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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Heathrow Purple Parking Park and Ride T5

Krishna Patel

DO NOT PARK HERE! This car park was very deceiving. The instructions given by the company claim that they are tried and tested, however when we put the postcode into our satnav, it was impossible to find the entrance of the car park. We drove around for over 45 minutes trying to find it and when we called the so-called 24 hour telephone line, there was NO one there! We had no choice but to park at the T5- Long Stay Carpark in the end which to be honest was easy to find and on reflection we should have done from the beginning. If you are looking for an actual car park, DO NOT PARK HERE! It was shockingly disappointing and we were refused a refund.
March 3, 2019


Everything went very smoothly, both on arrival and return. Checking the car in only took a couple of minutes and we were transferred to the terminal in no time. The car park itself is easy to find but traffic around the airport can be very heavy, especially in the morning rush hour, so remember to leave plenty of time to get there. All in all I'm very pleased with the service.
November 9, 2018

Mohan J

The best parking experience ever. Staff were polite and courteous at 4.45 AM ! ( as you don't see that very often ) Straightforward parking with no complications , well organised from start to finish. Will definitely use them again.
November 1, 2018

Damian Williams

Left my vehicle there for 5 days, came back and picked the vehicle up at T5 to find a massive stain on the seat. Spoke to staff who advised me to contact their complaints department with photographs and after 5 emails still not had any response, do not leave your vehicle with them they cannot be trusted!
July 15, 2018

M King

I have used various airport car parks for years. This was the first time I was harassed by the staff. On 2 July at 5am I misread the signs driving into Purple Parking for Heathrow Terminal 5 and ended up on the parking levels by mistake, where I left the car.. When I explained in reception I was asked by a member of staff who wasn't even serving me and then proceeded to shake his head, roll his eyes up at his customer, say "Tsk, Tsk" and generally go out of his way to try to make me feel stupid. This was the only time I've seen unprofessional behaviour at one of these establishments. The Asian receptionist who I was actually talking to tried desperately to improve the situation and was very kind. The same obnoxious receptionist who harassed me waa there again on our return back from the airport on 5 July at 4. 30pm but fortunately he was occupied so I was served by someone who understood customer service. Very disappointing, I suspect he does this regularly from the response of his professional colleague.
July 6, 2018

H Mcwilliams

GPS brought us to a wrong destination. Not finding the car parking facility was very stressful. Also, the faculty is quite far from the airport. Return service was good as pick up bus was only a 5 minute wait.
June 18, 2018

S Johnston

Very good entry, bit of a wait on the bus. On the return, many people waiting and should have sent two buses as you know all the flight numbers and time, otherwise, quite good
June 17, 2018

N Thomas

Waited 30 mins for transfer then driver overloaded coach , then one one person checking keys out poor service very slow and dangerous coach overloaded
June 17, 2018

V Levchenko

Very Good
June 13, 2018

S Smith

Good value for secure parking. Some confusion between the address given to input into the sat nav - I originally wound up in Central Hounslow (!) - & I then worked off common sense & found it, this may need looking at. Otherwise, safe, secure parking. Extremely polite and helpful staff. Quick transfer to Terminal 5 & clear instructions for meeting the bus upon return. All round I would thoroughly recommend this parking site.
June 11, 2018

C Keates Lewis

The system worked well. Within 3-4 minutes of parking, a bus took us to the terminal. The same occurred on return. At Stop 25 at T5 you can contact Purple and in a couple of minutes the bus is there. You need to allow about 15 minutes for the whole journey. Very simple and efficient system in place.
June 11, 2018

Robert Addlestone

Just don't leave ANYTHING of any value whatsoever in the car. The service is efficient and convenient, and competitively priced, but we had a £1 coin holder stolen from the very back of the glove box. It only contained a few coins but obviously an employee will have taken it. Not nice. BE WARNED !
May 31, 2018

S Clarke

Very competitively priced and well organised. Only downside was that I had to wait 20 minutes for the courtesy bus to leave for the airport, so would need to factor this in in future. Also that had to reset radio, mileage/date/time etc on car when I picked it up as these had been cleared for some reason.
May 29, 2018

S Lilliman

Easy!! Realy impressed!
May 19, 2018

O Stantchev

Works well, price is really good, but calculate 1 hour in addition as it is relatively far 15-20 and busses are every 20+ minutes
May 17, 2018

Sheila French

Easy to book. Good value. Easy service. We always use this service.
May 16, 2018

Mrs Hanlon

Had a good outward bound experience, as soon as we got there it was processed very quickly, and bus to airport was very quick, but on the inbound it was different. It was good coming out from airport and easily getting on bus but as soon as we got back to parking shop it all went downhill, first they said our car was in the overflow and we had to go into reception. There were a few people waiting like us, we had to wait 25mins until they brought our car after all the other people who came in after us. It was very hectic and I understand these things happen. But after you have had a long day all you want to do is get home.
May 15, 2018

M Mathai Mathews

I booked this for the first time last week and to be honest I was a bit worried. But the whole process was so simple and hassle free. Parked the car and a bus was waiting which took about 15 mins to reach the t5. On return, I was advised a bus stop number at arrivals where I would have probably waited a few minutes. So happy with their service.
May 11, 2018

D De Blasio

Great service all round, friendly and professional staff. Quick and hassle free transfer to airport.
May 8, 2018


I am really sad as I expected some level of professionalism and kindness from you dealing with your customer. I parked my car with purple green at 17 Bath road from 4th May to 7th May and someone went into the car compartment, forced it opened and stole my Ben Ray Sunglasses. I reported this immediately to the receptionist and I was really disappointed with his countenance and response. “There is nothing purple parking car do, if I like I should report to the police” This is really bad service, for someone to go into the car, forced opened the compartment and stole sunglasses, this is really, really bad!
May 8, 2018