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Arthur Norris

Very disappointed with our recent experience of Manchester T1 Meet and Greet. Not what we expected. On arrival told to go and find a parking space in an almost full outdoor car park so were well away from the office. On return we were informed our car was on level 13. Had to queue for the lift then found level 13 was top floor open to the elements and it was very windy. Then had to search for our car. Had it been raining at drop off or pick up we would have been soaked and would have wanted to award zero stars.
May 27, 2019

Andrew Dabin

Came back from trip, car park staff told me they had damaged my car by reversing another car with a towbar into it and front bumper dented and scuffed, I was happy for honesty, was told that they would contact me within a week, still waiting 3 months later, they gave me a letter that I could contact them with however the number was useless as only option was non human, I have filled in an airport complaint form and am waiting for a response to this. NEVER USE MEET AND GREET HERE, THE STAFF DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR CAR
May 14, 2019

L Thomas

Used it a few times and have become sick and tired of the smart alec’s ‘responsible’ for parking the car that mess around with the radio and heating/air con settings. It’s cleary an amusing little game for them and an indication for us to be wary about trusting our cars with the meet and greet service. The airport needs to sort this out ASAP
May 12, 2019

Paul Hilton

Used this service twice; 1 st time car rear had dent and scratch on it when picked up. This year picked up on 1 st of may car covered in dust and muck rear tyre had been driven on for some miles and had to be replaced. Contacted them, did not give a damn, will not use them again.
May 7, 2019

Hassnain Hamid

I have used the service twice in 3 months. Never on time. I had to wait for almost 50 mins with my family on arrival. My car was all covered in mud. Very poor service. Every time when the plane landed I called them; you have to call them 5 times before they answer the phone and then wait for 50 mins.
April 26, 2019

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Gill Dugdale

I was very disappointed that the drivers leather seat had been damaged. As this only came to light in natural light. No responsibility will be taken by meet and greet. It is so important to really check your vehicle before leaving the car park on return. After reading other reviews it seems very difficult to prove the damage was caused when the car was in their possession!
April 22, 2019

Christopher Collins

Two faced people throughout, arrived back from hols to find drinks spilled on handbrake console and front seats, reported problem and was inspected before leaving, assured would be contacted that day, sod all! Reported damage through website and was contacted by different individual asking for photos despite these being taken by first representative, provided photos, response sod all! Lying two faced gits, sounds like we came off lightly looking at some experiences as stains came out, Russian roulette with these ***ts, your choice? Only good thing about them is they show there s**t reviews.
April 21, 2019

R Williams

We've used Meet and Greet Car Park several times and we were lucky not to have any damage to our car. On our recent trip however, it was a different story. We early in the morning when it was dark which made it difficult to notice the scratch on the door caused by someone transferring the car to the multi-story car park presumably. It was only in the bright light of day that we saw the big gash. We wrote to the Meet and Greet Management about this but we were told to claim it off from the insurance instead..certainly in two minds now to use Meet and Greet again. So if you arrive bleary eyed, best check your car before driving off.
April 12, 2019

Jeremy Leeson

Damage to wheel trim. They accepted responsibility at the time, but no communication since. Will not use ever again.
April 2, 2019

Kevin Simons

Left my car 2 weeks ago in Terminal 1 meet & greet car park,absolutely no issues,parked in a lane,luggage out,took the keys to the office,which is opposite terminal 1 departures,you are given a ticket for your return,on return you take your ticket to an office, just after you exit customs,they give you your keys,tell you where your car is on level 13,this is a short term process,while a new car park is being built.This is the second time I've used this car park and would definitely use again,great service and good value. Thank you
March 30, 2019