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R Williams

We've used Meet and Greet Car Park several times and we were lucky not to have any damage to our car. On our recent trip however, it was a different story. We early in the morning when it was dark which made it difficult to notice the scratch on the door caused by someone transferring the car to the multi-story car park presumably. It was only in the bright light of day that we saw the big gash. We wrote to the Meet and Greet Management about this but we were told to claim it off from the insurance instead..certainly in two minds now to use Meet and Greet again. So if you arrive bleary eyed, best check your car before driving off.
April 12, 2019

Jeremy Leeson

Damage to wheel trim. They accepted responsibility at the time, but no communication since. Will not use ever again.
April 2, 2019

Kevin Simons

Left my car 2 weeks ago in Terminal 1 meet & greet car park,absolutely no issues,parked in a lane,luggage out,took the keys to the office,which is opposite terminal 1 departures,you are given a ticket for your return,on return you take your ticket to an office, just after you exit customs,they give you your keys,tell you where your car is on level 13,this is a short term process,while a new car park is being built.This is the second time I've used this car park and would definitely use again,great service and good value. Thank you
March 30, 2019

P Russell

Manchester Airport Terminal 1 Meet & Greet This is not a meet and greet service. You park your car in the car park and then take your key to reception. We queued for over ten minutes to check in the car and drop off the key (in a box overflowing with keys that anyone could have taken). Coming back, you collect your key from a different place and then have to go to the very top of the multi-storey car park (which is uncovered so not great if it’s raining and all your luggage gets wet) to find your car. There were no ‘meet and greet’ people up there so if there were any problems you would presumably have to make your way back down 13 floors to find someone. I’ve no idea how this can be marketed as a meet and greet service. Next time we will leave our car in the car park and take our key with us, which will be safer and quicker.
March 9, 2019

Nasser Izadkhah

I have been to many airports but terminal 3 is the worst one. I picked up my wife and children from terminal 3 as I entered the drop off zone; two very rude and unprofessional staff lead you to pick up area and threaten you with £100 fine if you don't follow their order, you feel disgusted and not welcomed as soon as you arrive to this bloody war zone. Shame on you Manchester airport. Every other county strive to give their residents more and more comfort but here more and more abuse.
February 24, 2019

John Glossop

The drop off was fine with no problems and only a short walk to T1 check in. On return, we were given directions to collect the car keys from the side of Greggs bakery. There was a bit of a lengthy queue due to the chap at the front arriving back and having the wrong return date, which one of the attendants was trying to sort out. The other attendant had just taken delivery of a package and was having a good old chat with the driver so the queue was ever lengthening. I got my keys eventually and couldn't understand why I was being instructed to the top floor of a multi-storey car park. I thought it was Meet & Greet? We struggled with our luggage in the lift to a cold and windy top floor and found our vehicle. The exit from the multi-storey car park was very tight down the winding ramp and I was left wondering why I'd used M&G... may have well used the long stay car park and hopped on the bus. Could have saved a few quid too!! I appreciate there is a lot of work going on at Manchester Airport but the sooner it gets back to a proper Meet & Greet service the better.
February 23, 2019

Christopher Jackson

Worst experience ever using this service - massive queue on Monday morning. No staff to advise to use self service. I returned on Thursday to T1. Staff talking amongst themselves (as a customer I felt in the way). My car was parked on the 13th floor?? Meet n Greet. Poor service avoid.
February 22, 2019

Alan Davies

Why do you not put zero choice, I returned to my car with damage to my wing and wheel arch, the manager looked at the cctv on entry agreeing there was no damage on entry, so they would contact me with the process to repair. Email just received claiming no responsibility, how can you leave your vehicle in their care and they are not responsible. I wished I had read reviews prior to booking. DO NOT USE THESE cowboys.
February 12, 2019

Joanne Todd

Avoid at all costs, we arrived to find our Land Rover damaged in T1 multi carpark, its bumper on the passenger side has been hit hard.
February 3, 2019

Susan Hunter

I have used this service for the past 4 years but won’t be using it again!! The new system of collection in the multi storey is absolutely ridiculous if you have a large car, ours is a Range Rover, very small turning circles and we couldn’t even find our car!!! The car had been tampered with, their was considerable mileage on it after we left it and the trip had been reset! The fuel consumption read 13.5 mpg which suggests someone has driven it at excessive speed WON’T ever use them again AVOID AT ALL COSTS if you want your car returned as you left it!! 21.1.19
January 25, 2019

