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Very pleased with the service. Polite and friendly staff. Read some reviews before and was a little cautious. I could not fault them. Will use again.
May 25, 2019

Mike Bostock

What an absolute shame, we have used this company many times over the last 8 years, at least 18 times, we have recommended to many other people, never again, unprofessional, shoddy and very rude, their idea of customer care is to hail abuse at you. We arrived early Sunday morning, there was no tag written out for us so the girl at reception asked me to sign the ticket and she would fill out the rest, she also asked if we had received the email explaining there was a price increase due to pick up charges at the airport, we had not had anything. We arrived back at the airport 4 days later, went to the meeting point and phoned several times, we kept on getting an answer machine, after waiting 25mins the van turned up. When we arrived back at reception our keys were not there and was told our car was not prepared to be taken and our keys had been misplaced or placed in the wrong box, eventually our keys were found and I was told it was my fault for signing for the wrong date, I tried to explain but the receptionist started to kick off saying I was an idiot for handing my keys over and this was my fault, the van driver also started to have a go at us, he called my wife a little loud mouthed dragon, the other guy that I'm guessing was the manager told us he was going to make us wait an hour and hope we got stuck in the rush hour traffic, he only took 15mins to get our car, but told us to go and never use them again, he didn't need our money. The van driver told us he was made up we were going to get stuck in traffic, it had made his night. I would not trust this company to look after a stuffed budgie and for a couple of pounds more use a more professional company.
April 24, 2019


I've used in2 liverpool for many years. Their premises used to be rather shoddy but we never had any problems, indeed I'd recommend them to everyone. Last year they moved premised, they now have 2 locations. When I used them were we're first told that we were at the wrong location, and was bluntly told how to get to the other place. When we arrived at this 'new' place I was charged £2. This never happened at the old location but when you've paid for parking you'd expect that to be it. Once you've left your car you don't know what will happen to it. I dont know if mine was used as I didn't check the mileage. In future though I'll use the on airport parking. It may be more expensive but it's worth it for all the potential hassle you'll save
March 5, 2019

Anthony Casey

Returned to a damaged and dirty car, not using them again, if you do use them note your mileage down, wish I had.
January 1, 2019

Marie Metcalfe

Do not use, my car has been damaged and they won't do a thing about it, and the owner just puts the phone down on you. Spoilt a really good holiday!!!
November 13, 2018

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TERRIBLE!!!! DO NOT USE!!!! When I got back to my car it had been hit TWICE! Not only that, a car which was left in clean came back filthy with the company having taken the car for a 16 mile drive while in their care. It is sold as having high security fences but is in a dodgy area with no fences or security!
October 25, 2018

Philip Everitt

To be fair I have used this Company several times as it WAS good value for money - THAT IS UNTIL IT GOES WRONG. I returned from holiday to discover damage to my vehicle - no one would discuss the issue and next day on phoning them all I got was a shout down from a woman who would not listen to any issue only that I had not inspected my vehicle when leaving my vehicle at 03.40 in the morning. Just how that would have solved anything I do not know !! The damage WAS incurred whilst in their custody. They reckoned that their cameras would prove or disprove if the damage was done on their premises but when I asked for the pictures all I got was another shout down - and the ignorant woman rang off twice for my trouble. The airport pick up also took well over half an hour from a totally unprofessional outfit. Probably nothing I can do but pay for the damage myself but they have lost me as a I say worked OK till it went wrong.
October 18, 2018

Graham Perkins

Service was OK and on time. It was the guy on reception who was incredibly rude. When we returned I called the number he gave me but nobody answered on 2 occasions. I went to the pick up point and the mini bus was there and we jumped aboard. When we got to reception the guy was rude, telling us we had not rung. When I showed him my phone he said I must have dialled the old number.
August 18, 2018

Summer Treasure

Absolutely appalled by the service provided. We got back to the car at 2am to come back to it being covered in what appears to be brick dust and plaster, it took my partner 3 attempts of cleaning it and still all the muck hadn’t come off. He approached a guy when we got to the car and asked him to come have a look. The guy came back in the mini bus with two other men who got out of the bus trying to intimidate my partner when he asked what it was all over his car. One of the guys said “well there’s a hose pipe there” baring in mind this was 2 am and we had a long drive home. We couldn’t see out of either of the windows which was a hazard so we had to stop and clean them in order to be safe on the motorway. Definitely will never be using this service again. Not even an apology for the poor keeping of the car.
August 9, 2018

Geoff Gardner

We have used this car park for the last four years, twice a year and have never had any issues. We wouldn't now use anywhere else. Only problem this year (and probably my own fault for not checking first), was that the entrance has moved around the other side of the industrial estate, and we didn't know, causing only a few minutes delay. Wasn't an issue as we'd left plenty of time. Polite and helpful staff, reliable and punctual pick ups. By far the best on price. Should open a branch at Manchester Airport, as parking is chaos and very pricey too.
July 20, 2018