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ian jnes

The Biggest problem is the Chaos at Luton Airport. Better communication is required from the Meet & Greet and they all seem to be the same company, its the same set of guys who take the cars and bring them back, Pink Pig or Swift or any others? I didn't book with swift but my receipt is Swift? Not having used this service before it said to use the short term car park. On arrival big signs say short term car park is shut, which is a major problem as it is generally chaos up there and you get nicked at the drop of a hat. It was open for meet and greet it seems. On return the short term car park really was shut, but I saw no guidance for where to go, this time it was in the multistory. It was freezing and it took around 15 mins for the car to arrive, not long but we were frozen. Bad lighting so hard to look around and confirm your car is undamaged before you sign for acceptance. Generally not a bad service but communication needs to be improved from everyone.
January 19, 2018

Mr Thompson

Although the meet and greet is based on airport campus it is quite a way from the airport entrance. There is a walkway and lift or stairs to navigate. With several cases and hand luggage it can be quite challenging. On our return journey we called as agreed once we were through passport control and had our cases. We were told the car would be depatched and delivered back to the same drop off point within 15 mins. We knew we had the same walk all the way back so we headed off to that point. It was absolutely freezing heading out of the airport and across to the pick up point and we waited there for our car. It was very hectic, with others dropping their cars off and others waiting for their vehicles. We waited over half an hour in the driving rain, strong winds and freezing cold. Eventually our car arrived but the service we received certainly wasn't meet and greet. They had the flight details and could have bought our vehicle to the airport once it landed which would have been perfect timing. There seemed plenty of bays empty. When we queried why it had taken so long for our car to arrive they told us they didn't anticipate the amount of traffic at the airport! What? Don't they do this journey every day and surely they must know the average time it takes to travel to the airport. I actually think it would have been quicker and certainly a lot warmer and less inconvenient to take the park and ride option - I will NOT be using this service again.
September 11, 2017

Mr Neil

I was waiting 40 minets for the car in the rain no cover in a open car park not the best could be improved
June 28, 2017

Valerie Swan

We only had to wait a few minutes to get the car on our return so very pleased with the service, although it is a long walk to the terminal now, but that is not their fault
June 23, 2017

Mr Rutks

every thing was fast and smooth , good service and easy access
June 10, 2017

George Brown

Given the current construction chaos at Luton these guys were fantastic. Will use them again.
June 6, 2017

Nichola May

Very efficient and easy service to use. It took a little while to find the meet-and-greet area when we arrived at the airport, but otherwise all was fine. On our return we phoned once we were through baggage and only had to wait a couple of minutes in the short stay car park for our vehicle to be returned. It was so much nicer than having to take a bus to an off-site parking area, which is what we have done before. Worth a little extra cost for the convenience.
June 5, 2017

Mark Ian Williams

Staff were friendly and helpful and arrived when expected
May 16, 2017

Geoffrey Berger

all went 100% to plan
May 16, 2017

Mr Mc Niffe

Very happy with the service we received..helpful and friendly. .thank you very much..21313
May 8, 2017

Mr K Mcmanus

Surprisingly good. I say surprising as there doesn't seem to be any system in place at all, a few guys hanging around in the short stay carpark working from an area of traffic cones. There was no signs saying who we collected our key from, but luckily there was a group of people hanging around 1 guy, doesn't seem professional or organised but it did work well for us.
May 3, 2017

Nihad Jaleel

Very quick service went without a hitch even at 4 in the morning! Beware other operators who charge u extra £7 for exit charges in the airport. M&G at its best and least exp naive of the lot! UNBELIEVABL!!
April 24, 2017

Mrs Ciofu

Great service all round!
April 23, 2017

Francesco Valmarana

friendly and efficient
February 22, 2016

Mrs Adrienne Pett

The staff were pleasant and attentive and everything went according to plan. The main down side is where they are having to operate from, but that is out of their control! Will use again
February 9, 2016

Dr Michael Smith

Very good service from Pink Pig. The only problems are not their fault - difficult to find one's way into the Short Term Car Park and, once inside, no signs to enable you to find the Meet & Greet area. Also another £2 to get out of the Short Term Car Park. All of the above are Luton airport problems rather than Pink Pig themselves.
August 26, 2015

Matthew Moy

Very good service and excellent people skills, a lovely polite experience. Will recommend and use again.
July 10, 2015

Elaine Roberts

We had a particularly early flight and no one picked up phone very worrying
May 18, 2015