Linda McAllister

Use to love this M&G best by far but in the last 18 months is gone from good to absolutely terrible. Now you drop off your car then on your return you have to get your car yourself from the multi storey (I hate these) but this one is so badly signed for exit and very tight to get down the exit ramps it’s disgraceful. Will not be using this service again. Found another company that really does do m@g park n ride, which is what I want from the M@G I pay for.
December 30, 2018

Ian Gunning

Convenient service, easy to use however came back to a big scratch on my bumper. Didn't realise until the next day due to light etc etc. Car park accepting no responsibility. Cowboys! Do not use!
December 27, 2018

Roy Grosschmidt

Used car park a few times with no problems. Arrived back 26th November 2018, given keys told car was in bay 10 found that my car was totally blocked in, had to wait for carpark attendant to move some cars so I could get out. Not good after 16-hour flight.
November 27, 2018

Jamie Reardon

Didn’t think to check my car as I collected it to realise it had been scratched and the paint damaged on the front of the car. Then to be told that I should have reported before I had left the car park. So basically you need to check that your car has not been damaged after paying a company to look after your property.
November 19, 2018

Steve Rooney

Returned from my holiday to find my fuel had been stolen, money taken from my cup holder and the cars wing mirror hanging off, just to top it all the car was covered in mud !!!!
November 18, 2018

Tim Robinson

I’ve used the T1 M&G parking before with no problems. I knew my time was tight for my early morning flight so decided to do the premium M&G as I assumed it would be faster and also came with fast track security. After initially going to the wrong place because I followed the sign posts for M&G instead of T1 multi-storey I eventually got to the “right” place after a redirect by a kind employee. Instructions says Premium M&G is on floor 6&7. There is not a single space on floor 6 or 7. There was a vague arrow pointing up (to floor 9?) and saying 7 but on following that to the higher floors there were no further instructions. Ended up going round the whole multi-storey twice, and eventually parking on 12. Saw no-one, spoke to no-one. Did not collect premium security pass. At the time of writing I’d say I’m extremely likely to miss my flight as I’m in a long security queue and my flight takes off in 45 minutes.
November 5, 2018

Peter King

Phoned on return to have car delivered, was told car would be there in 25 minutes, after 40 minutes and several phone call still no car, eventually got a reply to phone calls and was told driver should have been there by now, and that the driver would call me straight back, after another 10 minutes still no car or phone call, eventually driver called and said he was on his way and that he had just been given the job to deliver my car 5 minutes previously, phoned the office back to see why I had been told nearly an hour ago that my car was on route, and advised that the driver said he had only just got the job, chap on other end said the driver was a “lying tw*t” and that he would phone him. Car finally arrived after more than an hour waiting. Must say I tend to belief the driver more than chap in the office. Will never use this third rate organisation again and would suggest anyone thinking of using them, DON’T.
October 21, 2018

Helen Gatenby

We have used terminal 1's meet and greet numerous times over the last couple of years, and we have been pleased with the service. The staff are friendly even at the most ungodly hours of the morning. We left our vehicle from the 30th September until the 7th October and upon returning to the car, I couldn't even get in the drivers seat, the seat had been pushed so far forward. Obviously whoever moved the car was very short leg. Not only that the mirror had been moved, the heating had been altered to its maximum temperature and both front heated seats were full on! I also had to hoover the drivers mat and wash the inside of the sills as they were covered in mucky boot/shoe marks. Not impressed this time.
October 8, 2018

Daniel Broome

I have used a few times in the past and it's been ok but I used them on the 23/9/2018 and I have been left not happy and worried in what their drivers do in your car. I picked my car up the seat mirrors and radio station had all been messed with and the dash cam had been unplugged. Also the steering wheel had been jammed on and the warning light was on the dash. I complained at the time to the so called supervisor and was told they would look in to it. I very much doubt they have or ever will. I would not trust them at all. Be warned.
September 25, 2018


