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Very fast transfer, really helpful and friendly people, thank you.
April 8, 2019

Len Comrie

Went like a dream - pulled up at the Car Park - they photographed my car - I parked up and was on the bus within 10 mins. On my return I telephoned in - then made my way to the pickup point and was back at the Car Park within 10 minutes - fantastic ! many thanks and would definitely us it again when flying from Luton. Well done guys !
February 19, 2019

Sara Howlett

So easy. Great location and simple process. I arrived earlier than expected and the staff couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. I was taken immediately to the airport on my own in a large, comfortable mini-bus. My luggage was loaded on for me. Driver was friendly and took a back route to the airport to avoid traffice. On return the process again was really simple. I called to say I had collected my luggage and 15 mins later the mini bus arrived to pick up. Car was waiting with attendant who had keys and quick form to sign. The entrance is actually on the main A505 roundabout. The reference to the Shell garage was a bit confusing and I did end up in the easyjet staff car park and had to turnaround a couple of times and call for instructions. So reasonable and hassle free. Will definitely use again and really recommend.
February 11, 2019


Absolutely brilliant, 5 star experience, for which my husband and I are immensely grateful. We were greeted, showed where to park the car and heading to the airport in a their minibus within less than 10 minutes. Members of stuff are very polite and helpful. The same, very pleasant experience on our way back. Highly recommended! They are located behind very big green gates at the roundabout. Very easy to find as long as you are looking for big green gates. Many thanks!
January 21, 2019

Maggie Maciejczek-Potter

Location was very hard to find and the return wait time was 20 mins. Other than that all was ok
January 14, 2019

Lizzie Tarling

Easy to find, quick service. No complaints
December 10, 2018

Luci Crossman

Had a horribly early drop off and a pretty late pick up - both drop and collection of us and our car was smooth and friendly and fast. Couldn't be happier with the service. Was also cheapest of all car parks. Will definitely use every time! Thank you
November 9, 2018

Mark Doody

No problems at all
September 27, 2018

Nicole Dredge

Used this service a couple times now and no problems. Was running super late for my flight and kindly one of the workers offered to drive me there in my car! Because of that, I was able to catch my flight!
September 6, 2018

Dan Male

Had we not received any damage while the car was parked, I would have scored it 3 stars... if the damage was handled well, I may have even given them 4... but alas, they have avoided my emails despite 4 phone calls chasing the damage. Therefore 1 star... cowboys - DO NOT USE....
August 28, 2018

Mr J Frickleton

Absolutely shocking. We waited in the freezing cold and pouring rain for 1 hour with 2 small children to be picked up at Luton airport on arrival. Considering the car park was 5 minutes away this was disgusting. They lied about a problem with 2 drivers changing over but in reality they deliberately did it to avoid more than 1 journey as when the bus arrived there were now 3 groups to be picked up instead of just us. Do not use.
August 25, 2018

Miss L Barrett

On the way out no problems, however on the return journey, we're waiting 45 mins for the mini bus as the driver had clearly picked up his family and taken them to mcdonalds on the way to pick us up...also did not get out of the bus to load our baggage as the driver had done on the way out, not a good representative for your business.
August 11, 2018

Mr S Jung

I would never use this service. Their shuttle run was more than 40 min wait. We had to call uber cabs to get us to the airport from the car park On return we waited more than half an hour for the shuttle bus I have used more than 20 such services and this is by far the worst
August 6, 2018

Miss B Kriukelyte

Car park is messy and does nto come across as a safe space. However, transfers were quick and efficient, staff was helpful and everything ran smoothly
July 11, 2018

Petya Lyutova

DO NOT BOOK - somebody stole all our change we kept in the car for parking and tolls. We have always used car parking at various airports and always left the change we had in the car. BE CAREFUL and do not leave anything in the car!
July 2, 2018


