Heathrow Purple Parking Park and Ride T2 and T3 (OLD) reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Heathrow Purple Parking Park and Ride T2 and T3 (OLD)

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"I'd highly recommend this service. It all went very smoothly & was excellent value for money."

February 23, 2017

"Excellent service"

February 3, 2017

"Great - dropped car off easily and transferred to airport in no time. Pick up on return straightforward and transferred back to car park without any problems."

January 7, 2017

"Excellent Service. Everything as announced. Purple parking was even extremely understanding with my flight being rescheduled twice and did not charge me extra for the additional hours."

January 6, 2017

"Cannot fault the service that I received - for both departure and arrival at T4. I am delighted."

January 1, 2017

"A little hard to find but after that an almost perfect service. On return the number to phone was busy and had to wait a little while for someone to answer, then the bus passed by the end of the road without stopping the first time. Even so the wait was not too bad and the return experience has improved as the driver now drops you by your car. Very good pricing when you use the offers."

November 21, 2016

"arrival was good, ,Pick up as different, two vans in bus lane one business one normal parking, guess what we were directed to wrong van, who then directed us to the van we had just come from, . Drop off in car compound was iffy as we were dropped at a car shelter, given our keys and told car is parked in the bays noted on top of plastic envelope give to us, one of our party had to walk from bay 8 to bay 4, you used to drop people off next to bay that their car was parked in, what pity you have changed this, good job it was not raining. Not a good thing to happen after a 9 hour flight."

November 18, 2016

"Purple parking was fantastic and very professional. I was a little bit sceptical at first because of the cheap deal that was offered compared to other parking companies. But I had nothing to worry about. The service from the beginning was brilliant and so simple and I felt very happy knowing my car was secure for the period that we were away. I fully recommend using Purple Parking."

November 6, 2016

"PurpleParking has become my preferred way to go when traveling. The Staff are customer friendly, the Drivers are very good and the prices are very reasonableTWIDENER"

October 25, 2016

"Expect the 20 minute drive may be alittle more in rush hour but can't fault the service"

October 18, 2016

"All aspects of the long term parking were efficient, reasonable and punctual."

October 13, 2016

"Excellent service. Very impressed."

September 24, 2016

"Unfortunately my car was returned by Purple Parking with damage to the bodywork. They admitted liability as there driver was driving the car at the time. However getting Purple Parking and there insurance company to approve the repairs is next to impossible."

September 21, 2016

"Both departure and return took over 30 minutes."

September 19, 2016

"Terrible, phone to say we had landed at 9.04, the bus waiting too small to collect everyone, finally got in my car to drive home at 10.30."

September 18, 2016

"Absolutely lovely - just expected that the buses would take passengers on and off continuously as they go around rather than waiting for a particular vehicle but other than that it was excellent.

It would be good if everyone could support the staff better, especially the drivers, as they really are the faces that people see and interact with and it is very hard for them to keep cheerful all day long whilst driving round and round the same route with tired, irritable passengers to contend with.

Best of luck with the enterprise - keep doing well and thanks for keeping my vehicle safe whilst I was away!"

September 15, 2016

"All a good service, the driver on the collection from the airport was an aggressive driver."

September 13, 2016

"Very efficient. No waiting for coach on both journeys. It is some distance from Heathrow so you need to allow time for that."

September 5, 2016

"We booked Purple Parking for 15 days in July 2016 when we went to Canada. I had read several poor reviews, but for 7.50 pounds per day seemed worth a try. I am pleased to report that our experience was excellent. Clear instructions for drop-off at Terminal 2, loads of photographs taken by PP when we dropped car off to document its condition. (I had taken the precaution of photographing my odometer). Car was waiting for us when we returned. Polite and well-organized. We will use them again."

August 15, 2016

"Having telephoned Purple Parking at 1.30 pm it was not until 2.30 pm for the bus t arrive. The driver wanted to wait for another flight but passengers insisted he drove to car park. It was 3.15 before I was on my way from the car park nearly 2 hrs after landing. I would not recommend this to anyone"

August 13, 2016

"Thanks to all the staff at purple parking Heathrow for their super service."

July 31, 2016

"Excellent service."

July 20, 2016

"Although we waited for the mini bus for more than 20 minutes l still liked the service it was good."

July 12, 2016

"It was all very efficient"

July 9, 2016

"Worth for money and secure parking I will used them again"

June 4, 2016

"Excellent service, only downside is it is 20 minutes from Terminal 5"

April 30, 2016

"Excellent service, the day before we were due to return I phoned to book meet and greet not a problem. All the staff seem to know what they are doing."

April 13, 2016

"Big delays waiting and from bad traffic traffic which your transfer time estimates didn't really allow for
And on the way back our driver stopped for 5 minutes to collect an Indian takeaway"

April 11, 2016

"Last weekend was when storm Katy caused most Gatwick arrivals to divert at the last minute. We ended up in Stansted and got the bus back to Gatwick Purple parking, some hours later than expected, at around 4:30am. PP charged us for the extra time, only a tenner but what a nasty little mercenary act. The service was no more or less than expected, but the spite of it was a surprise."

March 30, 2016

"Do Not recommend this service! Don't use them! Their open parking takes 40 minutes from Heathrow Terminal 5 -
The open parking lot is near the train tracks in Southall, UB2 5LE! Difficult to drive to.

The company post large signs at the lot - "Please remove any loose items including Sat. Nav.s, money, sunglasses etc. WE CANNOT VERIFY THEY WERE LEFT IN YOUR VEHICLE". Really? Sunglasses could be taken? Roads are rough with loads of pot holes, their staff are in the road repairing upon arrival. The vans used are old and tow a small trailer used to carry luggage. This service is bad & stressful!"

March 22, 2016