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Neil Fisher

Very bad experience dropping my family off in my crew cab. 1.9 m height restriction meant I had to reverse all the way out as it's just over 2.0m high. Tried intercom to exit through bus lane to no avail. Traffic cones everywhere, confusing is not the word.
April 3, 2019

Brian curran

after been stuck in alicante for 4 hours longer that expected because of snow its annoying, but when you try getting out of the car park they want another fiver for the for hours over stay this is so inconvenient having to route through your luggage looking for cards or cash. its not the fiver its the fact the airport was closing until the following morning so it wasnt as if the spaces were needed.....greed
March 19, 2018

Mr Stansfield

It did surprise us that our 12 noon arrival booking appeared on the confirmation as 12 pm ie. midnight. This meant that it was necessary to ring to check that we really were booked in for 12 noon. Apologies were forthcoming and another confirmation sent - again with 12 pm !! When the day arrived all went very smoothly but I remain surprised.
October 30, 2017

D Gant

Easy to park. Good price less than £40 for 8"days. Good bus links to/from airport
April 10, 2017

P Bramley

Very easy, transfer quick and simple
March 14, 2017

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M Saxton

So easy, quick and simple, we will definately be using it again.
February 11, 2017

John Doe

You have to pay £3 just to be dropped off near the entrance, which you are given no warning for and if you turn back you are fined. Very few parking spots. There was huge queues for a quiet off-peak Wednesday afternoon. The security was shambles, with only one lane open and very few staff. The staff seemed so disinterested, like they couldn't careless who or what came through. Therefore a usual 5/10 minute wait become 25/30 minutes. The premier lounge is the only semi-decent part about the airport departure area. The flight was delayed 30 mins due to the lack of ground staff and baggage loading seemed to take forever. The worst airport I have ever been too.
September 21, 2016

P Longdon

Car park easy to find, directions very helpful, as were the entry instructions. Transfer bus arrived in 3 minutes, pleasant driver. Didn't have long to wait for the transfer bus on my return, again pleasant courteous driver who gave passengers plenty of time to collect their luggage and get off the coach. HOWEVER... perhaps you could advise customers to allow plenty of time on their return to get back to their vehicle when inputting their expected exit time? I got caught out by this, inputting an exit time of 2pm, thinking this gave me enough time after landing at the airport, but was 5 minutes late arriving at the exit barrier. The machine asked for an excess charge of 75p, not a lot of money, granted, but having paid £35 for the week, I would have thought there could have been a few minutes grace period built in? Luckily, the man that I contacted on the buzzer was very understanding, and his colleague opened the barrier for me, free of charge. Apart from that blip, good experience, and would recommend your company. Many thanks.
December 2, 2015

C Oliver

A generally good experience however the automatic barrier requested that I pay a further £5 to exit the car park upon our departure. This was quickly resolved with a quick call via the barrier intercom to the parking attendant who promptly let us out with no additional charge.
October 31, 2015

J Blowman

Slight problem with the ticket machine but soon sorted at customer service.
October 21, 2015

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