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Nicola Bates

Hard to find. Instructions on booking are very misleading and ended up in short stay car park. Had to phone to then be given proper directions. On return driver was very late for a 2 minute drive 20minutes later we were still stood outside waiting. Had to phone again to be told change of shift meant he didn’t know. When he arrived there was no apology or even an acknowledgment of him being late. He was then very very rude and spoke very condescendingly. Then told your car is over on that car park, go find it. Would not recommend and will not be using again!
April 19, 2019

Zoe Davies

Car had been driven 5 miles!! This was not clear when we booked that it was taken to a separate compound. Air conditioning had been turned on full setting in car. Not impressed, will not use again.
April 8, 2019

Andy Day

Think twice about booking this parking company. I parked my car with them thinking my car would be secure. (Bad Mistake) when I returned from our trip I was told it was parked outside waiting, it was it had been parked up and left on a street corner in an industrial estate and was damaged. When I reported this, the company refused to pay for this, even though I had proven that there was no damage to the car before leaving it in their possession. AVOID AT ALL COST!
March 19, 2019


I think this car park imagine they are closer to the airport than they are. No record of our pre-booking total waste of money! Booked through Holiday Extras
March 4, 2019


DO NOT USE THIS CAR PARK! Left car for only 2 nights and they lost our car keys. Terrible company! Avoid!
February 25, 2019

Grahame White

No record when we arrived of the booking. Black box fitted on car revealed car had been parked over two miles away on an industrial estate. Driver/s had exceeded speed limit on five occasions moving the car. No mention of this change of location on website. No wonder they have a disclaimer for damage to cars booked on Imagine outdoor parking.
January 2, 2019

Chris Dutton

This place is terrible. Do not use. Cheap yes bad service yes. Scratches on car yes. Mud all over car yes. Do not use do not use questions the fella on the desk about the mud all over my car sounded surprised when in reality they get complaints hourly!!! Avoid people stay away!
November 4, 2018

Artur Arthur

Warning! I have left a clean car with them. When I picked up my car from them it was dirty from mud as well as inside the car was dirty too. Miles counter indicated that it was ridden. I will never leave a car there.
October 25, 2018

Mazhar ali

Very bad experience with your company Never used again.very bad service rude staff.
October 16, 2018

Carol Gray

As detailed by everyone below this car park is very hard to find! No signpost and we ended up parking in the Liverpool airport car park which has the same postcode. Was charged £160 per car upon leaving. They won't refund out money even though we didn't use the car parking spaces. Airport said this happens frequently; people park in the wrong place. Will never use this again. Learnt my lesson big time.
October 1, 2018

Christine Jones

We have just returned from our holiday after booking imagine car parking on line prior to our trip. Difficult to find although we were taxied in for an additional £3. £1 each person. We felt fine about it all until our return. Clay all over the bonnet, wheels and mats. Music volume on radio turned up to max. Car seat adjusted to suit the driver. And after looking at the car app tracker I discovered it had been parked in an industrial car park just under 3 miles away. Reading reviews we now know we had a lucky escape as could have been worse. Shocked to discover that they advertise under APH???
September 26, 2018

Elizabeth Ashton

Do not use this car park. Returned at 2.30am and rang imagine to be told that they couldn't open the unit so couldn't fetch us or get keys for our car. Was told to ring back in 10 minutes which I did and then spoke to minibus driver who said he'd been to fetch us and we weren't there! Told me he couldn't fetch us now because there were too many people. However after some persuasion he said 10 mins. When he arrived he was extremely rude with no apology and no other customers in sight. Likewise when we did return to the unit only 2 people there. Other guy handed over keys and said your car's over there and then we had to hunt for it. Will NEVER use these people again, appalling service and no customer care whatsoever.
September 13, 2018

Lukasz Mikolajczyk

Booked carpark for 2 weeks and as always booked a few hours more than planned arrival time, has to wait for 1.30h for my car, some idiots left the lights on and they could not start my car ....Avoid worse place i ever been.
August 30, 2018

J Groves

Would not use again, parked indoors and when returned car was parked terribly outside in a bush that had scratched the side of my car and also with an extra 12 miles on clock. Gentleman on dest told me I was lucky car was there as we were early, when I said I thought cars were kept on site he ignored me.
August 8, 2018

E Wiecek

Realy Good!!
July 26, 2018

Richard Storey

I cannot say enough about the lads who work at Imagine car parking, gentlemen, every one of them. They accommodated me while I made provisions for a faulty car (wouldn't start and had to be brought back to Cumbria on a low loader). I will use this car park every time I fly from Liverpool albeit it in a different motor. Thanks Dan and team!
July 13, 2018