Mobit Airport Parking. This company and their trusted service provider M&G airport parking(aka Manchester Airport Parking Services LTD) have provided the worst service I've ever experienced. They have ruined a much looked forward to holiday. We followed all the instructions, phoning ahead to be told someone was on their way. Many phone calls later we were still being reassured that someone was 6 to 7 minutes away. He eventually turned up speaking only enough English to demand a further £25 to get the car through the airport parking????? This was at 8.46. Check in closed at 8.50. Needless to say we missed the flight. We were devastated. No alternative flights were available. On further investigation it would appear that these companies are disreputable to say the least and have a serious history of similar stories under different names spanning many years. The complaints procedure is a joke. You cannot speak to anyone. AVOID AVOID
September 18, 2018

Richard Jones

Bad experience!! firstly this is not a meet and greet like i have used before, This is where you actually drive the car in to hideously overcrowded car park and park up in a line and then drop your keys off at the office and set off on your flight, on returning home after a week we went to pick the car up (1.30am) so pitch black and couldnt see the cars condition, previously valeted before coming here, the cars are so tightly parked i struggled to get in, immediately i noticed filthy boot marks on the door sills and plastics and carpet mats filthy and for some reason radio station changed to radio 1 for and all steering settings changed, on arrival home i noticed the car was filthy, mud splattered all up the doors and sills and for some strange reason the fuel filler flap open, the car has clearly been driven hard up some country lane to another site by someone who does not care about someone elses hard earned belongings, all the mud splatterings were on the inside of the rear arches, (rear wheel drive BMW M Sport) says it all. will never use this company again, disappointed to say the least and will never hand my keys over to any of these companys again, park and ride for my and keep my keys and pay less
September 15, 2018

J Hodson

I cannot believe all the bad reviews on here! I thought I was the only one until my colleague just told me her car was a state when she picked it up. My car was only a few weeks old when I dropped it off. Upon collection I noticed chips out of the drivers door (like somebody had opened it onto a wall or fence) There were muddy boot prints in the footwells and the outside looked like somebody had been rally driving it - mud splattered everywhere. The manager came and took photos of the door telling me the chips were so small he could barely see them on the photos and made me feel like I was making a mountain out of a molehill. As mine is a lease car, it is going to cost me a few hundred pounds to rectify this before I can hand it back! M&G refuse to accept any liability.
September 14, 2018

anne johnson

Don't bother using a meet & greet from Terminal 1 Manchester Airport as they rip you off. It was great before the Airport began to charge £4.00 to drop off your car for a meet & greet and £4.00 to pick up your car. As I did not expect this charge, I had no UK money on me. Had to go into the Airport to use a ATM for £20. The charge was £3.00 for using the ATM. So it's cost me an extra £11.00. Money grabbing ********
August 31, 2018

S Rogers

Really easy to use. Right next door to the terminal, couldnt be easier. We didnt find it easy finding it agian when we landed and the instructions were not helpful. We ended up coming out of the wrong exit and walking round.
August 27, 2018

Richard Morris

ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING SERVICE! Brand new Audi A7 on collection of car we found windows wouldnt go up and down properly, radio stations altered and blasting out! Scratches on dashboard! 9 miles extra on the clock (we took picture on arrival) found out later by Audi breakdown service battery disconnected and not connected back up properly and came off (recorded dates and times of faults on the onboard computer) stolen locking wheel nut socket!!!! When ive asked for video evidence i was told everything is live and not recorded. They wont give names of people driving my car and they do not scan the car on departure! They do not give a s@*t about your property and you pay double than jetparks for the experience!!! I WILL NEVER USE THESE AGAIN!!! AND I SUGGEST (AS EVERYONE ELSE HAS COMMENTED ON HERE) THAT YOU DONT USE THEM!!! Nothing but boy racers who abuse your property!!!!!!!
August 6, 2018

justin cartwright

After leaving my car with meet and greet, on arrival my car wasn’t available. They managed to get my return date incorrect, then after digging the car out it took 45 mins to arrive and to top it off they also scuffed all the bumper on my car! Why do they take photo evidence prior and post to them receiving the vehicle and then you can’t see the photos to vindicate their errors! So not only did they keep me waiting, now my car is damaged with no compensation!
July 30, 2018

