caused nearly 2k worth of damage to our vehicle over a month ago. All said, liability has now been accepted by Newcastle international and their insurance company are settling my claim. The process has been very stressful and due to this experience I will not use again. Just be aware that you photograph your vehicle before using the facility and I would certainly purchase a motion sensitive dashcam."

October 30, 2017

"Always use Meet and Greet at Newcastle Airport whenever I fly from this airport
Never had a problem but on arrival back from holiday this time my vehicle was dented and had extra mileage on the clock
Complained, but after one person reviewed a whole fortnights footage in 11days, theysend out letters regarding themselves as "not culpable" for this damage. I even pointed out to the collecting staff the damage that was on the car before flying out (rear door had been opened against a pebble dashed wall)
They will not accept responsibility for any damage that occurs to your vehicle whilst it is in their car park and come up with excuses like "it is not always possible to detect some damages in wet or certain light conditions". In other words tough if it is damaged when you get it back as we did not do it.
From now on it will be taxi to the airport, if I use it again, and it will be TAXI FOR MEET AND GREET
Thank you very much MEET AND GREET for the £500 worth of un- necessary damage that has been caused"

April 26, 2017

"Ideal meet and greet service. Outgoing drop off was slightly slow but still great. Return journey very smooth and quick."

July 11, 2016

"This is is such a convenient service and the staff are friendly and efficient. I would always use this service when flying from Newcastle."

March 8, 2016

"Super easy & efficient - would do it again any time! In fact it was so easy I was left looking for the catch - there wasn't one. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to take stress out of the parking part of the trip and want their car looked after."

October 16, 2015

"Used the meet and greet facility at Newcastle airport in June and again in September. Excellent service - the car and keys waiting for me as soon as I got through arrivals and walked the 5 mins to car park."

September 25, 2015

"Used time and time again.Takes the stress out of arrival at airport before holidays"

March 13, 2015

"Poor sign posting to entrance.
Barrier ticket machine not working properly.
Longer walks than it used to be both on arrival and on return.
Otherwise fine."

July 2, 2014

"Good service. Simple and seems effective. Would use again!"

June 21, 2014

"I booked meet and greet via a website the nightbefore at 7pm but when I called just before I arrived there was no record of the booking, despite having paid for an SMS with a booking ref on? The guys in the car park resoolved my concerns. Apparently, this often happens with affiliated sites. All's well that ends well. If if were not for your excellent staff, I would have rated this a 1. They recoverd the situation fro you but i have given a 3 as your booking proceedure is clearly broken. wht a pit."

August 19, 2013

"Used this company after looking online. Very easy to deal with. Used the "meet and greet" service. Easy to follow instructions and directions. Took all of 5 mins on the way out and maybe 2 mins on our return. First class service all round."

October 24, 2011

"Brilliant! Only one very minor observation . The courtesy phones are not well placed or noticeable in the arrivals hall"

July 18, 2011