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Gordon M. Pirret

Car park was very busy so had to drive to the top to get parked. Long walk back fortunately it was dry.
March 15, 2019

P Twells

Did exactly what was promised. At a fair price. Entry and exit without a hitch. Thank you
September 4, 2017

Ralph Donohue

Very poor. Had no record of our booking
August 23, 2017

Mr R Bousfield

Easy access (walking) to the airport terminal. A little pricy for 5 days parking, but I guess that's London for you.
February 9, 2017

J Boakes

Registration not recognised on arrival, leading to me getting flustered as holding up a queue and ending up in the short term park. I was able to drive through to the long term and then worried about getting out again. In the end it was quite straightforward as the help line adviser quickly identified my booking and let me out. The problems were mainly of my doing except that the car was not recognised on arrival. Hence only rates a 4!39142
October 3, 2016

Mr G Armstrong

Convenient But Long stay still very expensive for a weekend (£65 from 7 am Sat to 9pm Sunday) compared to Stansted prebooking for longer (£42 Sat 7am to Monday 9pm) and for same level convenience.
November 10, 2014

Cyril Ruttenberg

No hassle this one works without too much complication.
November 26, 2007

Stuart Cohen

First class, nice and easy and will most definetly use City Airport and parking again.
November 23, 2007

Derek Longman

Car park easy to use and very convenient. Prefer to book on-line and the alternative quotes were not available on-line. Perhaps BCP could offer a loyalty discount?
November 20, 2007


Booking was simple, price was right, and it was the only site to readily come up with London City airport. The instruction to go to the information desk in the terminal on return could have been made more readily visible. I was not sure what to do and could have inadvertently paid full price.
November 16, 2007

simon nichols

Good position;Very convenient; a bit on the pricey side for 3 days stay though. Good clear confirmation and e-mail instructions, very easy to book.
November 6, 2007

Terry Plummer

Everything was fine; the directions on the confirmation were accurate and the system worked well - there were no delays etc. either at dropping the car off or collecting the exit pass from the airport. One critism is the cost - £55 is a lot for 3 days parking and the airport is not in central London.
November 6, 2007

Stephen Ladyman

Smooth and trouble free.
November 5, 2007

David Ney

Using pre-pay parking could not have been easier. We took a normal ticket on arrival. On return, we presented our voucher to the Information desk and were immediately given an exit pass. I left my travel documents on the counter and before we got home, a message had been left for me on the home answerphone. The documents have been posted to me at no cost. Excellent service.
November 3, 2007

edwin glasgow

Quite excellent in every way. My only comment would be that an even clearer indication of the short and long term might be welcome: the word "main" is perhaps not too helpful?
October 8, 2007

Michelle Elliott

Very easy to book, and reasonably priced for a long weekend. We would have paid the same amount one-way in a taxi to the airport. Good directions and instructions and found a space easily. On our return we validated our ticket, walked the 3 minutes to our car under a covered walkway - which was good because as is usual for England it was raining!. Excellent service, would definately use again.
September 28, 2007

Mrs L coppin

Hi I thought that the information I got was useful and the process was easy to use. I was unfortunately recovering from knee surgery this time and would have liked a space nearer the terminal but I didn't notice a disabled parking option. Although as I don't have a blue badge I guess this wouldn't apply anyway! As I had to have assisstance it would have been helpful to have been able to organise a wheelchair to meet me at the airport, perhaps a link would be useful to airport services as trying to find a trolley with luggage and crutches was har work. If I had been my usual able bodied self i would have had no problems at all.
September 24, 2007

Craig Dunderdale

The parking was excellent and near the airport. I, like numerous others were unsure what to do on entry into the car park. I had no details of the procedure I now know i.e. Take your ticket from the barrier park in the long stay area. Present that ticket at the reception on your return from holiday and they give you a ticket/voucher to leave the car park. I saw some people putting their bank card in like some other airports where you have already paid with the same bank card. Other than that excellent service from the staff and very convenient if not a little pricey. Many regards with the future Craig Dunderdale
September 10, 2007

Joseph B Stokes

The most convenient of all airport parking at the most comfortable of all airports.
September 8, 2007

David S Poole

Easy to book, easy to find and easy to park. Great to be able to walk to the terminal an not have to wait for a courtesy bus and then fight to get on! But do remember to read the instructions and visit the information desk in the terminal on the way back to the car - if you dont you will be making the walk back in order to get your exit ticket
September 4, 2007

Michael Bowes

The parking went very well and made travelling from London City a pleasure. I would ask that you provide details of other parking options, I observed other parking areas but am not aware whether they would provide an even better option for me. Mike Bowes
September 4, 2007

Brid Eve

Excellent service, so easy to park and 5 minutes to the terminal building. Would definitely consider using this service again.
September 1, 2007

Katharine Evans

I was left with good impressions of London City airport for stress-free travel. My only criticism was that it was not clear that the main car park was the BCP one, and there was no indication of how to go ahead with pre-booked car parking - we drove up and down for a while, asked a concierge and eventually had to press the 'help' button at the entrance barrier. Thank goodness we did - otherwise I would have been inclined to present my credit card, which I guess would have debited my account a 2nd time. Other than that everything went smoothly.
August 28, 2007

Martin O'Neill

Very convenient
August 27, 2007

Peter Clark

Save for a long walk to the end of the car park, the whole London City Airport experience is one of the best in Europe. Compare to all the other major airports in the London area I find the whole process much more personal & less intrusive.
August 27, 2007

Miss L Ross

The car park was easy to find and it was well sign posted. The walk to the airport was very short and under cover. There were suitcase trolleys available in the car park aswell and it was clean. Checking out was easy you just go to the information desk by the doors in the airport.
August 20, 2007

R Hicks

Very easy to use, and good customer support.
August 16, 2007

Alan Brown

On Tuesday 7th August 2007, I flew from London City Airport, I am a frequent flier, but this was the first time I have used the City Airport. I also decided to pre-book my parking at the airport and therefore went on the Internet to do so, I located the web site for BCP with no problem and the booking was exceptionally easy, certainly for me as I am normally a techno-phobe. I arrived at the airport and with no trouble at all located the car park. This was about a 2 minute walk to the terminal building, at the point where I parked baggage trolleys were available. I noted which section my car was in and flew off (unlike larger airports there would have been absolutely no problem had I of not done this) I returned on the 14th August 2007 landing at about 7.50pm, I entered via passport control, collected my baggage passed through customs attended the information desk to validate my car park ticket, which was made easy by the very helpful lady on duty, I started to search for my ticket, I was asked some security questions that only I would know the answer to and given a valid exit ticket. The explanation was that it saved me searching for my ticket.I walked to my car and was en route by 8.20pm. The whole experience was stress free and certainly a pleasure to travel under such conditions. I would certainly recommend BCP, for its ease of booking, its location to the terminal and the friendly service I received.
August 15, 2007

april jayne mayo

The only problem had with the airport carpark was that on the notice board and print out of confirmation i had was that it didn't say anywhere that to get out of the carpark you had to go to the information desk to get a different ticket to get out to the one you are issued with when entering the park, but otherwse it was a brilliant saving, as the cost for my stay would have been £120.
August 13, 2007

Mike Hellewell

My experience with the airport parking was very good; even though leaving the car parking ticket behind in Zurich did not cause a problem. From landing to on the road in just over the half hour finishes off a nice holiday wonderfully (though using London City Airport helps a lot)
August 8, 2007