Heathrow POD Parking reviews

Here are some comments that our customers have made about Heathrow POD Parking

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"Arrival went fine, but returning is when you want things to be seamless, I want to get off the plane and get in my car and go home. We arrived back at Heathrow, walked up to the POD departures, somehow missing the signs that told us it was not working. Now I am mad, booked a service to take me straight to my car, walked up and no service. Now I had to find a bus stop, got to the assigned place and found several others waiting for a bus and a sign that said there would be a bus every 10 minutes. Well seven minutes later transport shows up, but it is a people carrier, and there were more of us than could fit in. Now we are waiting agin, did I mention that the reason I booked this is to get straight to the car and on my way home, I am still waiting at the airport!!! The bus came, and we got on this one, the driver was not helpful and showed no level of empathy or customer service. When we arrived at the POD parking, we inserted our ticket to exit, you can imagine, frustrated, tired and relieved that we were in the car and heading home. But wait the barrier did not raise, and then the man in the booth told us we had to push the button, no idea what his role was, so we pushed the button and waited, eventually someone answered, we had to go through the booking details and eventually were let out.

What kind of a service is this!! This morning I got a note in my inbox to leave a review, which then prompted me to write this message!"

February 16, 2016

"The parking facilty itself was fantastic - I parked in the business short term 'pod' parking, and this would have been perfect for Terminal 5. But your website did not make it clear enough that this parking is solely for terminal 5. I needed to be in Terminal 4 and had a half hour transfer via 2 trains to get there."

December 22, 2014