Daniel Iftime

Verry good service
June 18, 2018

T Padula Joint

£32 for parking for 20minutes. Unfortunately I missed my flight, therefore returned to collect my car. I was informed i wouldn’t be refunded anything. I can understand being charged for 1 day but not to be refunded for the 3 days I wasn’t there is a disgrace and poor customer service. I won’t be using again.
June 13, 2018

K Kapustka

No cement,weyste time and a car to go there????
June 12, 2018

alan ferrie

We have just arrived back from a 4 day break. We left our car firstly not realising that it would be moved to another site, 2 1/2 miles away (apparently in the small print). Whilst driving the car home I noticed that there was a crack on the air vent located on the centre of the dashboard. This definitely was not there when we dropped the car off. I rang them asking what has happened, (someone must have put something heavy on the dashboard), the lady could not explain this and said she would investigate and get back to me within a day or 2. We have had no call. I have priced a replacement which to my shock, the cost would be £1400 plus labour. The car is a Jaguar XF and the vent is integral to the dashboard. I am very angry about this and will wait to see if they have the courtesy to respond.
May 23, 2018

Marc Dobney

Very walkable distance to airport, easy drop off and collection, no fuss safe parking.
May 23, 2018

Julie Wilson

Some of these reviews - Some folk are really petty!! - 1st time useing Imagine. The chap had gone to drop someone off at the airport, so had a conversation with a lovely lady there. I drove my car in to the lock-up, signed the paper work and off we went to the airport. On my return, I rang them and within a minute the chap picked us up, my car was waiting and off we went. Excellent service from start to finish and would defo use again and recommend to friends. Yeah, they could do with a new van - but what the heck, couldn’t we all, but it was clean and got us from A-B. The £3 charge is what it is and would have to be payed even if being dropped off by family AND it does actually state the charge on their website B4 you book it......???? GR8 jobs Guyes & Dolls! 5
May 22, 2018


Booked this car parking with a groupon voucher, apparently it is a 2 minute walk from the airport, definitely not, at least 15 minutes. There is no signage to direct you into this car park and yes we stopped to ask for directions and got a £100 fine for stopping as it’s a no stopping zone now! Handover was quick and pick up was too but the car was absolutely filthy and they even hosed it down which made it worse! I have my car professionally valeted and never in the time I’ve owned it has it ever been so filthy! Won’t be using them again, it’s not on site, it’s on an industrial estate that is congested
May 18, 2018


DO NOT USE this incompetent outfit, they are a bunch of cowboys!! left my car with them recently and returned to chaos, firstly they didn't know where my car was after fifteen minutes it was found hooray! but then they couldn't find my keys eventually another customer who had been walking around looking for his car for 20 minutes found them on the floor of his car!!! absolute joke and all they could do was grin and say " accidents happen" . Would never ever use again and advise nobody else too, if I could give no stars I would!!! stay well clear.
May 16, 2018

Richard Lister

Dropped the car off early morning to absolute chaos! You'd think they'd have a system but no - cars everywhere! People reversing and trying to move inside. And when we came back for our car guess what? It wasn't there - they had to call for it to "come down"? Yes they may be busy but you need to expand to cater for success or else it recedes.
May 9, 2018

Mr J Skillen

I have used a couple of times before but on this occasion I had been in for an operation and was not allowed to fly and had to cancel. I phoned and spoke to a very helpful woman who was patient and dealt with it brilliantly. I received a full refund bar a few odd pence. I would recommend and definitely use again.
May 9, 2018


My car had 5 miles added during its 4 stay here. They took it out of the complex without my permission and with no insurance. It had mud splattered all over it too! It's a 10 minute walk from the airport, avoid this place!
April 21, 2018

T Shea

Easy parking and helpful staff.
April 13, 2018

Rubbish parking

Appalling set up. Our car was blocked in when we went to pick it up. Imagine could not find keys to move blocked car. Zero customer service and you have to pay £3 each way to get lift to terminal as no trolleys for heavy luggage. Oh and it is not secured indoor parking, cars just parked anywhere on an industrial estate.
April 1, 2018

K Patel

The service at drop off was good.. was told to park my car in this warehouse which was rammed with loads of cars. Was told my car would be moved & parked up properly but the shock came when I picked up my car to see it was taken through some mud field & left in a total mess. The drivers side mat was covered in lumps of mud & my mats totally ruined. The exterior was muddy & looked like my car was dragged through puddles of mud. Very unprofessional & not acceptable. For what I paid I am very disappointed. No respect for people’s property. Stay away
March 8, 2018