Used green parking ..fine on way then waited an hour ...kept phoning and they kept saying traffic bad because of all the work going on ..they said they had been once and then returned ...funny how it took 45 minutes first time the he returned in 12 minutes!! Complained to driver who did not give a damn ...asked how he got back in 15 mins he got right in my face and said "I flied" !! rude no apology whatsoever ...never again !
June 24, 2018

Mr Malcolm Eckersall

Returned to find a tear in the tyrewall of my wife's new car. The company manager maintained it was nothing to do with him and I should ring customer services, on a number he gave me, when I got home. I rang from the car to learn the call went directly to his office. I returned to his office where another person gave me the number. The manager inspected the tear and declared it safe to drive whilst phoning "customer services" who later advised me that there manager maintained it was not their responsibility and the car could be driven. Throughout the manager was rude and aggressive in his language. I visited tyre specialists who advised that it was dangerous to drive, as the webbing was laid bare, necessitating the purchase of a new tyre. We always inspect our cars before leaving one at Luton. Requests for the company's photographs and multimeter readings have been ignored.
June 20, 2018

David Morris

My wife and I sat on the coach for almost 30mins the driver just sat there with the rear doors open my children were frozen we waited and no other passengers turned up will not be using them again hired vehicle and driver who had no commitment to the company suggest customer care ?
June 11, 2018

Mr R Mendes

Very good service with great controls for the safety and security of the car. Mileage is recorded by the driver on car park documentation on drop off and can be checked on return. All round car photographs are taken ny car park staff on drop off also and can be checked and signed off before retaking possession of the car. Staff were helpful and courteous. Drop off to the airport and pick up on return was well within the 15 minute advertised period Very competitive pricing and excellent value for money. I will certainly use this car park agsin if flying from Loton
June 3, 2018

Peter Kemble

Easy to find the park. On arrival all I could see was a couple of wooden sheds this was reception. A very nice gentleman greeted us by name. He was bright and polite.Paperwork over I asked to use the toilet. After a 3 hour drive it was very lucky that my wife did not want to use the toilet as well. The toilet was a portable unit. the door did not shut correctly. The inside was filthy totally disgusting in my opinion it had never been cleaned in its entire life. It was thick with grime no way would a woman been able to use it. It was almost unusable. On our return we were met by a 13/14 seater coach. The driver did not get out of his seat to help anyone with their luggage. He just sat there telling us it was not worth opening the rear door as there were only 5 of us. So we had to lift our heavy bags onto the coach itself. He just sat there giving us instructions where to put our bags. One other passenger made a comment about him being lazy and he just agreed. Will NEVER use again.
May 28, 2018

Ms S Sauca

Excellent, quick service.
May 8, 2018

Mr R Tidd

Well done!
May 2, 2018


Fantastic service very efficient the shuttle driver was lovely wanted to leave my husband and take him home .
May 2, 2018

Mr S Ritchie

Difficult to find as the sign out front is difficult to see. Just a portacabin on arrival with no official signage. Wasn't even sure we were at the right place. Quick pick up on return though so no hanging around at the airport.
April 30, 2018

Mr J Preston

checking ok but on returning to collection area ,had to wait 20 minutes for the bus.It was dark cold and raining with no shelter.Not a good end to my trip
April 26, 2018

Mrs A Botsford

Would definitely recommend . Very quick hand over both on arrival and departure. Driver to airport was also friendly. Could not fault the service :)
April 21, 2018

Mr I Morar

Great service,great staff .very pleased with them.
April 15, 2018

Steve Smith

Be very careful there is a hidden booking fee.
April 7, 2018

Mr M Steer

Location is good , close to terminal and only a 5min transfer time . Drop off and collection process easy and efficient . Staff friendly and helpful . Transfers to and from terminal were prompt with minimal waiting time . Upon return a call after collecting baggage is required . The transfer van arrived minutes after we reached the pick up point . Overall it was a pleasant experience and I would certainly recommend / use again . First time used and pleasantly surprised . Competitive as well .
April 4, 2018

Mr S Clarke

All fine. Everything ran smoothly. Couldn't fault it.
March 26, 2018