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Jill Stubbs

I would not use this service in the future. Although reasonably priced, we struggled to find an available car parking space upon arrival and then once at the bus stop we waited much longer than expected for the bus. Once it arrived it then took far longer than expected to reach terminal 2 (last drop off). It actually left passengers at terminal 1 as there was no availability. Overall a 50 minute journey that meant we were running late for the flight. On our return the bus arrived fairly quickly but was almost full and was then chaos as people were standing and cases were in aisles. Extremely poor overall service.
February 17, 2019


We booked Jetparks 2 for our car for the week as we always use them but maybe not again. Both ways we waited 25 minutes for a bus and the driver on the return journey was rude, it was to more than one passenger and there was no need for it. Sorry Jetparks 2 but won’t be using you again.
February 9, 2019

Adrienne Atkin

After using Jet 2 car parks at Manchester many times after the last experience I don’t think we will use it again. Prepaid with Holiday Extras. Barrier wouldn’t recognise reg, stood pressing button as instructed 5 mins (6 20pm) eventually somebody just opened barrier. Car park is poorly lit; it has an odd lamppost style light, it’s pitch black and we had to walk around to spot spaces. The ground is rough tarmac that is not maintained and is full of rubble, potholes that fill with water. This makes it difficult to walk but easy to potentially to damage car. The spaces are small and not marked, it’s really cars parked in a line. Waited about 10 mins on outbound flight. Returned at 5:15am, waiting 27 mins for bus. That meant that some people had to wait for next bus. Pitch black could not see waterlogged car park easy and we both stepped into what we thought was puddle was a massive pothole. Barrier wouldn’t let us out, phone answered quickly after giving our reg the barrier was lifted. Again driving out, it’s so badly lit it’s hard to avoid the cracked unmaintained road that leads you out. The postcode is confusing when following sat nav.
February 9, 2019

Sam Johnstone

Here at Man Airport,830am 26/Jan/19 eventually. Drove into car park and after a few minutes started to get worried, drove round and round, not a single space even though we had booked for this date, began to really worry until someone told ne there was a space down a row of cars. Thank god at last. Then had to contend with a surely non informative driver. In short, I will get a taxi in future.
January 26, 2019


Have now been waiting 50 minutes for the transfer bus. First came after 30 minutes and was full so no dice, driver said there was an empty bus two minutes behind, nope. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time, currently running late, thanks jet.
January 26, 2019

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Were lucky to find space straight away. Unlike last stay. Wish the carpark was tarmacked and not gravel with marked bays. Revenue must sllow for this yo be done.
October 5, 2018

Jim the Joss

It is reasonable to assume that, if you book in February for a parking space in September, there will be an easily accessible space for your car i.e. one assumes that the management counts cars in and counts cars out and allows for some leeway. Not so - when we arrived, we had to drive around again and again and wait for someone to leave. When we returned to Manchester we then had to wait for 35 minutes at Terminal 3 before a bus turned up. We will NOT book Jetparks 2 again. When we finally left the car park, we noticed many cars (improperly?) parked on the exit/entry road and it may well be that they belonged to people who could not find a space in time but had to catch a flight.
September 26, 2018

David Reeves

Plenty of parking space and the bus transfer swift allso the driver was very polite considering it was 330am. It was the 3rd stay with Jetparks .
September 13, 2018

M Davies

If we had parked in Jetpark 2 I would leave a report. However, when we got to Jetpark 2 we were told it was full and would have to go to Jetpark 3. Fortunately we had been there before so had a good idea where it was. This however was not good as we were running late due to the hold up on the M56. Jetpark3 was quite full all the disabled parking had gone so we had to spend quite a while finding a spot. The bus was ages coming and time was running out. When we returned to Manchester the bus for Jetpark 3 was 30mins in coming. During that time 2 buses for Jetpark 2 went by. Not a good experience. We are booked again with you in June!,
April 23, 2018

lorraine davies

Price doubled !!--- I have been using Jet 1 or 2 for many years now, last used September 2017 and paid £37 for a week. Always had great service and love the location. but looking at May 2018 and cost doubled to £70.00. Don't mind paying a little extra but not double - so will not be using Jet Parks
March 25, 2018