Liverpool Skypark reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Liverpool Skypark

Carol Towlson

Would definitely recommend this parking service. Dropped off right outside the doors of the airport which cost us an extra £1.50 as we shared minibus shuttle wit another couple. Arrived early hours and driver arrived promptly after telephoning him would use again no problems.
April 5, 2019

Alison Ineson

Use skypark 3-4times a year. LASP has been our worst experience. The facility is not manned 24hours. On arrival back in the UK it took three phone calls to be picked up. Nine passangers and a baby in the rain for just over half an hour. Not pleased.
March 8, 2019

david rowland

just got back of a woderfull holiday got collected promply very happy with you guys and will be back next year thanks a lot a****** service
September 1, 2018

Valentin Blanariu

I left the car for 2 weeks at a good price but when I got back after the car I found a fine in the windshield and they told me to call that number in the fine but no one responds now I'm waiting to see how much I pay I repeat I left the car parked as much as I paid no extra hour
August 2, 2018

Graham Smitham

This was a very bad experience, we booked Skypark Liverpool for our parking the price was good but the service terrible it said on our confirmation sheet we would be transferred to airport with a charge of £3 for us not a problem we had no email or anything before hand,on arrival a young scruffy lad appeared no hello or anything got in turned music on full blast,drove us down some back roads then went in the opposite direction to the airport,when I said excuse me were are you taking us he just said shouting over the music you have to get out here,I am not to good on my legs and said this was difficult for me he just said get off and sort yourself out .This was such a worry as we were going away for a month.Things did not improve on our return I phoned 3 times before someone eventually shown up no manners so dirty and scruffy never go there
June 30, 2018

Leanne Coy

Skyparks this supplier is not great I have used skypark a few times but I really this car park supplier this time is really under par. It's based in a mechanics garage and they were quite disorganised when we arrived. the man in charge had got the wrong cars out of the car park so we are sat in the minibus go to liverpool airport. No problem it happens but on the return journey we arrived at the meeting point (please note we were never advised prior to booking the drop off is not at the airport but that's another topic). On the return there are quite few people waiting it's late around 00.45hr the minibus arrive and is full so we are on for the next pick up fine we expect to wait 10 mins or so we thought. In fact we waited 50.mins for the driver to return to pick us up. He did no apologise or even explain. We knew what had happened as the guy waiting with us his family were at the parking lot waiting for him to come back. It turns out yet again the driver had got the wrong cars out. This is really bad organisation to happen twice I can't excuse it sorry it's not good enough especially in the middle of the night. Unfortunately skypark as an agent you should know what your suppliers are providing to your clients and the car park we were booked in Liverpool this week was below par. No organisation No system No customer service I recommend skyparks look into how this supplier can improve their service and the man driving the van needs a few people skills. An apology from the driver would of gone a very long way at 1.30am . I for one will only be booking direct and vetting the car park myself and will not be going through a third party like yourselves again
April 11, 2018

Mr Schooling

Very convenient and value for money
October 7, 2017

Mr D Tams

adjacent to airport ,no delay in drop off or pick up.could be signposted though.
March 30, 2017

Mr Nickson

we were very pleased with the ease of booking and the customer service we received ,I will use your service again and of course recommend it to others.Thanks again .
January 15, 2017

Jason Ball

Everything went really well, was dropped off by the shuttle bus and collected so no complaints at all. One thing that may be helpful would be a map to show where the office is, we drove past twice trying to find it and a simple map would be very useful.
October 27, 2016

Brenda Jones

Just what we needed : near terminal (with only hand luggage, we actually walked back to stretch our legs), great staff who didn't keep us hanging around, and a great price. Will definitely be using them from now on.
September 26, 2016

Mr Mark Copsey

The parking is a very short walk from the airport terminal. The booking in process was fast and efficient and when we returned the car was waiting for me. Great service.
September 19, 2016

W Romanek

Avoid !!! I have just paid for this car park and did not receive booking confirmation. 24 h booking means - answering machine. I sent 5 e-mails for different departments - no answer. Now I am trying get back my money thru Pay Pal resolution centre but they still not responding. I used to park in both airport Liverpool and Manchester a few times using Skypark and always something was bad. It is cheap - but not worth nervs during travel.
August 17, 2016

Sinead Ogrady

Really easy to find the car park and a speedy service upon arrival. Found all the staff really friendly and would deffenitly recommend and book when I fly from Liverpool again.
August 2, 2016

Mr Kennedy

Helpful friendly staff. Picked up within 5 minutes of call when returned from holiday, even at 2300. Recommended
March 16, 2015

Iwona Matuszczak

January 18, 2015

Mrs M Warburton

I had my usual efficient friendly service from the staff at Skypark
December 25, 2014

Paul White

I have used this company a number of times and will certainly be using them again. Properly close to the airport and the staff are always polite, friendly and super helpful. Top marks for airport parking at Liverpool, would not go to anyone else and I know the area well.
June 27, 2014

michael czajkowski

Bit disappointed. Booked it thinking that it was situated on site so to find that there was a transfer involved was a bit unexpected. No problems with the transfer outbound, however the return was a different story. With my wife and two toddlers along with four cases and hand luggage, we waited in the freezing cold for the minibus. We couldn't fit in so waited approx 10 mins for the next one. This arrived at a different part of the car park. We gathered our belongings and ran over to it only for some others to beat us and take our place. Again we waited in our new spot for the minibus to return along with others. On its return, it drove straight past us to pick up at a different point. Again, before we could get to the bus we were beaten by other new arrivals. Not impressed and with two very cold, tired children, we rang again for the bus to return. From our originally contacting Skypark to actually arriving at their site took 30-35mins. Despite the staff being polite and sympathetic over the phone, i would not use this service again. They obviously require another minibus or larger transport to cope with busy periods. I would also suggest a designated pick up point to prevent inconsiderate people queue jumping.
September 8, 2011


Excellent service both to & from the airport. Will definitely use them again.
June 19, 2011