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Ian Farrington

Excellent service.
November 30, 2021

Wilf Aspray

Found it a total breeze and would use again
November 7, 2021

Russell Marriott

Brilliant service, prompt,easy and polite, great value for money.
October 25, 2021

Keith & Melanie Hennessy

We've used various Manchester based meet & greet providers but this company appear to have the most professional, well organised team who are determined to ensure you have a smooth car parking experience. We called 15 minutes prior to our arrival and were given directions as to where the representative would be. We arrived and after double checking all inbound flight information, a quick once over of the car; we continued on our travels. The only thing to remember here is to have £5 cash to handover so that the rep can exit the airport (might be easier if this was added to the overall booking and refundable if a booking had to be cancelled). We have a 1 hour delay returning to Manchester but the driver was already aware as the team keep an eye on arrivals and plan around landing times. We collected our bags, phoned the driver and walked out to find him. No hassle at all! We walked over to the car collection point, just as the driver was pulling into a space! Additional feedback; - prices are reasonable and comparable to other providers - drivers are professional and easy to spot in their orange/black t-shirts - remember to have cash on hand for airport entry/exit for driver collecting car A few considerations to further improve the service; - offer transfer of booking if travellers unable to travel - include carpark fees so that traveller knows exactly how much meet & greet service costs - introduce an app for quick and easy access to booking, updates etc - share drop off/pick up points for each terminal in advance so that the traveller is fully informed All in all; a great service!
July 26, 2021

Ed Stentiford

The service was excellent and very polite. In my case in particular I was made to fully appreciate how good they were. We returned home and cleared baggage at about 1.15 in the moring, I phoned VIP and got hold of a member of staff who was in bed as he didn't think they had any pickups at that time in the morning. He was coreect and I had given the following day as my arrival back in Manchester. The man I talked to on the phone was very understanding, got out of bed, went to the yard to collect my car and was with us within 45 min from my call. I think I would not have been in the best of moods if this had happened to me but the man from VIP was fully understanding, very polite, and very good to deal with. I would recommend VIP at the highest level to anyone. We used them following the excellent experience my daughter had had using their service.
July 1, 2021

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Andy Cuddeford

Brilliant Service wouldn’t hesitate to use again
December 12, 2020

Joanne Pullan

Will definitely use again
September 28, 2020

Jonathan Dimsdale

On arrival, we were met on time, despite being early, and the handover was totally professional. Despite there being a muddle on our return date and time, the car was returned only keeping us waiting for about 15 minutes. We would definitely use this firm again and would recommend them. I have to disagree with the previous comment as all directions and instructions were perfectly clear.
September 12, 2020

Charles Main-Brackenridge

I was appalled when leaving the car at the way I was dealt with. I had some difficulty finding the leaving point and had to ring for information, first I was grumbled at because I was supposed to ring 15 minutes before then was brusquely given directions. I still was having difficulties so had to ring the number back again whereupon I was given instructions again. I have to say at the end of 'both' conversation I was subject to his swearing to someone, presumably in the office, about 'idiots'. I do not know if he was commenting on me or continuing some other conversation but either way I do not expect to hear that from anyone! On arrival the person accepting the car was abrupt and rude, I mentioned that I thought you really needed more signs as I found it very difficult to find and his, slightly aggressive/condescending response, 'There are plenty of signs for anyone to get here'...even were he right, which I don't think, he could/should have been more agreeable without agreeing with my comment...I was not, after all, critiquing him personally but the signage. Collecting my car was fine, the delivery was quick and full instruction given for exiting the problem It is unlikely I will use this company again as I do, rather, expect to be met with courtesy rather that aggressive foul mouthed staff!
September 8, 2020

Ian Orrick

Excellent service - first time we’ve used Manchester airport. The service was brilliant - we will definitely use it again.
August 28, 2020