Davidblake Blake

All good, it does what it says on the tin.
March 20, 2015

Mr E B Ayala

No Problems!! Fast efficient!! Courteous !!! Recommend it to anyone!! Thanks
March 2, 2015

Wendy Dancer

Excellent service, waiting for us upon our arrival, on return we phoned when leaving terminal building, walked to the short stay car park and only had to wait a couple of minutes before our car was returned.
January 26, 2015

Mr Paul Morgan

I rang the number provided 10mins before we arrived as requested to be told we would see you soon, we waited for 15 mins and rang back to be told we thought you were going to the yard (is this not a meet and greet service?) and that they would be 5 mins, I waited another 15mins and rang back again to be told they would be 10 or 15 mins I told them I had already waited over half an hour and that we had cases we needed to book in and couldn't wait 15 mins, this is when I was told you are half an hour before the time I said on the form (however they had my flight details) they became rude and uninterested in my plight especially when I told them I would have to park the car and go. I got a phone call 20 mins later while I was boarding and was told this is a no refund service, I told them I would be seeking to retrieve the cost on my return, they then became abusive and I was told they would sue me (what for is totally baffling). I have used meet and greet several times at Luton and the same at other airports (never this company). I would like a response to this please if you may?
January 23, 2015

Martin Taylor

Fast and easy, no probs.
January 19, 2015

Jurgita Kairiene

Was quite annoyed that they couldn't take the car 20min earlier due to a good traffic and ended waiting for 25min in Luton train station for their call untill the driver will become available to accept our car. On arrival I was quite impressed as received a phonecall to say my car is already waiting at the car park.
January 11, 2015

Bai Bangura

It was great
December 31, 2014

Ella Livingstone

Positives - meet and greet is definitely the quickest way to get to the airport. On our return, I received a call the moment we left the terminal building to say the car was on it's way, and the car was ready and waiting when we got to the car park. Even with all the extra charges, it's still probably worth it for the convenience (though quite a bit more expensive than the initially quoted price, which made it look cheaper than off site parking to start with). Negatives - rang 10 minutes away as requested, and spoke to someone who said they were on their way, but there was no one at the meet and greet area when we arrived. Tried ringing again and got recorded message, so rest of group went into airport and left me to wait for the representative. Actually didn't have to wait too long, but even a few minutes standing in the freezing cold and dark wondering if and when someone will turn up is not ideal. The quoted price went up with a fee and a payment of £4 for the stay in the short term car park - I proceeded with the booking as the convenience of meet and greet still made it worth it. However, when the representative finally turned up to collect the car, they pointed out that I would have to pay another £4 on collection to get out of the car park - I am sure they are correct that this was mentioned somewhere in the booking small print, but I didn't see it so it's clearly not that obvious, and was just another small annoyance - why not be totally clear and upfront about the costs at the booking stage? Overall, have given 4 stars as would ideally like to give 3.5 but can't! The small niggles really don't outweigh the overall convenience of the process, and if you plan to add about £10 to the initially quoted price, and trust that you won't have to wait too long even if you can't get hold of anyone, then you should be pretty happy with the service.
December 23, 2014

Michel Gehler

The drop was good the return was poor. It took over 12 minutes for my call to me taken by an operator after which I had more than 10 minutes wait at the car park. The idea was for a quick and efficient return this didn't happen.
December 8, 2014

Colin McCabe

Done just what they said on the box. After parking my vehicle a member of staff arrived within a couple of minutes and after going through the paperwork on our way for the short walk through to departures. On our return contacted Pink Pigs as we collected our luggage and my vehicle was waiting collection. Very good service without any problems.
October 28, 2014


We used this service recently & found it to be an excellent alternative to self-parking on site or even using off site car parks. We found the drop off point easily & the drivers were very polite & courteous explaining the procedure to us clearly. When we arrived back in the UK after a slight delay with our flight, I called the number I had been given as we were in the baggage reclaim section & by the time we got to the meeting point, my car was there waiting for us. Would definitely recommend and use again next time we fly from Luton.
October 19, 2014

Alice Lester

Very good, all went according to plan. Our flight back was delayed by 2 hours but this wasn't a problem. Would use again/recommend. The only slight gripes which are related to Luton airport and not Pink Pig are that the meet and great parking area was full up when we arrived so a bit hard to find somewhere to park and wait (we only had to wait a few minutes though) and the parking charges - £4 upon leaving, which is a lot when you've only been there for 2 minutes handing over the keys.
August 29, 2014