Elizabeth white

Booked meet and greet Manchester through holiday extras .I arrived dead on one as arranged and was told that I didn’t have a booking .The gentleman [i call him that loosely ] didn’t even bother to get off his fat derrière to check the booking and told me to back down the ramp I then rang holiday extras who told me that I had got a booking and to go to the meet and greet reception on the top floor so I did but by now we were getting very close to booking onto our plane and we were still the wrong side of the parking area and we were still not on the system according to meet and greet despite me being told I was and showing the clerk the confirmation and even a bar code and ringing holiday extras on my mobile and handing to the clerk well holiday extras your slogan says less hassle more holiday I say more hassle less holiday what should have been a leisurely start time in duty free and relax in excecutive lounge turned out to be a nightmare and my car was damaged too so not happy meet and greet Manchester
July 27, 2018

Paul Fitzpatrick

DO NOT USE T1 Meet and Greet By far the worst Airport Anywhere , We used the T1 Meet and Greet , went on holiday for 2 weeks , arrive back at 3 am in the Morning and very tired with a further 2.5 hr drive back to Scotland, quick inspection on our 3 week old car looked ok. My partner noticed ( a hair on the windscreen ), arriving back in Scotland it was still there , a closer look and it was an 8 inch horizontal scratch. Phone to sort it out , No chance , bounced around in calls = net result fill in a feedback form. To be brief as we had left the area and reported the damage the next day after sleeping, they are denying negligence and referring to terms and conditions. Small claims ahead it would seem , more as a matter of principal than anything else , the time period in question covers roadworks near the carpark , The T1 meet and greet actually identified this as a potential cause , add in i do believe we were not the only owners with the same problem. To be blunt they have terrible customer service , take your money but when a problem arises no effort to resolve anything. I have asked the question ( from my lawyer friend ) if anywhere in their terms and conditions they state they have an area fully lit ( at all times for nighttime flight arrivals ) for customers to inspect their cars. Terms and conditions are there for both parties to be protected , in this case T1 take a full 360 degree video of your car on arrival , but for some bizzare reason do not on exit, small claims will be very interested in this one.
July 22, 2018


We booked Manchester Car Park M & G through NEVER AGAIN! Our paperwork instructed us to ring 30 mins before arrival at airport yet I rang 50 mins before only to arrive at Terminal 1 Departures A where we were instructed to park in a bay and wait to find no-one there for us. We telephoned the mobile number again to be told someone would be with us shortly. After 20 mins still noone had approached our vehicle for collection. We had to ring 5 times and eventually a guy turned up, did apologise but did not seem very professional. Had my doubts then about leaving our vehicle but really did not have much choice. Having completed a vehicle check with us we left him the key. We learnt that the place he was taking it to was about 20 mins away. On our return I made a mistake of putting 3.30 in the afternoon when I should have put 3.30 in the morning so on arrival back at Manchester at 1.30 a.m when all you want to do it get home and get to bed I rang whilst waiting for our bags to find out that due to my mistake our car was blocked in as they did not expect it out until that afternoon. Knowing that we needed to be at a friends wedding that afternoon a waive of panic came over me. The guy on the phone was not very understandable at all and said well - Can't promise how long it will take to get it out, its blocked in, ring us back in 15 mins. Which we did, to be told ring us back in 20 mins should know how long then. 1 and 1/4 hours later we finally got word after several calls all from us that our car was on its way back and he would see us in another 20 mins. I realise it was my mistake but we were passed from person to person with no continuity and no sense of urgency. When our car finally arrived upon checking I noticed two scratches that were new, a blue one on the top of the passenger wing and another on the back passenger door quite near to a small mark I did know about, when I questioned the driver he referred to his paper and said that was already there. I ended up arguing with him and he telephoned his office, and passed me the phone. I was informed that my partner would receive an email with details of how to complain and to photo the damage for evidence. No email ever came and fortunately, we have managed to remove most of the marks with T cut although one remains slightly. I had no faith that I would be compensated and could only imagine a long drawn out battle so did not bother. I would strongly suggest you think twice about using this service. We in future will use our normal Parking where we park the car ourselves and keep the keys. Not a good experience. Too many calls chasing pick up and not professional or sympathetic to our problems.
July 18, 2018

Louise Preston

Do not use just returned from holiday and noticed my baby’s car seat was not strapped in ! When I removed the car seat there is a big cigarette burn on the seat underneath so they have removed my baby’s car seat while smoking in the back of the car ! Avoid at all costs
July 15, 2018